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My View: Medicaid suffers from failed leadership

Given the unfortunate track record of waste and mismanagement in Medicaid going back to Cover Oregon, good intentions and nice words from state leaders are no longer sufficient. We need bipartisan leadership and the force of law to ensure accountability and to regain taxpayer trust. As a doctor who has devoted my life to health […]
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Oregon Health Authority

We talk to the director of the Oregon Health Authority, Patrick Allen, about the agency’s overpayment of $75 million to health care providers. Source: Oregon Health Authority | News Roundtable | Sexual Assault Reporting

Woman fights for son’s treatment after losing brother, uncle to rare disease

A state health panel has decided Medicaid will not fund the drug Exondy’s-51, a medication to help those suffering from the rare disease. It may not affect many Oregonians, but it means the world to a Eugene mother and her young son. Source: Woman fights for son’s treatment after losing brother, uncle to rare disease

Since You Asked: Oregon Health Plan is this state’s Medicaid

Q: Monday’s Since You Asked answer might have given folks the wrong idea about Medicaid. It is a welfare program that has non-financial rules as well (disability, parent of a child in the home, etc.)…. A: Well, as the state’s former tourism motto once declared, things look different here. The Oregon Health Plan serves as Medicaid […]
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Editorial: Taxpayers need real answers in Medicaid mess

Last week’s news of continued financial woes at the Oregon Health Authority could end up casting a long shadow over January’s election on whether to uphold new state taxes on health insurance and medical services. In case you missed it, the Health Authority last week reported that Oregon incorrectly paid state health care organizations roughly […]
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OHA Director: More Medicaid problems may come to light

New internal reports of processing problems in the Oregon Health Plan have arisen since the public learned the state overpaid Medicaid providers. More problems with the state’s troubled Medicaid system may soon come to light. OHA Director Pat Allen says new internal reports of processing problems in the Oregon Health Plan have arisen in the […]
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OHA Director: ‘Without A Doubt’ More Problems Will Surface

Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen told a Senate committee Monday to expect more problems to surface as he and his staff go about inspecting the business aspects of the massive agency he was recently picked to lead. Source: OHA Director: ‘Without A Doubt’ More Problems Will Surface

OHA director foresees more Oregon Medicaid problems

The statement follows revelations of $74 million in overpayments Source: OHA director foresees more Oregon Medicaid problems

COFA Islanders Rush to Enroll, but Face Obstacles in Special Insurance Program

A tight deadline has insurance brokers working overtime to help a group of Pacific Islanders to get insurance, but a rule requiring them to pay deductibles upfront has some members facing collection agencies. The state is aggressively signing up people for a special health insurance program for Pacific Islanders, but the design of the program […]
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Medicaid repayment could have impact on Umpqua Health Alliance

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced this week that she has decided to seek repayment of $64 million that was misspent by the Oregon Health Authority on patients that were not eligible to receive Oregon Health Plan benefits. The decision will have an impact on the Umpqua Health Alliance, Douglas County’s only Coordinated Care Organization that […]
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