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Senate Approves Keny-Guyer’s Bills Closing Mental Health Gaps

The two bills require funding for a behavioral health assessment and direct hospital emergency rooms to give behavioral health patients and their supporters instructions on how to treat their condition and follow-up with outpatient treatment upon discharge. Source: Senate Approves Keny-Guyer’s Bills Closing Mental Health Gaps | The Lund Report

Roadkill bill advances to House floor

Roadkill cuisine is one vote and one signature away from a grill near you. A bill that would allow Oregonians to salvage road-killed deer and elk cleared an important hurdle Tuesday in Salem. Senate Bill 372 passed unanimously out of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and will head to the full House for […]
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Oregon lawmakers shouldn’t allow nuclear power until there’s a safe solution for its waste | Guest opinion

In 1980, Oregon’s voters approved a moratorium on the financing and construction of nuclear power plants in Oregon until two conditions are met: First, that a permanent repository for extremely dangerous and long-lived high-level nuclear waste is established by the federal government and is licensed to operate and accept the waste from a proposed plant. […]
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House approves tighter tracking for medical marijuana

The legislation, already passed by the Senate, follows concerns about a federal crackdown. The Oregon House of Representatives on Monday, May 22, passed a bill 51-to-7 that requires medical marijuana to undergo the same tight-looped tracking as the recreational product. Source: Oregon Local News – House approves tighter tracking for medical marijuana

Since You Asked: Roadkill salvage bill rolling through Oregon Legislature

Q: I understand that the Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would let Oregonians keep road-killed animals to eat. I know they’ve talked about this many times in the past and nothing’s ever come from it. Is this one, ahem, dead in the water as well? We at Since You Asked Central appreciate a […]
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Oregon Equal Pay Bill Likely To Become Law Next Week

Oregon lawmakers have signed off on a measure to ensure women will be paid the same as men. The Oregon House approved the bill Monday. Source: Oregon Equal Pay Bill Likely To Become Law Next Week . News | OPB

Two new senate bills proposed to increase graduation

Oregon Chief Education Office officials visited Coos Bay on Monday Oregon is third from the bottom when it comes to high school graduation. In an effort to combat the alarming statistics, officials from the state Chief Education Office visited with school administrators on Monday at the Coos History Museum to talk about two new senate […]
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Guest Opinion: What does Senate Bill 1057 really do? 

Senate Bill 1057 passed in the Oregon Senate last week. This bill was lauded as a fix and correction for the Oregon Medical Marijuana program to bring it in line after Oregonians narrowly passed Measure 91 in 2014. Southern Oregonians opposed Measure 91 with two of the three counties voting against it and in Josephine […]
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Anti-dredging bill heads toward Oregon House vote

A state legislator hopes the Oregon House will pass a permanent ban on suction dredging in Western Oregon’s wild salmon habitat that was championed by the late Democratic Sen. Alan Bates. A “log jam” of bills sent to the House floor caused a vote on Senate Bill 3 to be bumped five straight times, and […]
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How many veterans have to die before Oregon will act? | Guest opinion

Last month the war back home ended for Staff Sgt. Michael Mantenuto when he was found in his car at Washington’s Saltwater State Park with a gunshot wound to the head. Since 2010, Mantenuto had served with distinction as a Green Beret with a combat tour in Afghanistan. His unit has seen a staggering number […]
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