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Water released from McKay Reservoir as rain continues to fall 

The Bureau of Reclamation has increased water releases from McKay Reservoir, which is filled to capacity. Bill Grable watched nervously Wednesday as flood waters from McKay Creek rose into his backyard on Haney Lane in Pendleton. “It’s just roaring,” Grable said. “This is kind of a perfect storm year, with the snowpack and all the […]
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Google’s data center raises the stakes in this state’s ‘water wars’

Endless emails, map requests, web searches, and everything else we do online requires the use of energy-hungry, water-guzzling data centers. For Google, that enormous thirst for water is causing controversy near Charleston, South Carolina, where the tech giant hosts a sprawling data center complex. State Library ed, note: Story mentions Google’s Prineville, OR operation. Source: Google’s […]
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Water call should send message Basin needs a real answer | Editorials 

When people talk about water in the Klamath Basin, the discussion can turn emotional in a hurry. That’s especially true when the discussion’s backdrop is the recent “call” on water in the upper Klamath Basin on the Sprague and Williamson rivers. The call means the Klamath Tribes, who have verified senior rights to the water, […]
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Howard Prairie is brimming with water and fish

Where Dead Indian Memorial Road finally straightens out just before the turn onto Hyatt-Prairie Road, the vast expanse of green visible for the past six years along the upper shore of Howard Prairie Lake is now blue. “For the past several years, it’s been a meadow,” Jackson County Parks Manager Steve Lambert says. “Now the […]
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Researchers discuss cloud seeding efforts

Cloud seeding and its potential to increase snowpack levels were a main topic of discussion during a joint meeting of the Western Snow Conference and Weather Modification Association. Because of the extraordinary amount of snow that fell across the Western U.S. this winter, most people probably didn’t see cloud seeding efforts to boost snowpack as […]
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Much Slower Melt

Last April was the great melt. This April is the great freeze. Or at least the extremely sluggish melt. The two months could hardly have had more disparate effects on Northeastern Oregon’s mountain snowpack. Source: Much Slower Melt;

Tribes’ water call concerns Upper Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers

Rancher Becky Hyde says the call is potentially devastating for irrigators. Irrigators in the Upper Klamath Basin are deeply concerned about a recent call on water by the Klamath Tribes. The call alerts secondary water users that the Tribes will use its water allocation in the Williamson, Sprague and possibly the Wood rivers for the […]
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Draining Oregon: Lawmaker strips specific dollar amounts out of water fee bill

A House committee gave its blessing this week to a bill that would charge an annual fee to tens of thousands of Oregon water rights holders — but not without a last second twist. Source: Draining Oregon: Lawmaker strips specific dollar amounts out of water fee bill | OregonLive.com

OWRD responds to Tribes’ call on water

Oregon Water Resources Department validated a call for water by the Klamath Tribes Thursday for water on the Sprague and Williamson rivers and tributaries, and Upper Klamath Marsh by making stream flow measurements, according to an informational resource issued by Tyler Martin, Klamath Falls watermaster. Martin spent Monday visiting water right holders in affected drainage […]
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Burrowing ground squirrels threaten Central Oregon canals

Drive along the Pilot Butte Canal in Redmond in the spring and you’ll see ground squirrels scurry frantically back and forth across the road. Chubby rock chucks sprint from rock to rock. Source: Burrowing ground squirrels threaten Central Oregon canals | OregonLive.com