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Oregon Should Reinstate Its Tax Haven Law

Oregon’s conformity to changes made by the 2017 federal tax law would have resulted in a one-time loss of corporate income tax revenue. Oregon’s conformity to changes made by the 2017 federal tax law would have resulted in a one-time loss of corporate income tax revenue. Senate Bill 1529, which Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed […]
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Oregon toxic air rules taking final shape

Senate Bill 1541 raised thresholds, but risk assessments of facilities will still need to be conducted. Although Oregon is on its way to finally establishing a set of toxic air rules, the final result won’t look quite like what many people had originally expected. Prior to the Oregon Legislature’s session earlier this year, the Department […]
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Pass-through tax bill could be test case

State Sen. Brian Boquist, vice chairman of theSenate Finance and Revenue Committee, says he will challenge legislation that could clarify definition of revenue-raising measure. Now that Gov. Kate Brown has announced she plans to sign a bill that tempers state losses from last year’s federal tax cut championed by Republicans, the constitutionality of the new […]
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Our Opinion: Track ADU law for effectiveness

ADUs offer a desirable alternative to traditional forms of rental housing. The region has numerous inner-city high-rises and large suburban apartment complexes, but some renters may prefer the atmosphere found in a single-family neighborhood. A little-noticed law approved by the Legislature last year has the potential to alter the character of most suburban neighborhoods in […]
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New Law Could Pave Path for More ADU’S

Many suburbs have barriers to new construction that planners say are akin to ‘poison pills’ Building extra dwelling units in Portlanders’ attics, basements, garages and backyards is in vogue these days, with about 600 a year getting approved plus untold more flying under the radar without city permits. Source: Pamplin Media Group – NEW LAW […]
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Mayor Wheeler, Others Endorse PGE Clean Energy Program Bid

Six mayors in cities serviced by Portland General Electric have all signed on in favor of PGE’s Green Tariff program application. Source: Mayor Wheeler, Others Endorse PGE Clean Energy Program Bid

An answer to housing crisis in our backyard | Opinion |

Last year the Oregon Legislature approved Senate Bill 1051, allowing all owners of single-family homes the right to create a secondary dwelling unit, or SDU, on their property. With so much land in our cities dedicated to single-family housing, the Legislature recognized that SDUs are critical to curtail Oregon’s growing housing crisis, and that state […]
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Our view: Special session about politics, not policy

Gov. Kate Brown is trying to have it both ways. She’s taking a tax break from Oregon businesses and she’s calling a special legislative session to give businesses a tax break. If that sounds like election-year posturing by a governor who is seeking re-election, well, it is. Source: Our view: Special session about politics, not […]
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Editorial: Brown tries to thread tax needle

Gov. Kate Brown’s decision to sign a controversial tax bill while asking the Legislature to extend a tax break to the state’s smallest businesses is a bit of a political gamble. It also highlights a couple of facts about the governor that you may or may not be tracking: First, she’s running for re-election. Second, […]
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Kate Brown calls for special session to extend business tax break

Gov. Kate Brown is calling for Oregon’s lawmakers to return to Salem in June for a special session, to extend an existing state business tax break to some of the state’s smallest businesses: sole proprietorships. “I want Oregon to be a state that is friendly to our small businesses,” Brown told reporters on Friday. “These […]
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