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Why California’s new rooftop mandate isn’t good enough for some solar power enthusiasts

Environmentalists and climate hawks are cheering, but many experts aren’t excited about the state making rooftop solar panels mandatory on most new homes beginning in 2020. More California rooftops will soon sport solar panels, partly due to a new state mandate requiring them for all new houses and low-rise residential buildings by 2020. This rule immediately […]
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Fun Friday: Do People Really Downsize?

The question, or the assumption that older households downsize as they age is one that I’ve really struggled with trying to answer. Obviously it makes theoretical sense. As one’s children grow up, you no longer need as much space, and the love/hate relationship with the yard may become more physically taxing. I hear comments along […]
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Portland Home Energy Score Mandate Encourages Homeowners To Meet City Climate Goals

Portland’s new home energy score mandate is nudging homeowners to make their houses more energy efficient to help the city meet its climate goals. Here’s what I learned when I got my own home scored. When I opened my front door to Enhabit Home Energy Score Adviser Peter Kernan, I was actually feeling fairly confident […]
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California’s solar mandate is sparking a new energy debate – Axios

Already expensive new home costs could go up as much as $12,000. Following up: California’s mandate that new single-family homes and small multi-family dwellings must come with solar panels starting in 2020 has touched off a dispute among climate advocates about whether it’s a good idea. Why it matters now: State and local policy is […]
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Warm Springs gets workforce housing pilot project

To rehab homes for Warm Springs Academy teachers. Gov. Kate Brown  announced Friday five housing pilot projects across the state as part of her Future Ready Oregon initiative, including one in Warm Springs. The Workforce Housing Initiative, led by the Governor’s Regional Solutions Cabinet, was designed to form partnerships between local communities, the business sector, and private developers […]
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Summit Brings City, Counties, States Together to Address Homelessness Through Supportive Housing

Sponsors of the summit included CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente and Portland Metro. This week, locally based health care and housing leaders, and city and county representatives met with organizations from Los Angeles to learn how other communities are creating and then leveraging coordination to end homelessness. Sponsors of the summit include CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente and Portland […]
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Can Developers and Service Providers Work Together on Housing for the Mentally Ill?

Oregon is under pressure to improve the way it delivers care for people with serious mental illness, a problem compounded by the West Coast housing crisis. source: Can Developers and service providers work together on housing for the mentally ill?

Rising Home Equity in Perspective

We all know that the combination of growing demand in the face of limited supply has pushed housing costs higher. One side of this coin means eroding affordability for renters, and for those looking to buy. Clearly this has happened and is a big problem, even as affordability is set to improve some in the coming years. […]
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Housing report documents woes, gains

The Portland City Council is scheduled to accept the annual assessment on Thursday. Average Black, Latino, Native American and single mother households cannot afford to live anywhere in Portland, according to the annual State of Housing report the City Council is scheduled to accept on Thursday. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Housing report documents woes, […]
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Building costs push new-home prices up

The U.S. housing market’s storyline for the last several years has been one of steady demand and limited supply, pushing prices ever higher. Now, a new chapter has opened up for the industry and its customers: soaring costs for building materials. Reports on Tuesday underscored both resilient purchase activity and accelerating home prices. Source: Building […]
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