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Measles makes your body forget how to fight other diseases

Getting infected with measles is much more dangerous than scientists once suspected. In addition to the illness caused by the virus, a measles infection also takes a wrecking ball to the immune system. It destroys up to half of the existing antibodies that protect against other viruses and bacteria, according to research published Thursday. Source: […]
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Our View: Require vaccinations for Oregon’s kids – Opinion

In Oregon, it’s dismayingly easy for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids. That puts not just their kids but also other families needlessly at risk. When lawmakers return to Salem next year, mandatory vaccinations for all children who don’t have a legitimate medical excuse should be a top priority. Risking the lives of […]
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Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy, One Parent at a Time 

Programs aim to counter anti-vaccine sentiments with parent-to-parent connections. In the Spring of 2014, Nadine Gartner was traveling through Portland International Airport when her phone buzzed with an alarming news alert. The previous day, someone with measles had passed through the same terminal that Gartner — and her 1-year-old daughter — now sat in. Source: Fighting Vaccine […]
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To Your Health: State Health Authority urges flu vaccines

People who get vaccinated not only protect themselves but may also protect those around them. People at higher risk of severe illness include babies and young children, adults older than 65, pregnant women, and those with chronic medical conditions or weak immune systems. “Healthy adults who get vaccinated help prevent the flu from spreading quickly. […]
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OHA officials urge everyone six months and older to get immunized

Health officials say they have started to see cases of flu in Oregon. They recommend everyone six months and older get a flu vaccine. Source: OHA officials urge everyone six months and older to get immunized

Winter is coming: Get your flu shot

The leaves have turned glorious colors, there is a familiar nip in the morning air, and menu planning turns from backyard barbecues to soups and stews. Fall is a great time of the year, and all those things should prompt everyone to prepare for winter by getting your flu shot. Here are the facts: Source: […]
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Our view | Don’t mess around with the flu — get your flu shot

Imagine if every year the U.S. military suffered thousands of causalities in some foreign conflict. It is a difficult and chilling scenario. Fortunately, no such war exists, but every year seasonal flu and its complications send people to the hospital and kill many more. Source: Our view | Don’t mess around with the flu — […]
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Local health organizations advocate for flu shots

Flu shots offer residents a way to protect themselves during the fast approaching flu season, according to local health organizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that individuals should aim to get the vaccination before the end of October in an effort to build up an immunity before the start of flu season. […]
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Trying to beat Exclusion Day: Schools offers chance for students to get current on vaccinations during parent-teacher conferences

For Oregon students in public schools whose parents have not signed a waiver, there is a cutoff date — Feb. 19 for the 2019-20 school year, according to the Oregon Health Authority — by which they must be up-to-date on vaccinations. Source: Trying to beat Exclusion Day: Schools offers chance for students to get current […]
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Editorial: Flu season looms, so get a shot 

We’ve turned the calendar into October, which means it’s time to fully confront the rites of autumn: raking leaves, loading up on pumpkin spice (to include, apparently, in everything edible for the next two months) and making your appointment for an influenza vaccination. Experts said last week that, while it’s too early to know for […]
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