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Could a volcanic eruption like the one that rocked New Zealand come to the Cascades? Not likely, experts say 

Could a volcanic eruption like the one that rocked New Zealand come to the Cascades? A volcanic eruption on an island off the coast of New Zealand spewed steam and ash thousands of feet into the air Monday, leaving at least five people dead as tourists were touring the remote and desolate landscape. Source: Could a volcanic […]
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Editorial: The state’s bag ban is annoying, but needed

We have mixed feelings about Oregon’s new plastic bag ban, but ultimately we support the law, which is set to take effect in January. That’s right, residents of Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home and other communities: If you live anywhere in Oregon, “single-use” plastic bags won’t be an option offered at checkout when you go to […]
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Your View: Rulings reaffirm need to manage O&C forests

The Mail Tribune’s Dec. 6 editorial focused on the recent court decision invalidating President Barack Obama’s expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument during his final hours in office. Just as impactful was Judge Richard Leon’s second decision invalidating the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 2016 Western Oregon Resource Management Plans (RMPs), also adopted late in […]
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Dams | REBROADCAST: News Inside | Deschutes Library – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Some environmentalists argue that hydroelectric dams are a great source of carbon-free energy in a time of climate crisis. Meanwhile, some Northwest tribes are calling for dams to be taken down to help endangered salmon populations survive. We hear from Kurt Russo, a senior policy analyst with the Lummi Nation and Kurt Miller, the executive […]
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Editorial: Needed progress made on surprise medical billing reform

If you can get past most of the contentious debates about health care, you can find reforms that Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Surprise medical billing is one. Congress has made important bipartisan — yes bipartisan in the middle of the impeachment proceedings — progress on how to reform it. It’s one of the […]
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Oregon’s unlogged forests are nature’s climate solution

Every fall, raging hurricanes and urban-wildfires remind us of the inconvenient truth: the climate is getting increasingly weird and dangerous. Scientists have made it clear that if we hope to avoid escalating climate disruptions, we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground while simultaneously drawing down carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere primarily from […]
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Appeals court throws out stalking order Chief Danielle Outlaw obtained against Portland cop watcher

The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday threw out the stalking order that Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw obtained two years ago against Oregon cop watcher Eli Richey, finding insufficient evidence of repeated unwanted contact or violent threats. Source: Appeals court throws out stalking order Chief Danielle Outlaw obtained against Portland cop watcher –

Oregon State Parks offer free guided hikes and park access to celebrate New Year’s Day

Four state parks in Eastern Oregon are encouraging people to spend their New Year’s Day in the great outdoors by hosting events in conjunction with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s First Day Hikes. In its ninth year, park rangers will lead 37 First Day Hikes at 31 parks statewide. Source: Oregon State Parks offer free […]
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Boomers have outgrown real Christmas trees

A trade group representing Christmas tree growers is making headlines this month by noting that tree production is down in 2019. The proximate cause of the slump, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, traces back to the Great Recession, when farmers cut back on plantings amid sluggish sales. But the industry as a whole […]
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Winter ‘not scary’ for NW farmers, weatherman says

The Pacific Northwest will see slightly above normal temperatures and normal precipitation throughout the winter, a well-known weatherman predicts. Art Douglas, a professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., is best known for his presentations at the Spokane Ag Show every winter. Source: Winter ‘not scary’ for NW farmers, weatherman says […]
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