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Quick Look: Portland Would Fare Better than Rural, Eastern Oregon Under Republican Obamacare Replacement

Higher earners would fare much better– but only up to a point– under Trump-backed Obamacare replacement The cuts and gains Oregonians would face under the American Health Care Act proposed by Republicans in the U.S. Congress seem almost arbitrary at times. Across the state, residents are divided among eleven pricing tiers. Source: Quick Look: Portland […]
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Wheeler Scolds Congress for Threat to Behavioral Healthcare Funds

The Portland mayor inherited a city grappling with a severe homeless problem, as people with mental health and drug and alcohol issues have been forced onto the streets. The Medicaid expansion has provided resources for local CCOs to help these people, but their funding would be decimated under a Republican proposal in Congress. Source: Wheeler […]
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Portland considers $9 million revenue bond for affordable housing

Revenue from short-term housing permits would fund housing bond. When the city of Portland legalized short-term rentals in 2014, the resulting tax revenue was directed toward an affordable housing investment fund. Now that the account has a $1 million balance — and Portland is desperately seeking solutions to its housing crisis — the city council […]
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Why Portland anarchists are patching potholed streets

How rough are Portland’s roads? So bad that a group of self-described anarchists are taking things into their own hands. Pitting the city’s two mottos — the unofficial “Keep Portland Weird” and the municipal “The City That Works” — against one another, a group calling itself Portland Anarchist Road Care says state neglect is to […]
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Portland Water Bureau will once again serve Bull Run water

Portland water customers will once again drink and bathe in the city’s famed Bull Run water starting Wednesday after detections of parasites have gone down. Source: Portland Water Bureau will once again serve Bull Run water | OregonLive.com

Portland To Resume Using Bull Run Water In Spite Of Parasite

The Portland Water Bureau plans to resume using the Bull Run watershed as its drinking water source this week. Source: Portland To Resume Using Bull Run Water In Spite Of Parasite . News | OPB

Owning home getting harder for minorities

Wealth gap growth in the Portland region as affordable homes within the urban growth boundary disappear. Rent increases are taking a well-recognized toll on Portland’s minority communities, pushing them out of their traditional neighborhoods to the edges of the region. Increasing home prices also are disproportionately hurting minorities by further reducing their chances to build […]
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In red-hot Portland, housing costs soar and income gap grows

Jordan Snider made the move here from Los Angeles in 2013 to join his girlfriend. He had no wish for a Portlandia-style life change to work as a barista. He had digital production skills honed by motion-picture work. So he freelanced, then started his own firm, Chromacolor, in a century-old space shared with a bamboo-furniture […]
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Dutch reality program showcases Oregon

“Wie is de Mol” features several popular Central Oregon locations If you happened to notice a film crew recording 10 paranoid Dutch citizens running around Shevlin Park last summer, an explanation of what they were up to is now available online. “Wie is de Mol,” the No. 1 TV show in the Netherlands, shot its […]
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Portland becoming even less black, population researchers say

Newcomers to the Portland metro region are more likely to be people of color, but less likely to be African-American A new report from the Portland State University says despite a growing portion of Portlanders being people of color, they are less likely to be African-American. Researchers at the Population Research Center say the Portland […]
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