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Implementing States’ Medicaid Wishes Won’t Be Cheap

As the Trump administration lets states experiment with work requirements and other eligibility rules, the costs are adding up. Some policy experts worry they are “shifting spending from health care for needy families to administrative bureaucracy.” After years of having most of their health care requests denied by the Obama administration, conservative states seeking to […]
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Making the most of Oregon’s moment of health care stability: Guest opinion

What a difference a week made for health care in Oregon. In January, the state’s health care system faced big, unsettling questions. Would voters preserve Medicaid expansion? Would Congress ever renew coverage for 120,000 Oregon children? Today, we know the answers were ‘Yes.’ As a result, health care in Oregon is enjoying an unusual moment […]
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Oregon CCO reform bill narrowly passes in House, now heads to Senate

After years of stalemate, the Oregon House on Tuesday narrowly approved several reforms to the state’s 15 coordinated care organizations, which provide government-funded health care to low-income residents in Oregon’s Medicaid program. House Bill 4018 passed on a bipartisan 32-26 vote, with most Republicans and five Democrats voting “no.” Source: Oregon CCO reform bill narrowly […]
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How Dental Inequality Hurts Americans

Lack of dental care through Medicaid not only harms people’s health, but has negative economic implications as well. Even before any proposed cuts take effect, Medicaid is already lean in one key area: Many state programs lack coverage for dental care. That can be bad news not only for people’s overall well-being, but also for their ability […]
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Trillium Community Health Plan dramatically boosts reserves, raising concern among advocates for CCO reform

Centene Corp., the Missouri-­based owner of Trillium Community Health Plan, dramatically boosted Trillium’s financial reserves after buying the coordinated care organization more than two years ago. Trillium, one of 15 CCOs in Oregon, manages Oregon Health Plan, or Medicaid, services for 87,000 low-income and disabled Lane County residents and 2,000 residents of western Douglas County. […]
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Change brings new challenges, opportunities

We hope these new elected officials will work hard to learn the issues, bring a new sense of collegiality and energy with them, and avoid being swallowed by the political wars. Oregon is slogging through an economic paradox: we are experiencing near- record economic performance, but that performance is eclipsed by what could be a […]
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Don’t ration Medicaid | Opinion

Capping lifetime benefits is a bad idea. A proposal by the Trump administration to impose lifetime limits on adults’ access to Medicaid coverage is a recipe for disaster. Medicaid, which is a joint state and federal program, provides health care coverage to low-income and disabled people. Recipients are the working poor, children, the elderly and […]
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Steady funding anchors health care

Voter-approved Medicaid measure brings a healthy dose of stability to local caregivers Local health care organizations breathed a sigh of relief last month when voters passed Measure 101, securing $550 million for Oregon’s Medicaid program through mid-2019. Source: Steady funding anchors health care

Oregon State Hospital Wants Patients to Keep Medicaid Insurance

Oregon State Hospital officials have a new strategy for ensuring patients do not have to worry about their health insurance when they leave — never cutting off their Medicaid coverage in the first place. Source: https://www.thelundreport.org/content/oregon-state-hospital-wants-patients-keep-medicaid-insurance

A horrifying warning | Editorial

Accounts of what happened to the residents of SouthTowne Memory Care in south Eugene are sickening. Infestations of scabies — a highly contagious parasite — tormented dozens of vulnerable seniors from 2013 or 2014 until spring of 2017, The Register-Guard’s Chelsea Deffenbacher reported last week. The parasite burrows into the skin, causing large open sores […]
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