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New variety of zebra chip disease threatens potato production in southwestern Oregon

Named after the dark stripes that form inside potatoes after they are cut and fried, zebra chip disease is a potentially devastating affliction that can result in yield losses up to 100% for farmers. Source: New variety of zebra chip disease threatens potato production in southwestern Oregon

Number of small farms is growing in Oregon

The 2017 Census of Agriculture is out and the number of acres of farmland in Oregon had declined from the census done in 2012, but the number of small farms is up, said Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Alexis Taylor. The ag census is done every five years, and this time Oregon was sixth in […]
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Census shows labor need, ag leader says

The leader of an agricultural employer association says the new ag census shows an ag worker shortage. He’s optimistic an ag labor bill could pass this year. The recently released 2017 Census of Agriculture underscores the importance of quickly resolving the shortage of U.S. agricultural workers, says Michael Marsh, president and CEO of the National […]
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Editorial: 2017 Census holds good and troubling figures

We can’t wait to dig into the data released last week with the 2017 Census of Agriculture. The census is conducted by the USDA every five years and measures all things agriculture — how many farmers and farms, what they grow, production practices, income and expenditures, demographics and much, much more. Source: Editorial: 2017 Census […]
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Commentary: For many down on the farm, the wolf is at the door

We hate to sound like the little boy who cried wolf, but for U.S. farmers there really is a wolf out there and that wolf is called low prices. While the pain is not evenly spread across the nation and across farm types, for those involved it is serious. To get a picture of what […]
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Newly released 2017 Census of Agriculture says, Oregon ranks fourth in the nation for female farm producers and Marion County is first in ag value

Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agriculture Statistics Service’s (USDA NASS) released the final 2017 Census of Agriculture results. The Census of Agriculture is conducted once every five years and provides uniform, comprehensive and impartial agriculture data for every county in the nation. Source: Newly released 2017 Census of Agriculture says, Oregon ranks fourth […]
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Ag census shows drop in farms, acres and income

U.S. agriculture gained farmers in 2017, but lost farms, acres and income compared to five years earlier, according to the Census of Agriculture released today. The average farmer got a little older, and fewer farms were owned by families or partners. Most lost money. Source: Ag census shows drop in farms, acres and income | […]
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Hemp gains ground among farmers

Seed purity, crop drying paramount. Farmer Greg Willison and his son grew hemp for the first time last year near Coos Bay, Ore., and made money despite the many risks of raising a new crop. “People need to keep in mind this is something you want to approach on small acreage, maybe 5 to 10,” […]
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Intermodal proponents must disclose negotiation status

Rival proponents of an intermodal facility in Oregon’s Willamette Valley must divulge the status of key business negotiations to qualify for a $25 million government grant. Source: Intermodal proponents must disclose negotiation status | Oregon | capitalpress.com

Deschutes County is Oregon’s third-largest hemp growing county

Industrial hemp projected to be $1 billion commodity in Oregon. Oregon’s industrial hemp crop is poised to grow past $1 billion as products containing CBD, cannabidiol, become more commonplace and since the 2018 farm bill removed industrial hemp from the controlled substance list. Source: Deschutes County is Oregon’s third-largest hemp growing county; Industrial hemp projected […]
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