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Portland police not meeting obligation to report compromised officers, study finds

Portland police have no policy in place and received no training on their duty to alert prosecutors about an officer’s potential credibility problems on the witness stand or the need to turn over information that might be favorable to defense attorneys in a case, a city review found. Source: Portland police not meeting obligation to […]
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Report: Portland rent increases slow but vary by neighborhood

A report the Zumper rental tracking firm says Portland has the 19th most expensive rents in the country. But unlike recent years, citywide median rents are no longer increasing by double digits. Source: Oregon Local News – Report: Portland rent increases slow but vary by neighborhood

Innovating Emergency Medical Response: The View From Reno And Portland

Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers and Brad Lee, who directs the Reno area’s medical emergency response, tell us about innovations in 911 service. All over the country, government agencies are having to look at ways to do more with less. Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers has been on the job for about 10 months. He recently […]
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Portland plans to turn ‘poop into power’

Portland plans to make money off of its sewers’ fumes in a project expected to lower the city government’s carbon footprint by one third by converting a noxious gas into energy. The Portland City Council unanimously approved on Wednesday the construction of a $9 million facility to convert methane gas in the city’s sewer system […]
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Mayor wants to bring self-driving vehicles to Portland

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Wednesday he wants to begin opening the city to companies testing self-driving vehicles. Wheeler and Transportation Commissioner Dan Saltzman directed the Transportation Bureau to draft policies for autonomous vehicles that would give developers a path to apply for permits to test them within the city, including on open, public roads. Source: […]
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My View: Turn waste into clean energy

Starting this summer, Environmental Services will kick off an innovative effort designed to capture 100 percent of the methane from our waste, dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. We will then convert the methane into renewable natural gas to reduce our reliance on dirty diesel. And through our partnership with local utility NW Natural, we will […]
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Our Opinion: Fix housing bill while there’s time

Lifting the ban on rent control could lead to a checkerboard of regulations, as each city makes its own decisions about whether and how to limit rent increases. If Portland adopts strict rent controls – a definite possibility – that could push apartment development into nearby suburbs. Source: Oregon Local News – Our Opinion: Fix […]
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Portland, Multnomah County commit to using 100% renewable energy by 2050

Portland and Multnomah County’s top elected leaders committed Monday to transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2050. Source: Portland, Multnomah County commit to using 100% renewable energy by 2050 | OregonLive.com

Judge questions whether Portland’s tenant protection law is illegal

A Multnomah County Circuit Court judge questioned Thursday whether Portland’s controversial tenant protection rule is illegal under a state law that prohibits rent control. The rule requires landlords to pay relocation assistance of up to $4,500 to tenants whom they evict without cause or who have to move due to a rent increase of 10 […]
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Health advocates want soda tax on Portland-area ballot

Voters would decide whether to add a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce on sugary drinks, including soda, energy drinks and sweetened teas. That means an 18-cent tax on a 12-ounce can of soda. Voters in Oregon’s most populous county might be voting on a soda tax this fall. Source: Health advocates want soda tax […]
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