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Owyhee Reservoir managers focus on preventing major flooding 

Water managers will increase the rate of releases below the Owyhee Reservoir Dam to prevent major flooding, but farmers will receive their full 4-acre-foot allotment. The Owyhee River basin is expected to provide the Owyhee Reservoir so much water this year that water supply managers are now focusing much of their attention on flood control […]
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Melting snow swelling Crooked River

Winter points to good year ahead for irrigators So much melting snow is draining into Prineville Reservoir that the Crooked River is running higher than it has in about 10 years, sections of a popular hiking trail at Smith Rock are impassable and four holes at a Prineville golf course are underwater. Source: Melting snow […]
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Draining Oregon: Lawmakers plan hearings on 3 water bills

Oregon lawmakers will hold a first hearing Wednesday on three bills designed to address the state’s long-standing inability to measure and study its groundwater supply, and how to pay for it. Source: Draining Oregon: Lawmakers plan hearings on 3 water bills | OregonLive.com

Reschke seeks comments on three water bills 

In response to a series of three water-related bills, Rep. Reschke, R-Klamath Falls, is calling for comments from local landowners and water users. Source: Reschke seeks comments on three water bills | Agriculture | heraldandnews.com

Experts marvel at Southern Oregon rainfall, snowpack totals

Monday was the first day of spring, yet there’s a lot more winter weather on the way. From the Crater Lake rim to Mount Ashland and ridges above the region’s waterways, it’s been a wet year. Snowpack numbers range from 120 inches at Crater Lake to 175 inches at Mount Ashland, while precipitation figures are […]
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Barreto seeks comments on water bills

Republican Rep. Greg Barreto of Cove is seeking comment from local landowners and water users on three water bills. Barreto in a written statement said House Bill 2705 would require measurement and annual reporting of all diversions of water after 2020; HB 2706 would impose an annual $100 “management fee” on each water right certificate, […]
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Editorial: Snowpack looks good, but a long-term shadow lingers

The good news (so far) is that snowpack in the mid-valley is holding its own as we finally make the turn from winter to spring. But that news, welcome as it is, comes with a pair of big asterisks: First, even above-average snowpack levels can melt away in a hurry, given warm weather conditions. What […]
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State Civil Rights Protections & Oregon Water Coalition

  Constitutional law scholar Jim Oleske with Lewis & Clark Law School joins us to address some of the state civil rights issues raised by the new Trump administration guidelines for transgender students and other cases. Irrigators in central and eastern Oregon should have plenty of water this summer, but drought will always be a worry. […]
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Owyhee Reservoir set to fill for first time in six years

  The reservoir holds a two-year water supply, so 2018 irrigation year looks promising too. Snowpack levels in the Owyhee River basin were far above normal this winter and the Owyhee Reservoir will fill for the first time since 2011. About 1,800 farms and 118,000 irrigated acres in Eastern Oregon and part of southwestern Idaho […]
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Upper Basin water agreement vital for regional stability | Guest Commentary

With the irrigation season quickly approaching, people may assume this year’s historic snowpack will provide the Klamath Basin reprieve from the droughts of the last several years and, with it, a reprieve from contentious water issues that have dominated our region. Unfortunately, what many folks may not realize is private landowners who rely on the […]
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