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Dry Conditions Cause Worry About Salmon Runs, Fires

Conditions are dry in southern Oregon. The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports that with streams running at a trickle, fish biologists are worried about access for spawning salmon. Fire officials have asked the public to avoid outdoor burning until it rains. Source: Dry Conditions Cause Worry About Salmon Runs, Fires | Oregon News | US […]
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An overlooked firefighting tool in state: lookout towers

Even in our technologically advanced age, most reports of fires are called in by observant folks, often using cellphones. The ubiquity of these devices means an increased ability to detect wildfire more quickly. But a fair portion of California still has poor or no cellular coverage. Utilities that shut down power as a wildfire-prevention measure […]
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Report: Wildfire Smoke Costs Oregon Billions in Healthcare, Shortens Lives

A study by the National Resources Defense Council projects that wildfires in Oregon could cost billions in health damages. The NRDC emphasizes the threat posed by smoke from wildfires “can travel miles downwind and harm millions more people.”   Source: Report: Wildfire Smoke Costs Oregon Billions in Healthcare, Shortens Lives – The Corvallis Advocate

Study: Alien grasses are making more frequent US wildfires

For much of the United States, invasive grass species are making wildfires more frequent, especially in fire-prone California, a new study finds. Twelve non-native species act as “little arsonist grasses,” said study co-author Bethany Bradley, a University of Massachusetts professor of environmental conservation. Wherever the common Mediterranean grass invades, including California’s southern desert, fires flare up three […]
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A New Study Warns of Increased Health Costs From Oregon Wildfires as the Climate Crisis Progresses

The wildfires that ripped through California over the last two weeks are an example of what’s to come as climate change progresses. A new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council warns of the increased health costs of wildfires on the West Coast as the climate crisis progresses. Source: A New Study Warns of Increased […]
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Editorial: Camera system becomes vital to firefighters

Among the few bright spots in what has been yet another devastating fire season in Northern California is this: The wildfires offered yet another real-time test of the ALERTWildfire system, an array of state-of-the-art cameras that allow firefighters to discover and locate new fires and make quick decisions about how best to respond. According to […]
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Skookum Fire smolders while managers look for prescribed fire across the Umatilla National Forest

A wildfire discovered late on the afternoon of Oct. 31 grew to approximately 50 acres over the weekend. Due to short days, cold temperatures and high humidity, crews will be monitoring the fire until early winter snowstorms blow in to put it out. Source: Skookum Fire smolders while managers look for prescribed fire across the […]
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OSU Extension building partnerships in new fire program

In a time of increasing wildfire activity, Oregon State University Extension Service said Friday it has implemented a new statewide fire program to help facilitate forest and range management plans, as well as create a healthy respect of fire through education and outreach efforts. Source: OSU Extension building partnerships in new fire program – KTVZ

Wildfire: Curry County fire danger grows

Strong east winds are causing wildfire danger levels to climb, according to the Coos Forest Protection Association. Source: Wildfire: Curry County fire danger grows | News | currypilot.com

Firefighters Work To Extinguish Fires Across Willamette Valley

The Oregon Department of Forestry said Thursday that more than 20 new fires had started in the Willamette Valley. Source: Firefighters Work To Extinguish Fires Across Willamette Valley . News | OPB