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Anti-Tax Fervor Closed Their Libraries. Now Residents Are Trying to Go It Alone.

All the county libraries closed in this wooded corner of Oregon when the money ran out. But believers in the power of books rejected that fate, and in town after town they jumped back into the book-lending business on their own. Or tried to.

No, Trump’s Tax Cut Isn’t Paying for Itself (at Least Not Yet)

The Treasury Department released figures on Monday showing the federal budget deficit widened by 17 percent in the 2018 fiscal year, to $779 billion. That’s an unusual jump for a year in which unemployment hit a five-decade low and the economy experienced a significant economic expansion.

1,495 Americans Describe the Financial Reality of Being Really Sick

The whole point of health insurance is protection from financial ruin in case of catastrophic, costly health problems. But a recent survey of people facing such problems shows that it often fails in that basic function. The survey, of some of the country’s most seriously ill people, found that even with health insurance, more than […]
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After Nobel in Economics, William Nordhaus Talks About Who’s Getting His Pollution-Tax Ideas Right 

William D. Nordhaus, the Yale economist who shared the Nobel in economic science this week, has pointed words for some of the experiments so far with his theories on taxing polluters to fight climate change. “It was a catastrophic failure in the European Union,” he said just days after not only being awarded the Nobel, […]
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Student Loan Collector Navient Considered Settling. Then Trump Won.

In the final months of President Obama’s administration, the government’s top consumer regulator was negotiating a large settlement with the student loan collector Navient, which it said had misled borrowers and made mistakes that added billions of dollars to their bills. But after President Trump’s victory, the talks between the company and the Consumer Financial […]
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In Australia, Cervical Cancer Could Soon Be Eliminated

Cervical cancer could be eliminated in Australia within the next two decades because of a government program to vaccinate children against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus, according to a new report. The study, published this week in The Lancet Public Health, found that by 2028, fewer than four women in every 100,000 could be diagnosed with cervical […]
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‘It’s Almost Like a Ghost Town.’ Most Nursing Homes Overstated Staffing for Years

Most nursing homes had fewer nurses and caretaking staff than they had reported to the government for years, according to new federal data, bolstering the long-held suspicions of many families that staffing levels were often inadequate. The records for the first time reveal frequent and significant fluctuations in day-to-day staffing, with particularly large shortfalls on […]
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The Crisis of Election Security

It was mid-July 2016 when Neil Jenkins learned that someone had hacked the Illinois Board of Elections. Jenkins was a director in the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications at the Department of Homeland Security, the domestic agency with a congressional mandate to protect “critical infrastructure.” Although election systems were not yet formally designated as such […]
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Killer Whales Face Dire PCBs Threat

Most people thought the problem of polychlorinated biphenyls — known as PCBs — had been solved. Some countries began banning the toxic chemicals in the 1970s and 1980s, and worldwide production was ended with the 2001 Stockholm Convention. But a new study based on modeling shows that they’re lingering in the blubber of killer whales […]
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Voting at Home Will Help Save Our Democracy

All 50 states should follow the example set by Oregon and Washington. The single best way to increase voter turnout? Abolish the polling place. A century ago, the direct election of senators sounded audacious, too. But in six states, it’s already true that more than 12 million voters don’t need to traipse to polling places […]
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