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Public Comments on Oregon Measles Crackdown Nearly Set an All-Time Record

Hundreds of anti-vaxx parents wanted their say. State officials counted 2,109 public testimony and staff documents filed for a Feb. 28 hearing on Oregon House Bill 3063, which would eliminate nonmedical exemptions for childhood vaccines. That’s the most people to weigh in for a single hearing on a bill this session—and the second most since […]
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Opinion: A further perspective on Christian Science and vaccinations

Christian Scientists are a diverse group. Our congregations are democratic, and the church doesn’t dictate to members what to think on important public issues. We don’t always see eye to eye among ourselves, but even when we differ, we do our best to love and respect each other, and to keep in mind the deeper […]
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Guest column: Vaccination is critical to protect people from disease

In 1774, Benjamin Jesty intentionally inoculated his wife and two sons with cowpox, successfully preventing them from contracting smallpox. Reviled by his neighbors, the rural English farmer disappeared into historical obscurity. Then, in 1796, Dr. Edward Jenner, repeated the same procedure on James Phipps, and became recognized as the father of immunization. More than 200 […]
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Scientists Thought They Had Measles Cornered. They Were Wrong.

The measles outbreak that led to a state of emergency in New York’s Rockland County began far away: in an annual Hasidic pilgrimage from Israel to Ukraine.

Measles outbreaks: Anti-vax opposition prompts states to be reactive

The measles outbreaks in the U.S. this year — the 387 current reported cases in 15 states is already the second-largest figure in two decades — have highlighted the importance of fighting off the disease through immunization. The urgency to address the issue has been far from uniform, however, with affected states more likely to take […]
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Anti-vax rally across from Oregon State Capitol in Salem

More than 50 adults, and about 20 children, ngathered across from the Oregon State Capitol Saturday to “support medical freedom.” Salem’s rally was one of five around Oregon, others taking place in Bend, Medford, Eugene and Portland. Source: Anti-vax rally across from Oregon State Capitol in Salem

Oregon Bill Tightening Vaccine Requirements May Soon Have a New Loophole

As legislature getting rid of the nonmedical exemption to vaccines, new amendment would make it less cumbersome to get a medical exemption. State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D-Portland) plans to an offer an amendment to the vaccine-requirement bill currently winding its way through the Oregon Legislature. House Bill 3063 would get rid of the state’s […]
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Proposed state bill prohibiting philosophical exemptions for vaccines brings Douglas County opposition 

A bill proposed in the Oregon State Legislature would prevent parents from refusing required immunizations on behalf of their children for philosophical reasons. The bill is a response to a recent series of measles outbreaks in the Pacific Northwest and other small communities in the U.S. Proponents say the bill is necessary to reduce the […]
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Rockland County measles emergency: New York county bans unvaccinated children from public

A county in New York has banned unvaccinated children from all public spaces as the state battles its largest measles outbreak in decades. Officials in Rockland County declared a state of emergency Tuesday, announcing that the ban would begin at midnight and remain in place for 30 days, or until unvaccinated minors receive the measles, […]
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State vaccine bill could net new amendment

Senator wants to let doctors OK medical exemptions; vaccine opponents likely not swayed. A bill moving through the Legislature to limit the exemptions for childhood immunizations could get modified, allowing some personal physicians to help families get the medical exemptions they seek. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State vaccine bill could net new amendment