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‘OPB Politics Now’: Portland Girds For A Freeway Fight

We talk about where the battle lines are being drawn and dig into the history of Portland’s difficult relationship with freeway projects. A proposed Interstate 5 expansion through the Rose Quarter has become about much more than a few more highway lanes. It touches on racism, privilege, Portland’s relationship with the state and how leaders envision the […]
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Portland Business Alliance Asks Governor Kate Brown to Spend More Money on Portland Homeless Camp Cleanups

Letter sent Wednesday asks that the governor make sure Oregon Department of Transportation spends more to cleanup camps by the highways. It’s not unusual for the Portland Business Alliance to complain that the city’s  response to Portland’s problems with homelessness is inadequate. But this time, the group is complaining to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. Source: Portland […]
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Supportive housing saves money and saves lives: Guest opinion

Too many in our community still struggle with profound challenges that make housing difficult to attain and keep. Source: Supportive housing saves money and saves lives: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com

Helping Portland’s chronically homeless is a choice to save lives: Editorial

As we inch toward another winter, let’s recall the grim lesson learned during the relentless cold temperatures and snow storms last December and January: Homelessness in Portland is deadly. Four people suffering homelessness died in the first, freezing days of 2017. They were among the men and women trying to survive on our streets and […]
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Portland’s arts tax is a good deal: Guest opinion

Cities understand that investments in artists and arts organizations produce better results in education, a higher quality of life for residents and a more creative workforce. The arts tax is supported by Portland taxpayers because it benefits Portland’s public school students, yields economic dividends and makes our community better. The Oregonian/OregonLive’s recent editorial, “Portland’s arts […]
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Poll finds contradictions in Portland residents’ views on the homeless

Trying to get ahead of upcoming media coverage, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says other cities are worse and officials’ efforts are working, according to statistics. Homeless people live openly in Portland neighborhoods as never before, and results of a KGW poll released Thursday show most Portland residents are dissatisfied with Mayor Ted Wheeler’s handling of […]
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Portland’s housed and unhoused neighbors try to live with each other

UNHAPPY NEIGHBORS INSIDE AND OUT For now, the Bensons have turned to their own solutions. They have three guns hidden in the front room and both Erik and Kristy, his wife, carry handguns at all times. The real protection, he says, is two large cans of bear spray stashed behind a black-and-white photo of their […]
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FBI Statistics Show Crime is Flat or Down Across Portland, Except in One Key Category 

Murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and arson are all down since 2008. But stolen cars? That’s another story. Last month, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions described Portland as a haven for violent criminals and gang members. But FBI statistics show crime in Portland is staying low or in decline across all categories but one: car theft. Murder, […]
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City: Water safe, but crypto found again

Portland Water Bueau says water supply is still safe, but advises those with immune problems to take precautions. The Portland Water Bureau is once again reporting the detection of a potentially disease-causing microorganism in the Bull Run Watershed. According to a late Wednesday afternoon press release from the bureau, Cryptosporidium was detected in test results […]
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REPORT: Portland in Transition

The new Census data shows that the recovery and expansion has now reached all corners of the Oregon economy. Not all industries, segments of the population, or regions are in the same place given each regional business cycle was a bit different. However, we are now seeing gains across the board. The trajectory, at a […]
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