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Eastern Oregon development bills make headway

Two bills easing homebuilding and industrial development outside urban growth boundaries in parts of Eastern Oregon recently won approval in the House. Ten counties in Eastern Oregon could each slate up to 10 sites totaling 50 acres for “industrial and other employment uses” outside UGBs under Senate Bill 2, which passed the House 53-5 on […]
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Portland Drafts Ordinance To Crackdown On Airbnb

Portland’s mayor is planning to introduce an ordinance that would force online short-term rental companies like Airbnb to take down unpermitted rentals. The proposed crackdown in Portland follows a federal court ruling in March that dealt a legal blow to Airbnb’s long-held position that it is not responsible for policing unpermitted listings on its site. Source: Portland Drafts Ordinance To Crackdown […]
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Farmland loss is dire, but there are solutions

Southern Oregonians need to know that farmland in our region is being rapidly lost to non-agricultural uses — but that there are solutions. Once land is converted away from agricultural use, it rarely returns, so the best path forward is to provide voluntary tools that help farmers and ranchers keep their working landscapes working. We […]
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House OK’s rezoning of farmland for housing use

 The last of state Rep. Lynn Findley’s Border Board bills in the Oregon Legislature is now moving out of the House over to the Senate, where it will be introduced on Monday. House Bill 2456 again carried on the House floor by Findley, R-Vale, if finally approved in the Senate will allow up to 200 […]
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Represented: Rethinking Single-Family Zoning In Oregon

Rethinking Single-Family Zoning In Oregon. We hear from a developer, a realtor, an academic and two elected officials on Oregon’s bill to allow middle housing in single-family neighborhoods. A proposal in the Oregon Legislature could affect what the state’s neighborhoods look like for decades to come. House Bill 2001 would increase density in single-family neighborhoods in […]
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Housing challenges front and center at Pendleton conference

Less than two years ago, the city of Pendleton hosted a housing conference to connect potential home builders with available land in Pendleton. On Monday, the city held another conference to target the other part of the equation: homebuyers. The city brought together real estate agencies, housing assistance organizations, and 74 prospective homebuyers and renters […]
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News Roundtable | Multifamily Housing | School Budgets – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Developers say building multifamily apartments in Portland just isn’t penciling out. And that means there may be fewer units built in the next few years, despite the housing crunch. Chuck Slothower, a reporter for the Daily Journal of Commerce tells us how inclusionary zoning, rent control, and construction costs are affecting developers. Schools across Oregon are […]
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California building rules may protect homes from wildfires

The sky was turning orange and the embers were flying from the Camp Fire when Oney and Donna Carrell and Donna’s father sped away from their Paradise home. “I thought, ‘Oh, well, the house is done,’” Oney Carrell said. A few days later, they learned otherwise. Source: California building rules may protect homes from wildfires […]
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Editorial: Every new house helps

Solving Oregon’s housing problems will take local and statewide efforts. Senate Bill 88 should be seen as a small but valuable part of that effort. Source: Editorial: Every new house helps

Our View: An idea that needs to disappear

When lawmakers are elected and go to Salem, they take with them the hopes and dreams of their home communities. They learn how Oregon is governed and how best they can assist in making it an even better place. One skill should be the ability to determine when a consistent statewide policy is appropriate and […]
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