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Tensions rising as Oregon Legislature passes halfway mark

Oregon’s 2017 Legislative session hit its halfway mark last week, as hundreds of bills died for lack of committee action. That, in itself, isn’t unusual. It’s part of the regular winnowing process of legislation. Source: Tensions rising as Oregon Legislature passes halfway mark

Oregon Local News – Smart Money: rents are stabilizing

There’s good news for renters, but Portland is still a landlord’s market. After four years of skyrocketing apartment rent rates and a shocking lack of available rental housing in the Portland metro area, renters may get a bit of a break this year, industry experts say. Source: Oregon Local News – Smart Money: rents are […]
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Causes of the Great Housing Shortage

The housing recovery is still incomplete. Even in the nation’s fast-growing metro areas, new construction is not keeping pace with demand. The lack of supply has created a housing shortage and is well known at this point. What is less discussed are the reasons why we have under-built housing. Given high rents and home prices, […]
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Hundreds turn out to talk about Bend’s “middle” housing

Housing for a growing Bend will need more multifamily buildings Designing duplexes and triplexes that look like single-family homes could be the key to boosting housing for Bend’s middle class. On Monday, hundreds of Bend residents headed to the Tower Theatre in downtown Bend to hear a national expert weigh in on solutions to Bend’s […]
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Editorial: Astoria moves in right direction on housing

Accessory dwelling units could improve options, if marginally An acute shortage of low and moderate-income housing, including a rental vacancy rate perhaps close to zero, is continuing to complicate private lives and the overall economy in communities around the mouth of the Columbia River. Source: Editorial: Astoria moves in right direction on housing – Editorials […]
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Astoria OKs extra dwelling options

Councilor Price voted against the code change The Astoria City Council backed an ordinance Monday night allowing property owners to create and rent out accessory dwelling units, a move meant to ease the housing crunch. Under the development code change, owners of single-family homes can remodel interior spaces, such as basements and attics, or build […]
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Not Enough Housing Being Built in Oregon Post-Recession, Say State Economists

Oregon Office of Economic Analysis offers a gloomy outlook for renters. Across the state, the construction industry isn’t building housing in the numbers seen during previous booms, according to numbers crunched by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis. Housing construction isn’t keeping pace with population growth either. That’s bad news for tenants in the state that has […]
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Farmworker housing operations tax credit bill moving through Legislature

Senate Bill 1, which is supported by a coalition of agriculture and housing groups, has moved out of the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue. A proposed tax credit to compensate farmers for half the operational costs of providing worker housing has made some headway in the Oregon Legislature. Source: Oregon Local News – Farmworker […]
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Owning home getting harder for minorities

Wealth gap growth in the Portland region as affordable homes within the urban growth boundary disappear. Rent increases are taking a well-recognized toll on Portland’s minority communities, pushing them out of their traditional neighborhoods to the edges of the region. Increasing home prices also are disproportionately hurting minorities by further reducing their chances to build […]
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In red-hot Portland, housing costs soar and income gap grows. Sound familiar?

One of the nation’s hottest urban economies, Portland is struggling to stay “weird” as it becomes a hub for startups. But that powerful growth is contributing to an uneven recovery from the Great Recession. Jordan Snider made the move here from Los Angeles in 2013 to join his girlfriend. Source: In red-hot Portland, housing costs […]
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