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Wildfire threatens Oregon’s iconic Painted Hills and John Day Fossil Beds

It’s not an ideal time to visit one of Oregon’s seven wonders Source: Wildfire threatens Oregon’s iconic Painted Hills and John Day Fossil Beds

Klondike and Taylor Creek fires grow together, but progress allows improved Rogue River access

The news was mostly good after crews made progress on the two large fires that have grown together Source: Klondike and Taylor Creek fires grow together, but progress allows improved Rogue River access

Wildfire smoke cloaks, chokes much of region

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued an air quality advisory on Monday for Central and Eastern Oregon as smoke from fires throughout the Pacific Northwest continues to affect much of the state. Source: Wildfire smoke cloaks, chokes much of region

Wildfire Smoke Means Smaller Newborns And More ER Visits

Fire seasons are now 105 days longer in the western U.S. than they were in the 1970s. And longer wildfire seasons means more smoke pouring into cities and towns. Ask anyone who lived in Washington’s Wenatchee Valley in 2012 about the smoke that year, and they’ll remember. The fires were close and the valley’s dry […]
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Medford meeting will air smoke management proposals

State officials will visit Medford next week in one of several public hearings on proposals intended to reduce the lung-choking smoke that has become all too common in the state each summer by increasing controlled burns in non-fire seasons. Oregon departments of Forestry and Environmental Quality will hold the hearing, which is set for 7 […]
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Forest fire burning near popular Terwilliger Hot Springs, east of Springfield

A wildfire burning east of Springfield was first spotted Sunday afternoon near the short trail to Terwilliger Hot Springs, federal officials said Monday.”It was quite close” to the popular soaking pools, said Jennifer Velez, spokeswoman with the interagency team fighting the blaze.The Terwilliger Fire is in the Willamette National Forest about 50 miles east of […]
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Fires to the north bring smoke back to Central Oregon

Smoke in Bend mostly from fires in Washington, British Columbia. Central Oregonians awoke Monday morning to a new round of wildfire smoke blanketing the area. However, the smoke is largely unrelated to the spate of new fires in the region, according to fire experts. Source: Fires to the north bring smoke back to Central Oregon; […]
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Smoke fix: Years of work, millions of dollars

It’s become monotonous. With only a few brief interludes of favorable winds to clear the smoke, Southern Oregonians go about their daily business in sealed cars and closed-up houses and workplaces, strapping breathing masks to their faces if they must be outside for any length of time. It’s a normal reaction to these conditions to […]
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Fix broken policies to help restore forests

“We are hostages in our own homes.” That’s how Jennifer, a mother from Medford, described to me what communities in Southern Oregon and across the West are enduring yet again: a summer filled with smoke and fire. Jennifer continued in her letter to me saying, “my children are robbed of being able to play outside. […]
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Time to take action to limit summer fires

When I attended Ashland High School in the 1980s, we looked forward to summer as a time to play in our great outdoors. It’s a Southern Oregon tradition. But in recent years, the average size, frequency, and severity of wildfires has been increasing. Air quality in Oregon has been among the worst in the nation […]
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