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Opinion | Can States Fix the Disaster of American Health Care? – The New York Times

Last week, California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, promised to pursue a smorgasbord of changes to his state’s health care system: state negotiation of drug prices; a requirement that every Californian have health insurance; more assistance to help middle-class Californians afford it; and health care for undocumented immigrants up to age 26.

Justices Express Skepticism of Tennessee Law on Liquor Stores

One hundred years to the day after the ratification of the 18th Amendment, leading to the nation’s 14-year experiment with Prohibition, the Supreme Court considered on Wednesday whether Tennessee may impose significant restriction on liquor sales.

U.S. Climate Report Warns of Damaged Environment and Shrinking Economy

A major scientific report issued by 13 federal agencies on Friday presents the starkest warnings to date of the consequences of climate change for the United States, predicting that if significant steps are not taken to rein in global warming, the damage will knock as much as 10 percent off the size of the American […]
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You’re Not Getting Much Taller, America. But You Are Getting Bigger.

Meet the average American man. He weighs 198 pounds and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has a 40-inch waist, and his body mass index is 29, at the high end of the “overweight” category. The picture for the average woman? She is roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs 171 pounds, with […]
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New York Confronts Its Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades

State Library Ed. Note: Story included since there is a current measles outbreak in the Vancouver area and immunization rates and exemptions are an ongoing issue.

In Portland, Scooter Start-Ups Played Nice. Regulators Took Note.

The e-scooter boom began in Santa Monica, Calif., about 16 months ago. Electric scooters, owned by start-ups looking to mimic the success of ride-hailing companies like Uber, appeared around town.

Shutdown’s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth

The partial government shutdown is inflicting far greater damage on the United States economy than previously estimated, the White House acknowledged on Tuesday, as President Trump’s economists doubled projections of how much economic growth is being lost each week the standoff with Democrats continues.

Government Shutdown Shakes Stability of Jobs That Are Often the Best Around 

Verla Bloomfield has the kind of workplace that seems plucked from a different era. She has a pension, a union, several weeks of vacation and a paycheck that has nearly doubled in 14 years. Her employer? The United States government.

With 86% Drop, California’s Monarch Butterfly Population Hits Record Low

They arrive in California each winter, an undulating ribbon of orange and black. There, migrating western monarch butterflies nestle among the state’s coastal forests, traveling from as far away as Idaho and Utah only to return home in the spring. This year, though, the monarchs’ flight seems more perilous than ever.

The Reasonable Way to View Marijuana’s Risks

Are we underestimating the harms of legalizing marijuana? Those who hold this view have been in the news recently, saying that research shows we are moving too far too fast without understanding the damage.