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Our view: Will ‘new’ NAFTA be better for ag?

Some Trump critics say the administration, despite the president’s bluster, is striking a more conciliatory tone in order to close the deal and claim victory. Donald Trump says the United States is close to reaching a deal with Canada and Mexico on changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, but there’s no word yet […]
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Oregon agriculture leader Phillip Walker dies at 64

For nearly 30 years, Phillip Walker served on the board of Oregon State University’s Agricultural Research Foundation, including serving as president. Phillip Walker, a Salem tree fruit and nut grower who held leadership positions in the agricultural industry for many years, died of cancer April 6. He was 64. Walker served on the Oregon Hazelnut […]
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Guest column: Deschutes should not be damaged for personal profit

Most Central Oregon residents are aware that the Deschutes River is severely compromised. However, the public is not getting all the information needed to make intelligent choices about the Deschutes River. Source: Guest column: Deschutes should not be damaged for personal profit;

A Grass-Roots Movement For Healthy Soil Spreads Among Farmers

America’s farmers are digging soil like never before. A movement for “regenerative agriculture” is dedicated to building healthier soil and could even lead to a new eco-label on food. In American farm country, a grass-roots movement is spreading, a movement to keep more roots in the soil. (Not just grass roots, of course; roots of […]
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Profit outlook mixed for Northwest agriculture

Most agricultural commodities in the Northwest are expected to show varying degrees of black ink in 2018, but milk producers can expect their share of negative margins. Most agricultural sectors in the Northwest will be slightly profitable in 2018, and some will be very profitable, but many will face challenges of one type or another, […]
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Mid-valley producers await trade tariff info

It’s too early to tell how a potential tariff war between the United States and China would affect mid-valley farmers and agribusinesses, but many Linn and Benton county residents are paying close attention. Source: Mid-valley producers await trade tariff info | News | democratherald.com

Editorial: Just say yes to hemp

Hemp, a cousin of marijuana, has a long and honorable career as an agricultural crop in the United States. U.S. Sens. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., hope to restore it to its former glory. The move makes sense. Wyden is co-sponsoring a bill with McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that will, if […]
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Walden tours agricultural research center in Hermiston

Rep. Greg Walden got a tour of the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center on Wednesday. After the 2018 federal spending bill secured more than $3 billion in funding for agricultural research, Rep. Greg Walden got to see some of that work firsthand Wednesday at the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center. Walden got a […]
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U.S. hop stocks climb 21 percent

The inventory of U.S. hops in storage continues to increase for the third March in a row, still showing more supply than demand. U.S. hop stocks totaled 169 million pounds on March 1, up 21 percent from a year earlier and marking the third March in a row that it has increased. “This was certainly […]
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Our view: National Ag Day reminds us of impact of farmers

Each American farmer feeds more than 144 people — a dramatic increase from 25 people in the 1960s. Quite simply, American agriculture is doing more and doing it better. As the world population soars, there is an even greater demand for the food and fiber produced in this country. Source: Our view: National Ag Day […]
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