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Court date set for teen accused of sparking Eagle Creek fire

The Vancouver teen accused of starting the Eagle Creek fire is scheduled to appear in court next month, where he is expected to enter a plea. Source: Court date set for teen accused of sparking Eagle Creek fire | OregonLive.com

Capitol Roundup: Fires, Facebook and fight over Medicaid

Legislature has intermission between busy times. Lawmakers cleared out of the Capitol this week, though it’s more of an intermission between releasing “legislative concepts” last week and the Feb. 5 start of the 2018 legislative session. In between is the special election on Tuesday. Not much of a political “off-season. Source: Capitol Roundup: Fires, Facebook […]
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Oregon wildfire cost skyrockets to $454 million in 2017

The cost of fighting wildfires in Oregon skyrocketed to $454 million in 2017, the most so far this century, according to data from Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. The high cost was fueled by multiple large wildfires — and more than 2,000 total fires — that burned 665,000 acres statewide. Source: Oregon wildfire cost skyrockets to […]
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Column: Public deserves an honest debate over logging and wildfires

About the same number of fires started on private land as on federal land. However, over 95 percent of the acres burned were on federal land. If it was all due to climate change, wouldn’t just as many private acres burn as public? Has anyone else noticed that some environmental types seem so dead set […]
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Megafires a growing concern for Climate Change Coalition

Jeff Blackwood sat back and listened, his brown eyes trained on the keynote speaker at the annual meeting (the first annual meeting) of the Eastern Oregon Climate Change Coalition. Blackwood would soon be announced as the group’s choice as 2018 Climate Champion, given to an Eastern Oregonian who raises local public awareness about climate change. […]
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Trail: Drastic changes in forest management aren’t the answer to wildfire

Like a lot of small towns in the West, my town of Ashland is nestled in a lovely valley surrounded by conifer forests. The forests grow on public lands managed by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, and last year, as in many recent years, there were fires on those lands. The […]
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Guest Opinion: Three environmentalists double down on letting forests burn

Recently three men hailing from local environmentalist groups gathered together to compare notes and craft an opinion piece, which was published in the Mail Tribune in an attempt to berate the value of the Natural Wildfire Abatement And Forest Protection Plan, also known as the Wild Horse Fire Brigade, and question the many intelligent people […]
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Study Estimates Wildfire Smoke Contributes To Thousands Of Deaths Each Year

The wildfires that burned through the Pacific Northwest this past summer caused hazy skies throughout Washington and Oregon. Air pollution from tiny particles released by fire is a known health hazard. New research from Colorado State University is trying to quantify the effect on human health. Source: Study Estimates Wildfire Smoke Contributes To Thousands Of Deaths […]
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Federal agency takes aim at wildfires in sagebrush habitat

Two-pronged plan designed to preserve habitat, protect sage grouse. With the number of large wildfires on the rise in the sagebrush steppes scattered across Eastern Oregon and much of the mountain West, the Bureau of Land Management is looking at a multifaceted approach to cutting off the vicious cycle. Source: Federal agency takes aim at […]
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Guest Opinion: All the king’s horses can’t make wildfires go away

State Sen. Alan DeBoer recently convened town hall meetings in Medford and Ashland on last summer’s wildfires and actions under consideration at the state Legislature. What we hoped would be an informed discussion became a venue for DeBoer to promote unfounded theories, point fingers and dismiss real dialogue. As ecologists who have studied forest ecosystems […]
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