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Harvest season for hemp

Autumnal equinox ushered a relatively new harvest season into the Willamette Valley as more farmers are planting hemp. It takes just a few minutes for Brian Iverson to knock out a couple of rows of hemp. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Harvest season for hemp

Farming organic: Tough but rewarding

The life of a farmer isn’t easy and when you add organics into the mix, it becomes even more difficult. “Farming is tough,” said Patrick Thiel, who operates Prairie Creek Farms on about 25 acres of leased land near Joseph and and another few acres outside of Lostine. “There’s times the weather will wipe you […]
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A hemp headache

For 38 years, Arnie Abrams has enjoyed his quiet country life outside of Ashland with idyllic views of the valley below him. That peace and quiet was upended over the past year when hemp grows began surrounding his house, and he fears that what remains of his rural lifestyle will be completely undermined if a […]
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Good year for Rogue Valley pears, but market is soft

Pear growers rated this year’s harvest in the Rogue Valley from good to perhaps a little light. But a soft market has left at least one orchardist wondering if he will continue. “If we don’t make more on pears this year, we will perhaps take out the orchard. For nothing we could do nothing. Maybe […]
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With fall harvest in full swing, agricultural safety a key point of concern

As farm trucks carrying onions, corn and other produce fill highways and heavy equipment plows fields throughout rural Oregon, agricultural safety becomes a key point of concern for farming operations. Alan Cleaver, who owns Columbia Basin Onion and several other agricultural operations in Hermiston, said last week he had one of his truck drivers get […]
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Clean Energy Jobs bill protects Oregon agriculture | Opinion

Planning for the future is essential to any farmer’s success — particularly for young farmers like me who are just starting out. Climate change makes it increasingly difficult for farmers in my generation to plan for the future.Every season is different from the last. Storms become more intense and do more damage. Source: Guest View: […]
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Tariffs bring new challenges for agriculture

State Library Ed. Note:  If you are a state employee, please contact the State Library, library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800 if you are unable to access this story. We can fill a request for the article. Part 2 of 2: Leaders in the hazelnut and wine industries share their struggles with the country’s trade war with China. […]
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Goats, pumpkins and other Capitol attractions showcase Oregon’s Bounty

Rich Wirfs didn’t expect his petting zoo outside the Oregon Capitol to be so popular. The 43-year-old and his wife, Sarah, wrangled their two goats, two rabbits and gargantuan turkey Saturday morning, then hauled them to the statehouse for Oregon’s Bounty, a celebration of the state’s agricultural heritage. Source: Goats, pumpkins and other Capitol attractions showcase Oregon’s Bounty

Hemp: ‘It’s a Money crop’

It’s green, it’s growing in spades, and it’s got a unique smell that may be slightly familiar to some. Industrial hemp is here in Klamath County and it is what’s for harvest this fall for Marc Staunton, and many others in Southern Oregon. Source: Hemp: ‘It’s a Money crop’ | Local News | heraldandnews.com


A thousand miles separates Threemile Canyon Farms in Eastern Oregon, surrounded by high desert and sagebrush, from the crowded freeways of Los Angeles. Though they might seem like distant strangers, the mega-dairy and the megalopolis are about to be connected by a most unexpected resource — cow manure. Source: MONEY FROM MANURE | Livestock | […]
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