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Editorial: Brown’s irresponsible goal of a hurry-up carbon tax

Gov. Kate Brown said earlier this summer that she wants to use the short 2018 legislative session to pass a carbon tax for Oregon. Trying to impose a momentous change on the state in barely over a month — on top of all the other bills that the Legislature will be considering — invites a monumental policy […]
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When the neediest students get the fewest school hours (Column)

By the end of the third grade, Lana McMichael’s son was receiving just five hours a week of in-home tutoring as his public education. Source: When the neediest students get the fewest school hours (Column) | OregonLive.com

New law makes it way too easy to take guns away from people without cause | Guest Commentary

Our system of government is both unique and powerful with “We The People” being in charge. This is a captivating concept where the people in the United States of America consent to be governed. To bring this concept to the state level, when we dislike the way we are being governed — with unfair laws— […]
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State Sunshine Laws Promise More Transparency

Despite these reforms, specific transparency efforts in healthcare have had more mixed results. Ordinarily, a person’s medical records ought to be off limits to the public. On that, everyone agrees: The journalist who requested them, the state agencies who fought to keep them confidential, and the Oregon deputy attorney general (AG) who ordered the most […]
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County Pervention: ‘Tobacco 21’ welcome, but more steps needed to protect children — Opinion

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed a new law that raises the required minimum age to legally buy or obtain tobacco products from 18 to 21. This event caps a year-long celebration of 20 years of tobacco prevention successes in the state. Brown signed SB 754, known as Tobacco 21, making Oregon one of five […]
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Resetting the Public Policy Table

What happens when philanthropy takes a seat at the education reform table? Thirteen years ago, Oregon philanthropy decided to find out.  For more than a decade now, an extraordinary conversation has been taking place in Oregon’s schools and halls of government. It’s a conversation about how policy and proven practices might be enlisted to transform […]
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Bill strikes a balance to keep Elliott public and fund schools | Guest Editorial |

Many of us learn important foundational lessons in our youth that influence our thinking and behavior throughout our entire lives. Two lessons I learned at an early age, which have played important roles in my life, are the value of education for personal growth and as a key to social and economic success and the […]
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Gun law should go to voters — Opinion

It looks as though one of the more troubling new laws that resulted from this year’s Oregon Legislature could be overturned, by the voters, as soon as the November 2018 election. We hope that’s what happens. Source: Gun law should go to voters;

Since You Asked: Disabled vets, active military to get free camping in state forests under new law

Q: I heard a rumor about a new law that disabled veterans can get free state parks camping starting next year. Is this true? A: Just like all good rumors, there’s a nugget of truth in there, and we think we found it for you, B.C.  Gov. Kate Brown recently signed a new law that […]
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Editorial: Keep election process open

Rigging an election isn’t just about stuffing vote-by-mail envelopes or casting ballots for the dead. Democrats have a plan to rig the likely January health care tax election by stuffing the information voters get about the tax. That’s why it’s more important than ever that every meeting of the Democrat-controlled committee that will be writing […]
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