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Deschutes tops region in health rankings; Crook and Jefferson aim higher

County health rankings an opportunity for improvement, not a reason to gloat, health officials say. The three Central Oregon counties placed near the top, middle and bottom of the latest ranking of health by county issued by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. But county and state health […]
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Guest column: Mosaic Medical makes Central Oregon a better place

This fall, I was invited to join the Mosaic Medical board of directors. Little did I know, I was about to have a life experience. Mosaic Medical is a private nonprofit, community health center, also known as a federally qualified health center, which delivers integrated primary care services to over 26,000 Central Oregon residents. It […]
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What do Oregon’s new smoke rules mean for Deschutes County?

Rules will make it easier to complete burns near Bend, but you may see more smoke. Central Oregon fire managers are hopeful that looser statewide rules on smoke will make it easier to complete prescribed burns near Bend and other population centers, even if it means more smoke in town during the spring and fall. […]
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Industrial Diversification in Oregon

Last month we examined industries and regions in Oregon that grow faster (or slower) and are more volatile (or stable) than the overall economy. Today we follow up with a look at industrial diversification and how that has changed over time in Oregon. First, when we look at industrial diversification, economists typically look at how many […]
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Unemployment rate rises in Deschutes County

Crook, Jefferson counties also had higher January unemployment rates. Unemployment rates rose across Central Oregon in January, and the rate was 4.7 percent in Deschutes County, the Oregon Employment Department reported. Deschutes County’s unemployment rate was 0.5 percentage points above January 2018. The rate also jumped significantly in one month, from 4.4 percent in December. […]
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Central Oregon employment up; 2018 figures revised

Employment rose across Central Oregon in January, compared with the same time last year, yet unemployment levels are essentially unchanged from a year ago, the state Employment Department reported Tuesday. Source: Central Oregon employment up; 2018 figures revised

Central Oregon construction executives share outlook

Industry is more efficient but needs to recruit young workers. Over the past decade, the construction industry has been on a wild ride but has come out leaner and more efficient, according to a panel of industry officials. Construction firms have embraced technology, reached out to the schools to teach a new workforce and have […]
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Guest column: Help reduce Central Oregon suicides

We have one of the highest suicide rates in Oregon, and it continues to increase, having doubled in our three counties during the last 10 years. In 2017, the suicide rate in our county reached an all-time recorded high, more than 50 percent higher than the rest of our state and more than twice that […]
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Snowfall breaks more records

Snowpack is back above normal. Central Oregon has experienced much harsher winters in past years, but the snowfall this month has been the highest in February since the National Weather Service in Pendleton started tracking weather observations in 1901. Source: Snowfall breaks more records; Snowpack is back above normal

Medicaid patients wait for rides with loss of contractor

Ride Center scrambling to replace terminated cab company. One of the region’s largest medical ride transportation services has been terminated by the call center coordinating rides, creating havoc for local patients and clinics. Bend-based GreenCab had been providing an estimated 2,500 rides per month to Oregon Health Plan members, which the company’s owner estimated accounted […]
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