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State: Sisters airport misused nearly $400,000 in grants

ODOT demanding airport repay money by April 6 Sisters Eagle Airport must repay close to $400,000 in grant money that the Oregon Department of Transportation says the airport misused. Benny Benson, owner of Sisters Eagle Airport, misused some of the money he received in transportation grant funds for runway and airport improvements, according to a […]
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Senate passes bill to raise smoking age to 21

The bill by Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Beaverton, now heads to the House of Representatives, where it has bipartisan support. The Oregon Senate has passed a bill to raise the smoking age to 21. If the House concurs, Oregon would become the third state in the nation to prohibit the sale of tobacco to people […]
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Despite Trump, pot industry expected to grow

America’s cannabis industry will continue growing at double-digit rates over the next four years — even with ambiguity emanating from the White House — as the drug gains in popularity, according to a leading marijuana-research firm. Legalized pot in North America will continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 27 percent through 2021, […]
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Legislative update: Bill limiting antibiotics for farm animals creates rural-urban divide 

An Oregon Senate committee last week heard arguments about a bill that would limit antibiotic use in farm animals. Source: Legislative update: Bill limiting antibiotics for farm animals creates rural-urban divide | Oregon Politics |

EPA mission is faithful execution of law, not perpetual mission creep

When asked to comment on President Trump’s choice of former Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Obama administration EPA head Gina McCarthy told the New York Times: “It’s fine to have differing opinions on how to meet the mission of the agency. Many Republican administrators have had that. But here, […]
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If phone boxes save 1 life they’ll be worth it, officials say

When The World newspaper posted a story announcing funding for a pair of emergency suicide-prevention phone booths on the McCullough Bridge, some Facebook commenters expressed surprise or even skepticism that such an expense was necessary. Some even complained that the phones, and accompanying signage, would be an eyesore on the historic landmark. Source: If phone […]
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(If) a pipeline runs through it

Wind whips through Larry Mangan’s tuft of white hair as he angles his all-terrain vehicle down the dirt road of his ranch near the edge of Haynes Inlet. The scents of saltwater, mud, blooming wildflowers and the nearby grazing cattle blend together, creating an aroma that hints at the Spring to come. “That’s where we […]
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Braves, warriors, chieftains: Oregon takes on tribal mascots

This fall, the football team in the tiny Oregon logging town of Banks will once again take the field as the Braves. But this time, they have the approval of the tribe that originally inhabited the area. It’s one of many changes in the works this spring across Oregon prompted by the nation’s long-running uproar […]
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 Oregon lawmakers consider banning livestock discrimination

Legislator says species-specific restrictions seem to run against Oregon’s ‘right to farm’ laws. An incident of prejudice against pigs near the state capital has Oregon lawmakers contemplating a broader prohibition against livestock discrimination. A landowner in West Salem is facing a prohibition against raising pigs on properties smaller than 10 acres due to a species-specific […]
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Our View: Bill would help snuff out teen smoking

The Oregon Senate’s vote to raise the legal tobacco age to 21 probably won’t do much about 18- to 20-year-olds who are already smokers, but it will make it harder for teenagers to start. Senate Bill 754 passed 19-8 on Thursday. Source: Our View: Bill would help snuff out teen smoking – Opinion – […]
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