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Portland’s Laurelhurst Neighborhood Fights to Keep the Housing Crisis Out

On the leafy streets of the Laurelhurst neighborhood, the natives are very, very restless. At the end of last month, residents of Laurelhurst turned out in record numbers to vote in their neighborhood association election for one reason: to get protection from developers. Source: Portland’s Laurelhurst Neighborhood Fights to Keep the Housing Crisis Out – […]
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Court gives Eastmoreland historic district opponents two weeks to make their case

Oregon’s Court of Appeals has granted Eastmoreland’s Tom Brown a two-week stay in his legal fight against a proposed national historic district. In an order announced Wednesday, June 21, the court agreed to hold up any decision on merits of the historic district until a judge can review Brown’s case. The court gave Brown and […]
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City says jump in the Willamette, the water’s safe

Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services tests water each week in five locations to assure river is safe. Every Wednesday morning from mid-May through September, Katie Bohren makes her way from the Bureau of Environmental Services office in St. John’s to Sellwood, and then back up north, stopping at five popular recreation spots along the Willamette […]
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Portland Homeless Count Shows Numbers Up, But Some Good News

A one-night count of homeless people in Portland and Multnomah County in February found that homelessness continues to grow, but local leaders have made progress getting people into temporary shelter. Source: Portland Homeless Count Shows Numbers Up, But Some Good News . News | OPB

Portland’s homeless population jumps nearly 10 percent, new count shows

The homeless population in Multnomah County increased nearly 10 percent in the last two years: There are now at least 4,177 people without permanent homes on any given night in Portland, the latest survey shows. Source: Portland’s homeless population jumps nearly 10 percent, new count shows | OregonLive.com

Oregon May Strip Portland of its NIMBY Powers

A controversial bill before the state legislature would preempt cities’ rights to prevent new affordable housing. People can’t afford to be poor in Portland, Oregon. Nearly half of the households that rent in the Portland metro area pay too much. Almost one-quarter (24.3 percent) of these households are severely cost burdened, meaning half of their […]
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New Study Shows Teachers’ Compensation Significantly Higher in Portland than Boise or Vancouver, Wash.

Differences stem from Oregon’s higher insurance and pension expenditures. Portland State University today released a new study that compares total compensation costs for five large Oregon school districts and those in Seattle and Vancouver, Wash., and Boise. Analysts commonly compare teacher salaries alone but doing so leaves out significant benefit costs. Source: New Study Shows […]
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Housing summit mulls challenges, seeks answers

The Portland area is the third most unaffordable market in the United States, with rents rising 30 percent since 2012. A standing-room-only crowd addressed the economics of housing at the Westside Economic Alliance summit in Beaverton Friday, June 2. Led by WEA Executive Director Pam Treece and WEA Land Use and Housing Committee Chair Mimi […]
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Portland’s 911 Hold Times – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A new report from the Portland City Ombudsman finds that the Bureau of Emergency Communications has been miscounting how long it takes to answer 911 calls. Source: Portland’s 911 Hold Times | Rosewood Initiative Relaunch . Radio | OPB

911 issues must be addressed to keep citizens feeling safe: Editorial agenda 2017

The City of Portland’s Ombudsman released a report Wednesday questioning how long it actually takes for operators to pick up 911 calls coming in from cell phones. In the weeks since two Portland men were killed on a MAX train and another was severely injured after standing up in the face of racism and hate, […]
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