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Plans for Nestle water bottling plant in Cascade Locks moves forward despite ban

Plans for a Nestle water bottling plant in Cascade Locks continue to move forward, in spite of a voter-approved ballot measure prohibiting such a plant in Hood River County. Source: Plans for Nestle water bottling plant in Cascade Locks moves for – KPTV – FOX 12

Beginnings and ends

Klamath Irrigation District officials closed the head gates of the A Canal Sunday morning, signaling the end to the 2017 water irrigation season for patrons of the Klamath Project. The action signals not just the end of the water year, but also the end an era for water delivery through the approximately 95-year-old C flume. […]
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Federal grant to help irrigation districts share water

Study designed to help even shortfalls, surpluses in Deschutes Basin. Thanks to aging infrastructure, complicated legal snags and other factors, some of the irrigation districts operating within the Deschutes Basin are falling short of water. However, a grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation should provide a partial solution. Source: Federal grant to help irrigation […]
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Drought-resistant Pendleton still sees dwindling groundwater supply

Aquifer storage and recovery system has reduced impact on groundwater, but the level keeps dropping. Pendleton’s aquifer storage and recovery system has won plaudits from the state and been a crowning achievement for the city’s public works director, but it isn’t a silver bullet. Despite the innovative system that allows Pendleton to funnel most of […]
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Basin irrigators lose ‘takings’ case that dates back to 2001 water shutoff

U.S. Federal Judge Marian Blank Horn ruled Sept. 29 that water users who filed a claim in the “takings” case have property rights, but she ruled in favor of the U.S. Government instead, referencing superior in-stream water rights of the Klamath, Yurok and Hoopa Valley Tribes. Source: Basin irrigators lose ‘takings’ case that dates back […]
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Judge denies compensation for 2001 Klamath water shutoff 

The lawsuit, filed about 16 years ago against the U.S. government, sought roughly $30 million for the shutoff. Irrigators in the Klamath Basin whose water was shut off in 2001 to protect fish aren’t entitled to government compensation, according to a federal judge. In some cases, the farmers were disqualified from obtaining damages for lost […]
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Reclamation official to make third trip to the Basin

Alan Mikkelsen, the federal Bureau of Reclamation’s deputy commissioner, will be making a third trip this year to the Klamath Basin with the focus on working toward resolution myriad water issues. “Believe it or not, when I was asked what other assignments I wanted from the Interior Secretary, I said resolving Indian water rights settlements […]
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Guest column: The truth matters on Tumalo Creek

A recent bombastic opinion column by Victor Chudowsky muddies the water on Tumalo Creek and needs correction. The city of Bend in 2012 decided to pursue an expensive project on Forest Service land through which the city would increase the amount of water it takes from Tumalo Creek instead of relying more on existing groundwater […]
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Outreach planned for Upper Deschutes Basin study

A study of the Upper Deschutes Basin in Oregon is examining several options for increasing water storage. Federal authorities will soon be sharing preliminary findings of a water study of Oregon’s Upper Deschutes Basin with landowners and other affected parties. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and regional partners will use the input to complete their […]
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Raging wildfires threaten drinking water | Columnists 

If you live in the Northwestern part of the continent, as I do, there has been no escaping this year’s extraordinary wildfire season. Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes. Tourists and hikers destined for national parks such as Glacier, Waterton, Yosemite and Mount Rainier have had to cancel plans […]
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