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Governor’s wildfire council delivers long and pricey list of recommendations

The report delivered Tuesday includes 37 separate recommendations in four separate areas: community adaptation, landscape restoration; safe and effective response, and building a support system. The $4 billion cost of acting now to mitigate Oregon’s growing wildfire problems may seem eye-popping, but it’s a bargain compared to potential costs if the state fails to deal […]
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Wildfire council report: Spend $4 billion to keep forests safe

Helping communities adapt and creating resilient landscapes are top priorities to improve state’s wildfire response. After revealing in October that it will take $4 billion the state’s ability to respond to catastrophic wildfires, Gov. Kate Brown’s Council on Wildfire Response on Tuesday, Nov. 12, released recommendations on how the money should be spent. Source: Pamplin […]
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pinpoint Vitamin E Acetate As “Primary Site” of Vaping-Related Lung Injuries

The CDC’s findings aren’t consistent with a Mayo Clinic study from October that found no Vitamin E acetate build-up in the lungs. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released findings on Nov. 8 that strengthen the case against Vitamin E acetate as the main culprit in the national outbreak of vaping related illnesses. […]
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Happy Valley resident nominated to Oregon Growth Board

Amber Schulz-Oliver, who leads development agency for Northwest tribes, tapped by Gov. Kate Brown. Happy Valley resident Amber Schulz-Oliver, executive director of Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corp., has been nominated by Gov. Kate Brown to a state agency that invests millions of dollars in business capital annually. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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Oregon Judge Danielle Hunsaker Confirmed To US 9th Circuit Court

The U.S. Senate confirmed Oregon Judge Danielle Hunsaker to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hunsaker is currently the presiding judge for Washington County Circuit Court. Oregon’s Democratic U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley were split on the vote, with Wyden voting for Hunsaker’s confirmation and Merkley voting against it. Source: Oregon Judge Danielle […]
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Oregon’s deputy secretary of state says he is ‘basically working 24-7.’ His calendar suggests otherwise.

Richard Vial’s calendars raise more questions about how much service he’s giving taxpayers in return for his $172,000 salary. Since being hired as the No. 2 official in the Oregon Secretary of State’s office in April, Richard Vial has frequently had an empty calendar two days out of every work week. Source: Oregon’s deputy secretary […]
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown leading trade delegation to Asia

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is on the road for the next two weeks. She’s leading a trade delegation to Japan and South Korea. According to information provided by Business Oregon, the group includes representatives from the state including the Department of Agriculture, Travel Oregon and the Port of Portland. Additionally, the mayor […]
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Oregon’s vaping illnesses rise to 17 cases with two dead

PORTLAND, Ore. – Health officials confirmed three more vaping-related lung illnesses in Oregon, bringing the state’s total to 17 total cases, with two of them resulting in death. The Oregon Health Authority said that some of the cases involve children under 18 years old. Some of those who were hospitalized vaped cannabis or nicotine only, […]
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Gov. Brown to lead trade mission to Japan, South Korea

Gov. Kate Brown announced Thursday she’ll lead a delegation of 41 Oregon government and business officials on an 11-day trip to Japan and South Korea. The Nov. 5-16 trip is meant to boost foreign investment in Oregon and exports of Oregon products to Asia. Stops include Seoul in South Korea, and Kyoto and Tokyo in […]
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Trade Mission: Gov. Brown to visit Asia

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is preparing an Oregon trade mission to Asia to promote foreign investment in Oregon, Oregon goods, and tourism. Source: Trade Mission: Gov. Brown to visit Asia | News | currypilot.com