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New law: Farmers, ranchers have immunity in fire fights

A law passed by the Oregon Legislature gives farmers and ranchers immunity from liability while fighting dangerous wildfires, such as the one that chewed through acres of wheat fields and grasslands last year, a newspaper reported Friday. The law is similar to one that prevents bystanders from being sued if they try to help during […]
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Cover Story: Getting ready for another wildfire season

Getting ready for another wildfire season. Mark Moore is ready for another busy wildfire season on southwest Idaho’s rangeland. As chief of the Mountain Home Fire Department, his crews must not only be prepared to fight structure fires within the city limits but also battle wildfires that can roar across the countryside. The volunteer Mountain […]
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Fire training held in Deschutes National Forest

A group of about 50 federal and state employees practiced firefighting techniques Thursday in the Deschutes National Forest south of Sisters. Source: Fire training held in Deschutes National Forest

Farmers, ranchers immune from liability while fighting wildfires

The Oregon Legislature has passed a bill to protect farmers and ranchers from liability while fighting dangerous wildfires, such as the 2018 Substation fire in Wasco and Sherman counties. Source: Farmers, ranchers immune from liability while fighting wildfires

This Washington Fire District Will Use Goats To Reduce Fire Risks

Homes in one Central Washington city may be a little better protected from wildfires this season, thanks to a herd of goats. Four years ago, the Sleepy Hollow Fire burned to the edge of Wenatchee. Flames rushed through, consuming brush and cheatgrass and quickly destroying 28 homes and three businesses. Now, with the help of a […]
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Hansell wildfire legislation passes the Legislature

Legislation introduced by Sen. Bill Hansell, R-Athena, unanimously passed the Legislature and was signed into law by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Monday. Senate Bill 290 makes farmers, ranchers and volunteers immune from civil liabilities resulting from wildfire fighting efforts. The legislation was inspired by the Substation Fire, which burned 80,000 acres of land in […]
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Wildfire restrictions to tighten

Less than three weeks into this summer’s wildfire season, the fire-danger levels will rise in Southern Oregon where residents will see a tightening of their activities in the woods and fields. After a recent spate of hot weather further dried grasses, brush and other wildfire fuels, the Oregon Department of Forestry on Wednesday will increase […]
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Lawmakers call for more resources as the wildfire season begins anew

Gov. Kate Brown’s proposed 2019-2020 budget fails to include any additional funding to bolster the state’s response to wildfires. June 1 marked the official start of Oregon’s wildfire season, but without new resources the state is only incrementally more prepared to combat fire this summer than in past years. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Lawmakers […]
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Logging, thinning are not the answer to summer wildfire

Logging, thinning are not the answer to summer wildfire. There is a rash of misunderstanding about forest ecosystems. Many agencies and timber companies are advocating logging/thinning to “restore” forest health. However, I know of no forest that evolved with chainsaws. These timber advocates are exploiting the public’s natural fear of wildfire. Contrary to what dominates […]
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Editorial: The West must come to terms with burning

There is news to note on the wildfire front, but before we get into the weeds, it’s worth sharing a story that says something important about fire conditions throughout the West. The New York Times reported about this particular story, which started last July in California when a rancher tried to plug an underground wasp […]
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