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Wolves in Oregon: The inside story

Return of wolves likely to spread to central Cascades, experts say. Southwest of the heart of Oregon’s nascent wolf population — miles from the dead calves, the helicopter chases, the decade-plus of vitriolic local politics swirling around wolves — is a small creek that illustrates why they’re worth the trouble. That’s where you’ll find Suzanne […]
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Oregon authorizes killing of wolves after attacks on cattle

The move comes after three calves were attacked in Wallowa County over a three-day period. Source: Oregon authorizes killing of wolves after attacks on cattle

Oregon issues second kill permit for wolves

State officials will issue a permit allowing an Eastern Oregon rancher to kill one member from a group of wolves blamed for attacking his livestock Source: Oregon issues second kill permit for wolves

Oregon Approves Killing Of Eastern Oregon Wolf

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is permitting an Eastern Oregon rancher to kill one wolf from a pack that’s been injuring his cattle. A Wallowa County rancher found three injured calves in a pasture on private land over a span of a few days last week. All three were confirmed wolf attacks. Source: […]
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The West’s wolves: coexistence and cowboy hats (Guest opinion)

When I started my wolf conservation career 30 years ago, wolves were essentially extinct in the western United States. Just seven years later, I was part of the team who helped capture, care for and release wolves from Canada into Idaho’s vast public wilderness and Yellowstone National Park. Source: The West’s wolves: coexistence and cowboy […]
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Today’s Northwest Wolves Have Roots In Coastal Rainforests And Rocky Mountains

New genetic research on the Northwest’s wolves finds they descended from a mix of two different types — some from the northern Rocky Mountains and some from coastal rain forests. That means the packs that form in our region have more genetic diversity — a key to survival. The idea for this research actually started out […]
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Gray Wolves Could Lose Protections As ‘Endangered’ Status Reconsidered

The federal government is reviewing the endangered species status of gray wolves in the Lower 48 states — a move that could lead to reduced protections. This includes the western parts of Oregon and Washington, where wolves are considered endangered under U.S. law. Source: Gray Wolves Could Lose Protections As Interior Department Reconsiders Their ‘Endangered’ […]
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Oregon wolves: by the numbers

Where they live, how many there are and how they are managed in different parts of the state. It’s been nearly a decade since wolves began repopulating Oregon after being eradicated in the early 20th century. With more than a million cattle grazing in the state, on both public and private land, conflict over livestock […]
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Guest column: Killing wolves truly should be the last option

The Bulletin recently reported on the status of Oregon’s wolf recovery. The top-line numbers showed cause for celebration. But a deeper dive shows another public agency that has lost its way. Exactly 124 wolves have been counted in Oregon. That’s 123 more than just a decade ago. But imagine if there were only 124 salmon, […]
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Baker County pack may determine fate of wolves in Oregon

For most of the past decade Oregon’s debate over wolves and their killing of livestock was focused somewhere other than Baker County. That ended last weekend. Source: Baker County pack may determine fate of wolves in Oregon | Opinion | argusobserver.com