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Oregon fire crushes hopes of wheat farmers during harvest

Farmers rushed to save their livelihoods as a wildfire roared through vast Oregon wheat fields Thursday and crushed their hopes at the peak of what was expected to be one of the most bountiful harvests in years. Source: Oregon fire crushes hopes of wheat farmers during harvest

Trade uncertainty hits home for NE Oregon wheat

Uncertainty around the wheat industry in northeast Oregon is having a ripple effect on the economies of small, rural communities. The beginning of spring ushers a flurry of activity on the vast, rolling wheat fields of Umatilla and Morrow counties in northeast Oregon. Farmers drive large sprayer rigs over still-green plants to control weeds and […]
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Wheat farmers anticipate impacts of TPP without U.S.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is slated to be signed March 8 in Chile, without the United States. U.S. wheat farmers fear the impact could be similar to a frog slowly boiling in hot water. Mike Carstensen and his son were going to purchase some equipment for their farm this year. Now they’re waiting to see how […]
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Where’s The Wheat? The Fight To Bring Grains West Of The Cascades

Nowadays the vast fields of grain in eastern Washington and northeastern Oregon feed the world. But once upon a time — 1825 to be exact — the first crop of wheat in the Northwest was planted at Fort Vancouver. For the rest of the 19th century, many farmers grew wheat, oats, rye and barley west of […]
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Wheat growers discuss rail facility benefits 

There will be further discussions about the proposed intermodal facility now that a location has been selected north of Nyssa, and information was presented Thursday about what factors went into that decision. That information came during the annual meeting of the Malheur County Wheat Growers held at Fiesta Guadalajara in Ontario, in a report from […]
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An odd trend in wheat country: not much wheat

Many farmers are opting this year for crops that might be less iconic but are suddenly in demand. An odd thing has happened in wheat country — a lot of farmers aren’t planting wheat. Thanks to a global grain glut that has caused prices and profits to plunge, this year farmers planted the fewest acres […]
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Falling number test results ‘normal’ this year, researcher says

Washington’s grain inspection program is reporting a normal number of tests for falling number in 2017 after many problems last year. Low falling number test results have posed only a mild problem for Northwest wheat farmers this year, a researcher says.Falling number is a test that measures starch damage in wheat that reduces the quality […]
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Wheat harvest in full swing across Eastern Oregon

Wheat harvest is underway across Eastern Oregon, and farmers are already seeing improved yields over 2016. Sitting in the cab of a John Deere tractor overlooking golden hills of wheat, Kuper Bracher waited patiently Tuesday morning and watched as a pair of combine harvesters passed slowly in the distance. Source: Wheat harvest in full swing […]
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Pacific Northwest wheat harvest kicks off

Pacific Northwest wheat farmers anticipate an above-average crop as harvest gets underway. Jason Beechinor watched as some of his employees combined a field of hard red winter wheat. In some places, he’s expecting yields 20 to 30 bushels above his average. Source: Pacific Northwest wheat harvest kicks off – Washington – Capital Press

Temperature changes raise falling number worries

Recent temperature fluctuations in Eastern Washington have wheat researchers worried about the possibility of falling number problems again this year. Rapidly changing temperatures have Northwest researchers worried about the possibility of falling number problems in this year’s wheat crop. Source: Temperature changes raise falling number worries – – Capital Press