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Oregon Housing Industry Plans A Summit

The most visible discussions of the housing shortage involve politicians and policy makers and advocates for homeless people. Now the housing industry is making sure it is involved in the discussions; an Oregon Housing Economic Summit is planned for January in Salem. Source: Oregon Housing Industry Plans A Summit | Jefferson Public Radio

Janet Stevens column: Permanent supportive housing plans are promising

Permanent supportive housing may not be the complete solution to chronic homelessness in Central Oregon, but it’s certainly likely to become a big part of the mix. Now, thanks to Central Oregon FUSE (Frequent Users System Engagement) it’s beginning to become a reality. The idea behind permanent supportive housing, one of two housing-first models, sounds […]
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California Looks to a Future beyond Single-Detached House Zoning

Last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that opens up every house lot in the state to two accessory dwellings. In other words, lawmakers effectively triplexed the nation’s most populous state. That bold move is part of a package of six new bills that establish the best statewide policy in the US for in-law […]
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‘We Buy Houses’ investors target seniors with below market offers

Debbie McGauley considered moving from the house she loved to be the at-home caregiver to her 80-year-old uncle. Its hallways were too narrow for an ambulance stretcher, which the bedridden man would surely need in the years to come. When a friendly investor offered to buy it for $95,000, she signed a form thinking that […]
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State announces winter shelter awards

Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) provided over $1.7 million to organizations across the state that provide shelter to those without homes. Source: State announces winter shelter awards | News | thenewsguard.com

Number of U.S. homes underwater continues to decline

Housing wealth in the West has doubled since early 2012, report says. A decade after the recession sparked by the collapse of the housing market, the fortunes of homeowners keep getting better in large swaths of America, but not all. Source: Number of U.S. homes underwater continues to decline; Housing wealth in the West has […]
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Proposed subdivision on former mine could set precedent

Neighbors, environmental advocates fear increased development along Deschutes River. Denser development along the Deschutes River could be the new norm if the Deschutes County Commission allows a subdivision to move forward on the site of a former mine in Terrebonne, opponents of the project fear. Source: Proposed subdivision on former mine could set precedent; Neighbors, […]
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Brusselback | Meddling with free market doesn’t really help anyone 

The multifamily and single-family housing markets are closely related. What’s good for one can be good for the other. In a normal free market housing cycle, jobs drive both markets. When new jobs come to town, it brings in more people, driving up rents. When rents get high enough the top renters move up to […]
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Sen. Gelser to Host Roundtables on Sweeping Zoning Bill, HB 2001

Senator Sara Gelser of District 8 will be hosting a pair of roundtable discussions on the impact of Oregon House Bill 2001. Gelser says that the meetings are “designed to facilitate dialogue between local officials and the state agency. I believe we are the first community in the state to initiate this process.” HB 2001 […]
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Editorial: Bend makes progress on housing

Too often the news is grim about housing in Bend. Homelessness. Lack of housing for people who make the city’s median income. Even options for renting can be limited. We’d like to be able to tell you we have great news. We don’t. We do have some good news. Bend is making progress. Source: Editorial: […]
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