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Editorial: Cascades snowfall is good news for mid-valley

The wintry mix of weather hitting Linn and Benton counties this week might be a pain for residents dealing with slick roads and other issues, but it also means that there’s good news up in the mountains for Oregonians. There’s snow up in the hills. Just how bad was the snowpack earlier this winter? Source: […]
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Series of storms over one week bolsters snowpack

Northeastern Oregon’s snowpack went from paltry to plentiful. And the transformation took just a week or so. A series of snowstorms that started Jan. 10 has more than doubled the water content in the snow at several measuring sites around the region. Source: Series of storms over one week bolsters snowpack | Local News | […]
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Winter storms double snowpack

A week of stormy weather has doubled Central Oregon’s snowpack, allaying fears that the region was headed for a summer of drought-like conditions. The snowpack in the Upper Deschutes basin had reached 86% of normal as of Friday according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. Source: Winter storms double snowpack | […]
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Storms Boost Snowpack But Levels Remain Below Average In Southern Oregon and Northern California

Snowstorms moving through Southern Oregon and Northern California counties boosted the region’s snowpack, but have yet to return them to normal levels. Source: Storms Boost Snowpack But Levels Remain Below Average In Southern Oregon and Northern California | Jefferson Public Radio

Winter storms boost Northwest snowpack

Snowpack in Oregon and Washington have rebounded significantly over the last two weeks thanks to recent winter storms that have dumped several feet of fresh mountain snow. It may have taken a bit longer than usual, but snow is finally starting to fly in the mountains across Oregon and Washington. That is good news for […]
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2019 ends with reflections on water

As the New Year nears, officials this month reflected on water so far in 2019 and the impact it has had to date in the Klamath Project. Jeff Nettleton, manager for the Klamath Basin Area Office for the Bureau of Reclamation, called 2019 a “cool” and “wet” year; an average year for water allocation with […]
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Editorial: Harney County residents right to seek a new way

Water is precious in Oregon’s High Desert region, which runs across Eastern Oregon from Lake County into Idaho, and nowhere is that more true than in Harney County. Yet what little water there is in the county is being used far faster than it can be replaced. Now state and local officials, environmentalists and others […]
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Irrigation | Women’s Lands | Students’ Bill – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Up to 50% of the water flowing through irrigation canals can be lost through seepage into the ground, or evaporation into the air. Some irrigation districts in Oregon are working to run the water through pipes instead. This saves water for everyone who uses it, from fish to farmers, but it can be expensive. Dogs […]
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Methodist Split | Harney County Water | REBROADCAST: Farmworker Bill – OPB’s Think Out Loud

In 2015, Harney County residents learned that their groundwater supply was running out. Not wanting to fight or avoid the inevitable, local water users teamed up with county, state and federal officials to brainstorm credible solutions. We hear from Harney County commissioner Mark Owens about how four years of regular water stakeholder meetings have built […]
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USDA Reports Another Dry Winter for Oregon

Oregon’s dry spell has continued into the new year, causing concern for local agriculture in 2020. According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the state has only received 45 percent of the usual amount of water from snow this winter, and snowfall is below average in all but one […]
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