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Beer, wine ‘sin taxes’ won’t be part of state budget brew

Craft beer and fine wine are big business in Oregon, and they could avoid new taxes. Tax hikes on beer, cider and wine are “off the table,” Gov. Kate Brown said Friday. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Beer, wine ‘sin taxes’ won’t be part of state budget brew

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Seeks Tobacco Tax Hike But Backs Away From Higher Alcohol Taxes

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown delivers a split verdict on proposal by Oregon Health Authority to raise taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is embracing a proposal by the Oregon Health Authority to raise cigarette taxes — but she’s rejecting the agency’s bid to raise alcohol taxes. Brown said she buys the agency’s […]
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Our View: Brown needs to govern from center

PERS reform is the place to start. Kate Brown was re-elected as Oregon governor with 49.99 percent of the vote in the latest statewide results. She should never forget that number. Neither should her Democratic colleagues in the Oregon Legislature. Even if her tally edges past 50 percent in the final results, voters did not […]
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Editorial: The legacy Gov. Kate Brown must leave

As Gov. Kate Brown herself acknowledged, her upcoming term in office will be her last. That fact was noted by some of her endorsers as a reason to re-elect Brown, despite her otherwise unimpressive record. The “political freedom” of not having to win over voters again, they argued, could help Brown show the courage and leadership she has […]
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Kate Brown, Ellen Rosenblum sue Donald Trump over sanctuary status laws

Gov. Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum have filed suit against President Trump in an attempt to void two federal laws requiring states to aid immigration authorities. The suit, filed Friday in federal court in Eugene, claims those laws violate the 10th Amendment, which separates state and federal powers, by demanding states enforce federal […]
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Brown should embody ‘The Oregon Way’ – Opinion

Gov. Kate Brown has a unique opportunity to succeed where our national government has failed. To prevail in last week’s election, Brown and her fellow Democrats put together a powerful coalition that not only re-elected her but also gained a supermajority in both the Oregon House and Senate. Source: Brown should embody ‘The Oregon Way’ […]
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With Gubernatorial Win, Kate Brown Has Chance To Make Her Mark On Oregon

Before 8 p.m. Tuesday, the conversation was about whether Kate Brown has a vision. Now, the question is what kind of legacy she might be able to craft as Oregon governor. For the past several months, Gov. Kate Brown was locked in a bruising fight for governor. In a race that saw an unprecedented amount of cash […]
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Did Oregon voters give Kate Brown a mandate? Yes and no.

A look at the issues Kate Brown took a position on during the campaign and might have a mandate on in 2019. Source: Did Oregon voters give Kate Brown a mandate? Yes and no. | OregonLive.com

Oregon Lawmakers Draft Wish List To Improve Schools

Oregon’s school system is near the national basement on some critical measures, such as graduation rates and attendance patterns. With the re-election of Gov. Kate Brown this week, and with her party now dominating both legislative chambers, Democrats can pursue an aggressive agenda on education — a key priority and a huge area of state spending. […]
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2 Gov. Kate Brown Appointees Lose In Oregon Judicial Elections

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has made it her mission to bring more diversity to the state’s judicial branch. But two of her appointees were defeated in this week’s election. Source: 2 Gov. Kate Brown Appointees Lose In Oregon Judicial Elections . News | OPB