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‘Rethinking The Past’ In The Aftermath Of California’s Deadly Wildfires

Last month’s deadly Camp Fire has become a turning point in the debate over how western forests should be managed. From the air, the scale of the devastation in and around Paradise, Calif., is, simply put, alarming. Whole neighborhoods and commercial districts are completely decimated, turned to rubble amidst the tall, orange-singed pine trees with blackened […]
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‘When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters’

Smoke-filled summers mean Duane Christensen’s family can no longer live together in the Rogue Valley. His 22-year-old daughter, who has the lung disease cystic fibrosis, had to move away. “It’s been devastating for us as a family. We wish our daughter could live with us,” Christensen told Jackson County Commissioners during a public hearing about […]
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Intelligent forest management needed

The devastation from last year’s wildfires is still unfolding at a scale that has not even begun to be understood. The socioeconomic impacts (loss of life, property, natural resources, massive impact on health and health care, economic impacts on business and real property, etc.) from last year’s wildfires are continuing to mount as other new […]
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Commissioners to hold wildfire, smoke hearing

Jackson County Commissioners want to hear how back-to-back summers of wildfires and smoke have impacted residents and businesses. Commissioners will hold a public hearing starting at 5 p.m. and running as late as 9 p.m. Tuesday at the North Medford High School commons, 1900 N. Keene Way Drive. “I think a lot of folks have […]
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There is no single cause or solution for Oregon’s wildfire problem

State Library Ed. Note:  The opposing guest opinion appeared in Monday’s eClips edition. Available HERE. OPINION: Writer believes there are many options to control wildfires out there, but parties must be willing to compromise. When it comes to Oregon’s wildfire problem, don’t believe anyone who points to a single cause — or a single solution. […]
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Capitol roundup: Taxes and voting trends top the news

Salem to hold meetings this week, while wildfire aid sought in D.C. Taxes, voting trends, legislative “concepts” and proposed wildfire protections are among the topics on tap this week in Oregon political circles. Among the latest: Source: Capitol roundup: Taxes and voting trends top the news; Salem to hold meetings this week, while wildfire aid […]
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More logging and clear-cutting is not a solution to wildland fires

OPINION: Science suggests living with fire and working to protect and restore forest ecosystems to combat climate change that make fires worse. Tobacco is good for the lungs, coal is good for the air, and clear-cutting is good for streams, fish, and forest fires. Wait, what? Clear-cutting corporations are doubling down on their Big Tobacco-style […]
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Wildfire affects all Oregonians

Forestry issues are no longer confined to rural Oregon — it’s now a statewide issue, forestry consultant Matthew Donegan told a gathering of state business, agency and elected leaders Monday. The formation of an Oregon forest business plan now ranks among the state’s highest priorities, Donegan said. Source: Wildfire affects all Oregonians

Oregon vineyards hit by wildfire smoke deserve federal aid, Wyden says

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden is also asking for federal funding for research on the effects of smoke exposure for vineyards. Source: Oregon vineyards hit by wildfire smoke deserve federal aid, Wyden says

The Federal Farm Bill Looks To Fight Wildfire

The House Agriculture Committee announced a tentative, late-November deal on the massive federal farm bill, with hopes to bring the bill to the floor the first week in December. But final negotiations over the legislation have focused on forests, not farms. Source: The Federal Farm Bill Looks To Fight Wildfire . News | OPB