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Fed Says Student Debt Has Hurt the U.S. Housing Market

State employees can access this Wall Street Journal story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access.  library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. The Federal Reserve has linked rising student debt to a drop in homeownership among young Americans and the flight of college graduates from rural areas, two big shifts that have […]
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Gov. Brown focuses on health care, environment and housing

State of the state address was Monday in Salem. Oregon needs to shore up health care, the environment, the education system and housing, Gov. Kate Brown said during her State of the State address Monday. Source: Gov. Brown focuses on health care, environment and housing; State of the state address was Monday in Salem

As Wildfire Risk Increases, Home Insurance Is Harder to Find

More wildfire, particularly in Western states, has led insurers to raise their standards. A few months after Chris Cook and his family moved from California into a four-bedroom house nestled among ponderosa pines in the foothills here, they got a letter saying their home insurance policy had been canceled. The insurer, Allstate, had concluded — […]
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2019: Dwellings on the negative

The list of obstacles contributing to a housing crunch in Southern Oregon — and most parts of the country — won’t magically disappear in 2019. It might even be worse with interest rates rising. There’s no escaping it, even with new single-family residences on the market, more home sellers, and new multifamily projects opening in […]
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How Houses Themselves Become Fuel For Wildfires

Wildfires destroyed thousands of homes across California this year. Fire scientists are discovering that most homes burn down from blowing embers, sometimes long after the the fire has passed. When firefighter and Malibu town councilman Rick Mullen got the call last month for the Woolsey Fire, he set in motion a plan his family had […]
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If Oregon Bans Single-Family Zoning, It Will Change How Portlanders Live

Portland has among the nation’s highest percentage of housing that are single-family homes. Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) wants to remodel some neighborhoods. On Dec. 14, WW first reported Kotek is drafting a proposal that would require cities with populations larger than 10,000 to allow up to four homes to be built on land […]
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How to avoid living a meth-contaminated home

NBC5 News is continuing to follow the predicament of Lori Biando, a Shady Cove homeowner who’s living a nightmare after discovering meth residue levels in her home that were way above Oregon Health Authority standards. Thursday, we learned Biando’s situation as shocking as it is… isn’t that uncommon, according to experts. “We are going on […]
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Editorial: A potential game changer for housing

A proposal from House Speaker Tina Kotek to relax single-family housing zoning and allow duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes is a smart, pragmatic approach to the intractable housing crisis. If only national media would stop writing about how great Oregon is. If only Californians would quit moving here. If only developers would stop demolishing older homes […]
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No record of meth-contaminated Shady Cove home in state database

“This is one of the few cases that really, truly saddened me… because here are these really nice people who have purchased this home in good faith,” said John Neilson, owner of Neilson Research Corporation. “And now they’re stuck with this property that’s highly contaminated with methamphetamine.” Lori Biando is living in a meth house. […]
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Growing rent burden concerns tenants and landlords alike

Solving a multifaceted economic issue disguised as a single problem left little time for tenants and landlords to reach consensus. At a community discussion about rent burden Tuesday at the Medford library, locals shared with city of Medford staff a variety of ways to address a growing shortage of rental properties from the sides of […]
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