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Biologists spend nights hazing wolves to deter livestock kills

Blaring sounds from a car horn rattle the nighttime calm. Beacons of light sporadically sweep across otherwise invisible fields. A bonfire, large enough to roast 1,000 marshmallows, throws flames into the blackness. Every 20 or 30 minutes, Tom Collom pulls what looks like an old-fashioned television antenna and radio from his pickup, then slowly revolves […]
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Biologists finally collar wolf from Rogue Pack

The breeding male of the Rogue Pack in Southern Oregon is OR-7, whose tracking collar provided details of his extensive travels after he dispersed from Wallowa County and into Northern California before returning to Oregon. Wildlife biologists set leg-hold traps for 13 consecutive days before finally catching a young female wolf from the Rogue Pack […]
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Catherine Creek wolves kill calf

Wolves from the Catherine pack in Union County are responsible for killing a 600-pound steer calf on private land near Little Catherine Creek, according to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The calf was discovered Monday by a rancher while flying to locate cattle for roundup from a large forested pasture. Source: Catherine Creek […]
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OR-7’s daughter got some new bling

State and federal wildlife managers will again be able to track gray wolf OR-7’s Rogue Pack now that one of his presumed offspring is sporting a new GPS collar. In what was described as a “textbook” capture, biologists on the morning of Oct. 3 were able to trap, tranquilize and collar the newly named OR-54 […]
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Federal wildlife agency says wolf was shot, offers reward

In the past year, two wolves have been found dead in the Fremont-Wenema National Forest. State and federal wildlife officials are investigating the death of a second wolf discovered in the Fremont-Wenema National Forest of Southern Oregon in the past year. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to […]
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Collared wolf OR-33 shot dead in S. Oregon

A collared gray wolf known as OR-33 was illegally killed in southern Oregon, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is asking the public to help solve the crime. Source: Collared wolf OR-33 shot dead in S. Oregon | KGW.com

Wolf blamed for killing Ashland goats shot dead

A collared gray wolf blamed for a three-day livestock killing spree east of Ashland in June 2016 was illegally shot dead in western Klamath County sometime before last spring, and federal officials are asking the public to help solve the case. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday announced the death of wolf OR-33 […]
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Lethal control expires for Meacham wolves, reopened for Harl Butte

The target has been taken off one northeast Oregon wolf pack, but it’s back on another. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the permit for Cunningham Sheep Co. to kill a second wolf from the Meacham pack expired Sept. 30. That permit was not renewed because no further depredations have occurred and […]
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ODFW confirms two more attacks by Harl Butte wolf pack

The Harl Butte wolf pack killed a calf and injured another in attacks investigated by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Sept. 29 and Oct. 1. ODFW shot four pack members in August in what it described as an incremental response to repeated depredations in Wallowa County. Cattle ranchers in the area predicted the department’s […]
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Friedman: Collaboration is still the best approach for helping wolves – Columnists

A gray wolf looking for a home can’t do better than the state of Washington. That statement might surprise people, as Washington has made headlines for killing wolves, most recently on Sept. 1 as well as earlier in the summer, when two wolves from the Smackout pack were killed following livestock attacks. Source: Friedman: Collaboration […]
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