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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

The City of Bend is changing the rules for cottage clusters, dorm-style group living and quadplexes to address Bend’s housing crisis. The chief underlying cause (of the housing shortage) is the ongoing low levels of new construction this decade. On a population growth-adjusted basis, Oregon built fewer new housing units this decade than we have […]
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Local high schools have mixed graduation rate results in a historic year for Oregon

Oregon had its highest overall high school graduation rate in a decade in 2019, a year in which Central Oregon’s 10 high schools saw varied results. Only half of the region’s high schools posted a higher graduation rate for the class of 2019 than the year before. Still, all but two local high schools surpassed […]
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Point In-Time Count for Central Oregon homeless starts next week

Count attempts to capture the larger picture of sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness. The Homeless Leadership Coalition will be kicking off the annual Point In-Time Count, where volunteers count the number of homeless people in Central Oregon for three days. The count is part of a state and national effort to identify the number […]
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Swalley Irrigation District to pipe entire canal network

For more than a century, Swalley Irrigation District has tapped the Deschutes River with a series of antiquated canals and ditches, technologies that by themselves cause water loss due to seepage. Now the district says it will fully reverse this trend and pipe its entire canal network. Source: Swalley Irrigation District to pipe entire canal […]
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Winter storms double snowpack

A week of stormy weather has doubled Central Oregon’s snowpack, allaying fears that the region was headed for a summer of drought-like conditions. The snowpack in the Upper Deschutes basin had reached 86% of normal as of Friday according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. Source: Winter storms double snowpack | […]
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St. Charles Health Systems closes year at 3.1% operating margin

Despite pressure from higher wages, lower reimbursement rates and the completion of a patient tower, St. Charles Health System’s financial health is stable. Source: St. Charles Health Systems closes year at 3.1% operating margin | Business | bendbulletin.com

Wait List For Central Oregon Housing Voucher Program To Open

Housing Works is the affordable housing provider in Central Oregon. As KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reports, the agency has announced the yearly wait list for Section 8 housing vouchers will open for five days next week. Low-income residents of Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties are encouraged to apply for rent assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher […]
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Flu season in Central Oregon may be peaking

At Mosaic’s Central Oregon clinics, Ellie Millan has seen roughly a handful of kids with flu symptoms each week since the season began in October. When the children come in within 48 hours of the start of flu-like symptoms, they are tested and given antiviral medication to combat the flu, Millan said. Source: Flu season […]
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Historically Underfunded

In a state strapped for school funds, the Student Success Act is expected to lower class sizes and add supports for struggling kids in Bend-La Pine Schools. Starting in 2020, kids at Bend-La Pine Schools will benefit from historic investment in education from the state. Source: Historically Underfunded | Local News | Bend | The […]
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Busy 2019 in business

The coming year looks to be as economically robust as it was in 2019, according to a regional economist. “I don’t see any reason why 2020 wouldn’t look a heck of a lot like 2019 did for us in Central Oregon,” said Damon Runberg, Oregon Employment Department regional economist. Source: Busy 2019 in business | […]
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