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Legislature 2017: Lots of talk, little movement on real estate matters

Back at the beginning of the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session, there were big plans to end the state’s ban on rent control, kill no-cause evictions, limit tax on new construction and tweak some property tax measures. Source: Legislature 2017: Lots of talk, little movement on real estate matters – Portland Business Journal

Legislators Hash Out 15 Percent Rise in General Fund for DHS

Funding has been secured for Oregon Project Independence to allow seniors to stay in their homes, and for General Assistance, which helps disabled homeless people get housing. DHS will end its live-in caregiver program in October and the agency will also no longer allow private payers access to its registered home care workers. The Department […]
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How health care costs are linked to foreclosures

Sudden medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy, according to many studies. The Senate’s planned vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act this Thursday has turned this week into a frenzy of debate and deal-making among senators and Republican leaders. With the CBO score forthcoming—a review of the bill’s potential impact by the non-partisan […]
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Director’s Desk: With Legislature ignoring housing crisis, local progress is crucial — Opinion

Oregon lawmakers have never prioritized housing in a substantial way On the same day Multnomah County announced a 10 percent increase in people experiencing homelessness, Oregon announced cuts to emergency rent assistance. If that didn’t add enough insult to injury, the state also proposed a 6 percent cut to other general-fund expenditures from the current […]
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Oregon Household Formation and Housing Outlook

Household formation, or the number of new households each year, is a key economic indicator. It represents more people finding jobs, stepping out on their own and the like. It can also be thought of as a gauge of economic confidence or security. Most people do not trek out on their own — renting an […]
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My View: Expand land trusts to stem crisis

We need the whole new system of land tenure that the Community Land Trust offers. Land trusts take land off the private-commodity, speculative market and put it into public trust while still allowing for security, equity and legacy in one’s housing My first thoughts upon reading Mark Kirchmeier’s “Portlanders shut out of chance to own […]
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OnTrack board fixes units, says problems were a surprise

What was denounced as “deplorable housing” by state health officials five months ago has been transformed by OnTrack Inc. into almost-new apartments for drug offenders and their families undergoing rehabilitation. OnTrack hopes state officials in the next month will lift a restriction on allowing drug-addicted clients to move back into two crisis housing complexes in west Medford that have been remodeled […]
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St. Francis Park Apartments set to open after long, complex development process as City Council considers other options Source: Oregon Local News – AFFORDABLE HOUSING COMES TO FRUITION

My View: Housing bill promotes family stability

As the executive director of Human Solutions, a nonprofit agency that delivers solutions to the housing crisis, I write in support for House Bill 2004. Source: Oregon Local News – My View: Housing bill promotes family stability

Oregon House passes renter protection bill, Senate considers it

A bill passed through the Oregon House of Representatives that is set to expand renters’ rights and provide protections against no-cause evictions. HB 2004 passed in the House with a vote of 33 to 25 on April 4, and there was a public hearing held Wednesday, May 3, in the Senate Human Services Committee Source: […]
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