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As It Was: Sea Otters Face Uncertain Future in Oregon

When the North American fur trade reached its peak in the 1800’s, European and American trappers encountered an abundance of sea otters, especially on the Oregon Coast. It wouldn’t last long. Source: As It Was: Sea Otters Face Uncertain Future in Oregon | Jefferson Public Radio

Pull up to 10,000 feet to clearly see Oregon’s wolf issue (Guest opinion)

Wolf advocates have expressed great concerns (“Portland howls for the future of Oregon wolves,” May 17) about the well-being of one Oregon species, wolves, which incidentally became established in the state through migration from an experimental population relocated from Canada to the Northern Rockies. Source: Pull up to 10,000 feet to clearly see Oregon’s wolf issue […]
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Goslings cause I-5 traffic jam

A family of geese and goslings caused a Monday morning traffic jam on Interstate 5 before being herded safely off the roadway. “It was a happy ending for the family of geese,” said Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Gary Leaming. Source: Goslings cause I-5 traffic jam

Research shows wildlife may compete for flowers with native bees

Research at the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range shows wildlife, including deer and elk, may compete for flowers with native bees. Netting wild bees is not as scary as it sounds. At least that’s what Sandy DeBano says. “It’s really not that bad,” said DeBano, an associate professor of entomology at Oregon State University’s Hermiston […]
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Ranchers, counties defend predator program tied to wolf’s death as critical to rural Oregon

Twenty-six of Oregon’s 36 counties have a wildlife specialist – or trapper—who falls under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The Wildlife Services program is paid for through a cooperative cost-sharing agreement involving county, state and federal governments. It’s been that way for decades but, may that be about to […]
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Unbearably cute: Oregon wildlife officials advise hikers to let animals be, including bear cubs

State wildlife officials on Friday advised hikers to leave bear cubs and other young animals alone — no matter how cute. A man hiking on the Santiam River Trail near Salem came across a cub last Sunday and scooped up the fuzzy 4½-pound little male bear, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. […]
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State Begins Hazing of Waterbird on Oregon Coast to Protect Juvenile Salmon

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) recently announced it plans to conduct “hazing” of one species of bird along parts of the Oregon coast to protect juvenile salmon. This purposeful harassment is being done to increase survival of the fish as it is a primary prey of the double-crested cormorant. Source: State Begins Hazing […]
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Oregon man not cited for removing bear cub from forest

A Salem man who found a bear cub that he said appeared to be nearly dead off Elkhorn Road near the Santiam River and then brought the cub to a wildlife rehab center was warned but not cited for removing the cub from his habitat, Oregon State Police said Wednesday. Source: Oregon man not cited […]
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Salem man not cited for rescuing bear cub on trail

A Salem man who found a 3-month-old black bear cub and took him to a wildlife center earlier this week has been warned but not cited, Oregon State Police said Wednesday. Source: Salem man not cited for rescuing bear cub on trail | KGW.com

Rein in wildlife agency | Opinion

Thousands of family pets have been killed in the United States — three dogs in the last month alone — by M-44 “cyanide bomb” devices used by the federal Wildlife Services agency to kill predators such as wolves, according to the Eugene-based wildlife advocacy group Predator Defense. In February, Wildlife Services succeeded in killing Oregon […]
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