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Humans learning to live with elk settling in Warrenton, Oregon

While residents sat at City Hall in early February and asked their mayor what could be done about elk roaming downtown, five young bull elk nibbled grass in front of a house several blocks away. Warrenton isn’t Gearhart, where elk are the bane of a golf course, a protective mother elk once menaced beachgoers and […]
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Once-Vanished Fishers Are Making Their Comeback In Washington

Biologists released a handful of weasel-like animals called fishers into the Washington Cascades in 2015. Two years later, they returned to see if they were surviving and reproducing. Source: Once-Vanished Fishers Are Making Their Comeback In Washington

Tooting Oregon’s bighorns

Jim Bittle’s participation last week in one of Oregon’s greatest wildlife success stories came strictly from behind. The Central Point man parlayed his position on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission into a key role during the capture of 20 California bighorn sheep from the Deschutes River Canyon and their release in Oregon’s John Day […]
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Idaho short-eared owl study expanding to 8 western states

Researchers believe there has been a 60 percent decline in the owl’s population in the West over the last 40 to 50 years. Researchers observing a possible decline in short-eared owls are expanding their study from Idaho to eight western states. Source: Idaho short-eared owl study expanding to 8 western states – Idaho – Capital […]
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Central Oregon Zoning Pits Mule Deer Against Churches

A rural central Oregon county is wading into a long-running zoning debate that pits mule deer against churches. A portion of Deschutes County is zoned to protect the county’s shrinking mule deer population during the lean winter months. The zoning currently prohibits churches as a use on those lands, The Bulletin reported Thursday. Source: Central […]
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Oregon State Police investigating Cottage Grove teen for splinting, duct-taping deer that was struck, injured by a pickup

­Oregon State Police are investigating the 18-year-old son of the Cottage Grove School District’s superintendent and the son’s friend after the two teens attempted to play veterinarian last month to a ­vehicle-struck deer by duct-taping the ­animal’s broken legs. The teens filmed their nighttime efforts on the ­social media application Snapchat. That video later was […]
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Oregon hunter kills wolf that was ‘running directly at him’

The Clackamas County man won’t be charged with a crime, because officials say he acted in self-defense while hunting elk in northeast Oregon. Source: Oregon hunter kills wolf that was ‘running directly at him’

ODFW amps up monitoring of fatal deer/elk disease

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is on the lookout for an untreatable, fatal disease that impacts elk and deer herds. Source: ODFW amps up monitoring of fatal deer/elk disease | Local News | theworldlink.com

ODFW: Cougar population growing along the coast

–Agency will fit up to 10 adults with GPS collars- A few decades ago, cougars in the Coast Range were practically unheard of. But as Oregon’s healthy cougar population has expanded into northwest Oregon from population strongholds in the Blue Mountains and south Cascades, ODFW is observing more cougar harvest, sightings and damage complaints along […]
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CWD testing spreads to Western Oregon deer, elk

The fight to keep Chronic Wasting Disease from spreading into Oregon’s deer and elk herds will now include Western Oregon, which will join the rest of the state in testing for this always fatal neurological disease that is spreading elsewhere. Source: CWD testing spreads to Western Oregon deer, elk – Entertainment & Life – MailTribune.com […]
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