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Spending package impacts Oregon agriculture

Members of Oregon’s congressional delegation say they are pleased with a spending package approved Feb. 14 to avert a second partial government shutdown in 2019, highlighting multiple provisions for agriculture and rural communities. While controversy continues to swirl around President Donald Trump and the fight to secure funding for a wall along the southern border […]
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Trump gives area beet growers ‘big win’

The president signed legislation that lifts federal restrictions on beet truck sizes traveling across Malheur County roads. The new law allows local producers to ship more beets faster to the Amalgamated Sugar plant in Nampa. Major federal legislation signed by President Donald Trump Friday includes help for local beet farmers by overturning a federal restriction […]
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Institute researches, resolves water conflicts

Todd Jarvis, director of Oregon State University’s Institute for Water and Watersheds, got his first introduction to water issues at 8 years old when he visited a hot springs. He said that experience instilled in him the mystery of how water got hot and its source. Water is connected to everything. From health to science […]
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NW Ag Show: Farmer Mac economist analyzes regional outlook

Ryan Kuhns, an economist with Farmer Mac, conducted a S.W.O.T. analysis for Northwest agriculture — that’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats — during a presentation at the Northwest Ag Show. With a diverse range of consumer-oriented products and relatively steady net farm income, Ryan Kuhns, an economist for the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp., also known […]
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In session: NW legislatures take up issues impacting agriculture

The three Northwest legislatures go to work this month, addressing a wide variety of issues that will impact their state’s farmers and ranchers. In Oregon and Washington, the changing climate tops the governors’ legislative agendas. Source: In session: NW legislatures take up issues impacting agriculture | Idaho | capitalpress.com

U.S. lettuce industry, wary of E. coli, wants FDA back on the job

The federal shutdown has slowed efforts to make leafy greens safer, experts say. It’s the peak of the leafy greens growing season in Yuma, Ariz., where irrigated valleys are lush and verdant amid cactus-covered mountains. This is America’s Salad Paradise, which produces most of the fall and winter lettuce consumed in the United States. Source: […]
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Oregon objects to Lost Valley Farm megadairy sale over manure cleanup

Oregon officials object to a bankruptcy sale of the troubled Lost Valley Farm megadairy because it doesn’t include adequate environmental cleanup. Source: Oregon objects to Lost Valley Farm megadairy sale over manure cleanup

N.E. Oregon makes progress on water puzzle

It was a crisis more than 60 years in the making. The Umatilla Basin in northeast Oregon is home to some of the state’s most productive farmland, famously growing more than 200 different crops including wheat, corn, potatoes and watermelon. Irrigation pivots dominate the countryside, transforming scrubby desert into lush, green fields. Source: N.E. Oregon […]
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Backpack-wearing bees could tell farmers how crops are doing

Backpack-wearing bees could tell farmers how crops are doing. Scientists have been using tracking devices on large animals for decades to monitor the health of a herd, or study an animal’s range and habits. Now, a group of University of Washington researchers has figured out how to put a tiny tracking sensor on a bumblebee. […]
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Editorial: Trouble brews for growers of holiday trees

Can “It’s Christmas: Keep It Real!” do for the nation’s Christmas tree growers what “Got Milk?” did for the dairy industry? The answer could be important for Oregon’s agricultural economy: Oregon is the nation’s top producer of Christmas trees. The Christmas tree crop in Oregon in 2017 had an estimated value of more than $92 […]
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