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Compromise reached between ag, drone operations at Pendleton airport 

The Pendleton Airport Commission has agreed to a short-term plan that will keep the northernmost agricultural pad open for crop dusters. The northernmost agricultural pad at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport is open for business. Members of the Pendleton Airport Commission held a special meeting Monday to resolve safety concerns between the pad and nearby […]
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Eastern Oregon copes with disaster

Regardless of which side of the Cascades you call home, it’s critical we are all aware of and actively support our fellow Oregonians through the near insurmountable difficulties they’re facing from the terrible effects of this past winter. Out of sight, out of mind. For us that phrase describes our failure to focus on the […]
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Oregon may let farmers sue Monsanto, other GMO patent-holders, for crop contamination

Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would let farmers sue Monsanto, Scotts Miracle-Gro and other companies that hold patents on genetically engineered seeds if crops grown from those seeds contaminate traditional or organic crops. Source: Oregon may let farmers sue Monsanto, other GMO patent-holders, for crop contamination

Young farmer keeps family grounded

Bryan Harper is a man of varied talents: a pilot, a former University of Oregon track athlete, and a fifth-generation Junction City farmer. Harper’s great-great grandfather M.J. Harper moved to Oregon from Wisconsin and in 1891 began growing fruits and vegetables on a 120-acre farm off River Road in Junction City. Now 125 years later, […]
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Reversal of Oregon’s GMO local pre-emption debated

Nearly four years after barring local governments from regulating genetically engineered crops, Oregon lawmakers are thinking of reversing that policy. Source: Oregon Local News – Reversal of Oregon’s GMO local pre-emption debated

Good News For Farmers — Most Oregon Reservoirs Are Full

The wet and cold winter may have been a doozy for urban Oregonians, but for farmers all that snow was good news. Source: Good News For Farmers — Most Oregon Reservoirs Are Full . News | OPB

GMO bills get hearings in Oregon Legislature

The controversy over genetically modified organisms is back in the spotlight at the Capitol. Legislative committees held public hearings Thursday to discuss two new bills. Farm advocates say they’re designed to protect family farmers from genetically engineered crops. Source: GMO bills get hearings in Oregon Legislature | KATU

Glyphosate-resistant tumbleweed poses problem for farmers

If wheat producers can’t spray for weeds, they may return to tillage as a control method. A direct-seeding advocacy group hopes they don’t. An advocate of direct seeding and no-till farming hopes Northeastern Oregon wheat growers don’t give up the practice in wake of news that patches of Russian thistle, or tumbleweed, have developed resistance […]
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For many farmers, retirement is a source of dread

Lavern Kelchen stood in the back of a church hall in jeans and a buffalo-check shirt, tapped his left index finger on his leg and placed the winning bid on a 156-acre farm here in eastern Iowa. It marked the seventh auction he had attended in the last five years and, with a bid of […]
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My Voice: It’s time for some answers

It’s time to ask serious questions about this economy and where legislators believe it’s going. The contradictions in what they’ve campaigned on and what we are now seeing are so significant that we need to hear it from them directly. Source: It’s time for some answers; USFS plan looks to reduce fire danger and improve […]
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