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Portland water plant threatens neighbors’ rural lifestyle, they say

Many residents in the quiet rural area near the Sandy River east of Gresham where the plant will be built worry the construction and future operation of the industrial plant will negatively affect the community, their homes and property values. Source: Portland water plant threatens neighbors’ rural lifestyle, they say – oregonlive.com

Portland, Oregon, paramedics learn self-defense amid attacks

Trisha Preston was transporting a patient in a mental health crisis in the back of her ambulance when suddenly the woman undid her seatbelt, jumped off the gurney and began attacking the veteran paramedic, punching her and pulling her hair. By the time Preston’s partner wrestled the woman to the floor, Preston had a concussion […]
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Air stagnation advisory issued for Portland, surrounding area

The National Weather Service has issued an air stagnation advisory for Portland and a wide swath of the region. Dave Elson, a weather service meteorologist, said the region won’t have any rain or much wind over the coming few days. That means pollutants can linger in the air, potentially leading to poorer air quality. Source: […]
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Airbnb launching new registration system to help Portland keep track of rental hosts

Airbnb is launching a new online registration system for Portland users Friday, putting the company on track to meet its deadline with the city to start disclosing information about its short-term rental hosts. The company and city announced an agreement last month after years of negotiation for Airbnb to build a registration system into its own website by Nov. […]
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Incentives for more multi-family housing before the City Council on Wednesday

The City Council will consider revising development and design standards in multi-family residential zones outside the urban core on Wednesday, Nov. 6. The recommendations were generated during a multi-year project called Better Housing by Design (BHD) undertaken by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) at the direction of the council. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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Oregon Insight: Portland construction cranes are an economic barometer 

For good and ill, the cranes symbolize Portland’s economic progress and transformation. They spring up almost overnight and tower over downtown, the eastside and neighborhoods across Portland. The cranes are a marker of a city growing up, literally. And though Portland isn’t among the nation’s largest cities, it’s No. 5 on construction consulting firm Rider […]
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Portland protests: When state denied city’s request for guardsmen, it told FBI, not mayor 

OPB first requested documents that show the city requested aid from the National Guard ahead of the protests, but the request was denied the next day. Days before a series of protests were expected in Portland, the mayor’s office sent a request to the governor, asking her to keep Oregon National Guardsmen on standby in […]
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Oregon Governor Denied Portland’s Request For National Guard Troops For August Rally

Documents reveal that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler asked for more than 100 National Guard troops to be ready to respond to an Aug. 17 rally. Gov. Kate Brown shot down the idea within hours. Source: Oregon Governor Denied Portland’s Request For National Guard Troops For August Rally . News | OPB

Cryptosporidium Found Again In Portland Wate

Portland’s water bureau is warning that residents who have weakened immune systems should talk to their doctors before drinking city tap water, after tests from the Bull Run Watershed found two units of cryptosporidium in a 50-liter water sample Tuesday. Source: Cryptosporidium Found Again In Portland Water . News | OPB

Zenith Energy Threatens Legal Action Over City Of Portland Permit Denial

Zenith Energy is threatening legal action if the city of Portland doesn’t approve its request to install new pipes at its oil terminal in the northwest industrial area. The company sent a letter Thursday to the City of Portland’s Office of Community Technology saying the city has no basis for denying its request and that the denial […]
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