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Trapper who shot Oregon wolf sentenced to probation, fined

A trapper who shot a gray wolf after finding it caught in one of his traps has been sentenced to two years on probation and 100 hours of community service. Union County Judge Thomas Powers also suspended David Sanders’ hunting and trapping license for three years and fined him $7,500. Sanders, 58, pleaded guilty Feb. […]
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OR-54 is back in Oregon, likely with Rogue Pack

Collared gray wolf OR-54 is back in Oregon after a nearly two-month foray into California, and she could again be working for Da Man, giving up the Rogue Pack’s whereabouts if she hooks back up with her former pack as suspected. One of the daughters of Rogue Pack patriarch OR-7, the 2-year-old female apparently gave […]
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Editorial: Wolf transplant bill signals frustration among ranchers

Introducing an apex predator in their midst that they are powerless to control will certainly motivate westside livestock producers and rural residents to join the fight. The Washington House of Representatives last week voted in favor of a bill that would require the Department of Fish and Wildlife to study moving wolves from Eastern Washington […]
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Hemp, wolf and carbon bills clear House Ag Committee

The House Agriculture Committee has approved three bills dealing with hemp, wolves and carbon, but they must clear the Joint Ways and Means Committee before coming up for a floor vote. Bills impacting hemp, wolves and carbon have won approval from a key Oregon legislative committee but may get a tougher reception from lawmakers who […]
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Since You Asked: We’re wondering: OR-54, where are you?

Q: It’s been a few weeks since we learned that collared wolf OR-54 had left Oregon for Northern California, presumably to find a mate. Is she still there, or did she come back like other wolves have? A: We at Since You Asked Central were wondering the same thing, even asking out loud, “OR-54, where […]
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Wolf compensation bill clears initial hurdle

A proposal tying the amount of money available to ranchers for livestock losses to Oregon’s wolf population to Oregon’s wolf population has cleared its first hurdle. Under House Bill 4106, Oregon lawmakers would be required to appropriate money to the state’s wolf compensation fund based on the population of the species, to the extent practicable. […]
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ODFW confirms wolf killing

Llama killed near Five Points Creek. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife determined that a wolf attack killed a llama in the Five Points Creek area in late January. The llama may have been the third one killed by wolves in the same area, about six miles west of La Grande, since early November. […]
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Wolves kill llama, but which pack remains uncertain

Wolves did indeed kill a 300-pound adult llama Jan. 30 on private land in rural Union County, Ore. That much is certain. But wildlife officials are still trying to figure out which pack is responsible for the death, in an area where the population and distribution of wolves is ever changing. Source: Wolves kill llama, […]
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OR-54 leaves Oregon — and she’s taking her bling

A collared gray wolf apparently has skipped out on its Rogue Pack family and moved to California, taking with it its GPS-transmitting collar that gave biologists’ the ability to track Southern Oregon’s largest, most famous — and lately predatory — pack. OR-54, a 2-year-old in April who is most likely one of the offspring of […]
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Environmentalists argue Oregon wolf delisting unlawful

-The Oregon Court of Appeals will decide whether state lawmakers improperly ratified the removal of wolves from the Oregon list of endangered species.- Environmentalists claim Oregon lawmakers wrongly pre-empted the court system by deciding that wolves were properly delisted as an endangered species. Source: Environmentalists argue Oregon wolf delisting unlawful