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Washington, Federal Officials Sign Agreement To Protect Forests

State and federal officials signed an agreement Wednesday to protect Washington’s forests and wildlife. The plan would combine resources to fight destructive wildfires, threats to forest health and challenges faced by salmon and orcas. “If we’re going to prevent the Evergreen State from turning brown, we must begin to coordinate, collaborate and work tirelessly to change […]
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Trump approves major disaster declaration for February storms in Oregon

President Donald Trump approved a major disaster declaration Thursday for February storm damage in Oregon. The declaration makes Federal Emergency Management Agency funds available for storm-related reimbursement to public agencies. Source: Trump approves major disaster declaration for February storms in Oregon | State | nrtoday.com

Q&A: Feds tackle opioid epidemic, but is it helping?

President Donald Trump has declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency and urged prosecutors to seek the death penalty against drug dealers. Congress has provided targeted grants for treatment, recovery and prevention and made numerous policy changes to help people struggling with addiction get access to services. From the National Institutes of Health […]
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Lewis and Clark National Historical Park weathers shutdown

Park near Warrenton remains relatively pristine despite shutdown. The trash bins are full, the bathrooms are getting close to full and downed trees cross some trails, but, overall, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park near Warrenton looks pretty clean. Source: Lewis and Clark National Historical Park weathers shutdown | Local News | dailyastorian.com

Federal shutdown impacts rural Northwest

As the partial federal government shutdown continues into its fourth week, some rural Northwest communities are feeling the pinch. In western Oregon wolves are under federal protection, but federal employees assigned to monitoring them with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA Wildlife Services are on furlough. Steve Niemela, Oregon Department of Fish and […]
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Opinion: Shutdown’s economic impact is a forceful reminder of why government matters

As the United States endures the longest shutdown in its history, Americans are getting a taste of life without government. The absence of some services are clearly visible, such as a buildup of trash at national parks or longer lines at airport security checkpoints. Others, like those felt primarily by businesses, are less noticeable but […]
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Shutdown prompts early release of February food stamps, with no promise of benefits returning in March

As the partial shuttering of the federal government enters its fifth week, SNAP recipients are left in limbo as negotiations continue on Capitol Hill. More than 600,000 Oregonians who rely on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food stamps program received their February benefits early this week. Meanwhile, allocations for March remain in limbo as negotiations […]
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Local transit funding hit hard by government shutdown

The Sunset Empire Transportation District is missing more than half of its operational funding because of the government shutdown and could soon have to look at cutbacks. Jeff Hazen, the transportation district’s director, said the agency receives about 56 percent of operational money through reimbursements from Federal Transit Administration grants, amounting to about $143,000 per […]
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Oregon food banks facing ‘9.0 earthquake catastrophe’

Government shutdown affecting food banks around the state. The partial shutdown of the federal government is causing collateral damage, said the CEO of the Oregon Food Bank, because 10,000 federal employees in the state who never needed a food bank do now. Source: Oregon food banks facing ‘9.0 earthquake catastrophe’

The shutdown is breaking government websites, one by one

Over 130 Web security certificates belonging to federal agencies have now expired, making it harder to access online services, researchers say. As the government shutdown drags on, a rising number of federal websites are falling into disrepair — making it harder for Americans to access online services and needlessly undermining their faith in the Internet’s […]
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