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Oregon Senate schedules hearing on bill to allow cannabis lounges, marijuana farm tours

A state Senate committee will hold a hearing at the end of the month on legislation that would allow cannabis lounges where marijuana could legally be consumed. Source: Oregon Senate schedules hearing on bill to allow cannabis lounges, marijuana farm tours

Oregon set to become first state with mandatory rent controls to address skyrocketing housing costs

Oregon could be the first state to impose mandatory rent control laws as it faces rising housing costs. The bill is headed to the state House floor after it was approved by the House Committee On Human Services and Housing on Wednesday, according to The Oregonian. Source: Oregon set to become first state with mandatory rent […]
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Proposed bill would put condoms in Oregon high schools

Two bills are making their way through the Oregon legislature in an effort to make condoms and feminine hygiene products more available to students. Source: Proposed bill would put condoms in Oregon high schools – KOBI-TV NBC5 / KOTI-TV NBC2

Bill would require Holocaust education in Oregon schools

A proposed bill would require Oregon school districts to teach students about the Holocaust and other acts of genocide. Source: Bill would require Holocaust education in Oregon schools

Gov. Kate Brown supports school safety bill

Governor Kate Brown joined students and members of the Oregon Task Force on School Safety in support of Senate Bill 584, the Oregon Safe to Learn Act, said a press release from Brown’s office. “Oregon has not been untouched by violence in schools, and I don’t want any other parents to lose their children to […]
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Politics, Policy and Legal Pot

Almost four years since dispensaries across Oregon threw open their doors for the first time in the summer of 2015, the legal marijuana industry has brought in over $80 million in tax revenue for the state. It’s also spurred on  conversations about how to better incorporate legal pot into the state economy, including ideas about […]
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Oregonians Seek Transparency on Vaccines

Amid a measles outbreak in the Northwest that has stoked the flames of a national debate over vaccinations, Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would alter the state’s immunization process. Dozens of Oregonians showed up at the Senate’s health care committee Monday to voice their support for Senate Bill 649, which would require that […]
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Editorial: Restrained rent control bill offers a temporary salve

With a Democratic supermajority in the Oregon Legislature and the backing of legislative leaders, passage of Senate Bill 608 has seemed a political inevitability from the start of the session. The bill, which would limit annual rent increases to 7 percent plus inflation and restrict landlords’ ability to issue “no-cause evictions” already passed the Senate […]
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On-farm brewery bill hits snag over hop acreage

Breweries would enjoy agritourism privileges similar to those of wineries and cideries on Oregon farmland under legislation that’s hit a snag over on-site hop acreage. Lawmakers allowed wineries in Oregon to conduct certain commercial activities and special events in “exclusive farm use” zones in 2013, then extended similar rights to cideries in 2017. Source: On-farm […]
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An Oregon lawmaker wanted to stop ‘fishing expeditions’ for public records. Here’s what she meant.

When recently retired Rep. Deborah Boone began pushing a bill in January to prevent news media “fishing expeditions” for public records, people wondered what she meant. An example of the types of requests Boone says have bothered her: one that yielded 1,800 pages of her own correspondence, released to The Oregonian/OregonLive days before the bill’s […]
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