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Bend: 90K people and counting

Census Bureau ranks Bend among nation’s fastest growing cities Bend’s population appears to have reached a new milestone of more than 90,000 people last year, according to an estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau. Census data released Thursday shows Bend ranked sixth among the nation’s fastest-growing cities — with populations of 50,000 or more — […]
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Editorial: Gross receipts tax proposal gets worse

The Oregon Legislature must, by law, come up with a balanced budget by July 10. That’s a problem. The state expects to pay out about $1.4 billion more in the coming two years than it will have in revenues coming in. The solution? If you’re a legislative Democrat, that’s obvious: Raise taxes, but do so […]
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Lower PERS return rates? Board to tackle politically fraught issue

Board members of Oregon’s public pension system will begin a politically fraught discussion Friday about whether to lower the key economic assumption used in valuing the pension system’s liabilities. If they do, it could lead to another jump in the system’s deficit, which currently stands at $22 billion. In turn, that would require a significant, […]
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Our View: Beware unintended consequences – Opinion

The 73 million Americans who voted for someone other than Donald Trump for president — outnumbering Trump voters by more than 10 million — might understandably support the national movement to sidestep the Electoral College and award the top job in future elections to the winner of the popular vote. Oregon is on its way […]
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Out of the Shadows

There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. As debate rages over Trump’s policies to increase deportations of those with criminal histories, three local residents worry all immigrants are being vilified. Here they share their stories with Mail Tribune readers about coming to America illegally and making new lives for themselves […]
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High water curtails Union Creek trout stocking

High water in the far upper Rogue River above Lost Creek Lake have curtailed rainbow trout-stocking plans in the Union Creek area, but seven sites did get trout this week in time for Memorial Day weekend. Source: High water curtails Union Creek trout stocking – Entertainment & Life – – Medford, OR

Trout test in the Holy Water

Trout No. 1748 is sporting some bling and working for Da Man to help settle the question of whether the Rogue River’s Holy Water lives up to its name or is simply a pit-stop in purgatory before trout get flushed downriver. This 16-inch trout with an orange, numbered, spaghetti-like tag attached to its dorsal fin […]
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Western tribes bash proposed Trump budget cuts

Dozens of Native American tribes in six Western states expressed outrage Thursday at President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to American Indian programs, saying they would erase significant progress on child welfare and climate change and gut social services and education on reservations across the U.S. Members from tribes in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Idaho and […]
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Oregon Water Coalition addresses shrinking supply at annual meeting

The reborn Oregon Water Coalition held its annual membership meeting Thursday morning at the Hermiston Conference Center, with presentations focused on water projects, laws and regulations that may impact local irrigators in the coming years. Most questions were saved to the end, when Justin Iverson with the Oregon Water Resources Department discussed new rules for […]
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Farmers know the benefits of trade — Guest Opinion

This realignment will help me, as agriculture secretary, to be an unapologetic advocate for American products. My message for farmers is simple: “You grow it and we’ll sell it.” Since I was a boy — born into a farming family in Bonaire, Ga. — I’ve had agriculture running through my veins. The goal of any […]
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