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Winter molds, fungus concern farmers

On the plus side, the snow and rains of winter and early spring have filled the ground with moisture, so dryland wheat should be set up for a good crop, says Mike Flower, cereal specialist for the Oregon State University Extension Service. “It would be nice if we could get some warmer temperatures and really […]
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Oregon Legislature says ‘no’ to GMO-free zones

Two bills that would have let Oregon communities ban genetically modified or engineered crops have died in committee. It’s the third time environmental and farm groups have tried and failed to pass the legislation, which they say is needed to prevent GE crops from contaminating organic and conventional crops. Source: Oregon Legislature says ‘no’ to […]
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Bills reversing GMO pre-emption die in Oregon

Two bills that would have allowed local governments in Oregon to regulate genetically engineered crops have died in the Legislature. Lawmakers prohibited most local governments from restricting seed in 2013, but Senate Bill 1037 and House Bill 2469 would have exempted genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, from that statewide pre-emption law. Source: Bills reversing GMO […]
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Burrowing ground squirrels threaten Central Oregon canals

Drive along the Pilot Butte Canal in Redmond in the spring and you’ll see ground squirrels scurry frantically back and forth across the road. Chubby rock chucks sprint from rock to rock. Source: Burrowing ground squirrels threaten Central Oregon canals | OregonLive.com

Dreary spring slows Oregon farmers, crops, insects

Crop development in the Willamette Valley is roughly a month behind 2016 and 2015. Low temperatures have slowed the growth of Oregon’s crops this spring, at least compared to recent years, while high moisture levels have impeded the state’s farmers. Source: Dreary spring slows Oregon farmers, crops, insects – Oregon – Capital Press

Don’t squander antibiotics | Opinion

The tenacity and adaptability of life guarantees that the world’s arsenal of antibiotic drugs will be depleted one day. All that can be done is to reserve antibiotics for their highest priority uses — uses that do not include protecting otherwise healthy livestock and poultry against diseases caused by unsanitary conditions. In the absence of […]
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Oregon GMO pre-emption battle continues in Senate

A battle over Oregon’s statewide pre-emption of local GMO regulations has died in the House but continues in the Senate. Source: Oregon Local News – Oregon GMO pre-emption battle continues in Senate

Sue, Die or Keep Waiting

John Burns could feel the spray on his body from a helicopter applying a mixture of pesticides to a nearby clearcut. He describes the well-publicized October 2013 incident as nothing less than an attack on himself and his property. Source: Sue, Die or Keep Waiting | eugeneweekly.com

Threemile Canyon Farms leads for its sustainable practices | Guest Opinion

Nathan Donley’s article (“The toxic truth behind Oregon’s factory farm stench,” March 24 in print editions, April 3 online) employs deceitful cherry-picking to further his agenda and make false claims about Threemile Canyon Farms. The real poison is in the Center for Biological Diversity’s and Friends of Family Farmers’ misleading propaganda, using buzzwords like “factory […]
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What to expect after Oregon’s wettest season since 1999

This season has been so wet that even the heartiest Oregonians have invested in umbrellas. Source: What to expect after Oregon’s wettest season since 1999