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Pacific Northwest bumblebees in trouble

Hundreds of citizen scientists have begun buzzing through locations across the Pacific Northwest seeking a better understanding about nearly 30 bumblebee species. Bumblebees, experts say, are important pollinators for both wild and agricultural plants, but some species have disappeared from places where they were once common, possibly because of the same factors that have been […]
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Western Cherry Fruit Fly appears in region

White maggots infest cherries, and the mature maggot makes a hole in the cherry as it exits. The Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network reports the Western Cherry Fruit Fly appeared in southwest Idaho and the Mid-Columbia River region in Oregon. Source: Western Cherry Fruit Fly appears in region

Oregon officials say they plan to stop mega-dairy violations — again 

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has given up faith that the state’s second-largest dairy can comply with its permits — just two months after settling with the owner. Source: Oregon officials say they plan to stop mega-dairy violations — again | OregonLive.com

Flax: What’s old is new again

SALEM, Over the past 70 years, fiber flax, once a major crop in the Willamette Valley, has virtually vanished from Oregon. But a new initiative called Fibrevolution aims to revive this once-thriving industry and bring fiber flax cultivation back to the Northwest. Source: Flax: What’s old is new again

Northwest hay stocks tight, producers say

On-farm hay stocks are up from a year ago in Idaho and Oregon and down in Washington, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. But an Oregon producer and shipper and an Ellensburg, Wash., exporter both said on-farm stocks are sold and that overall inventories are low. “ Source: Northwest hay stocks tight, producers […]
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OSU agronomist bullish on potential of biochar

Stephen Machado, a professor and agronomist for Oregon State University Extension Service, wants to expand his biochar trials and is working with a new nonprofit dedicated to building a market for the carbon-rich material. Stephen Machado reaches into a clear plastic Ziploc bag and pulls out the brittle but still intact remains of a pine […]
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Oregon town fights back against invading Mormon crickets

April Aamodt likens it to the zombie apocalypse.It was about this time last year when hordes of hissing, cannibalistic Mormon crickets began swarming the small town of Arlington, Ore., climbing up the sides of houses, marching down the streets and devouring local crops. Source: Oregon town fights back against invading Mormon crickets

Western Innovator: Improving soil health in arid E. Oregon

Dryland farming is challenging enough at Bill Jepsen’s family farm in arid northeast Oregon, where it rains only 12 inches per year on average, providing precious little moisture to grow a healthy crop. Source: Western Innovator: Improving soil health in arid E. Oregon – Research Center – Capital Press

Oregon cherries withstand February freeze

Despite a sudden, hard freeze at the end of February, cherries and pears appear to be faring well in the Columbia River Gorge. Source: Oregon cherries withstand February freeze – Orchards, Nuts & Vines – Capital Press

Column: Ag practices can support threatened Willamette Valley bird

Based on input from farmers, biologists and ecologists, the agricultural practices intend to improve breeding and nesting success for the Lark on working lands in the Willamette Valley. Recent Capital Press articles (March 8 and 15) have covered the lawsuit over the threatened Streaked Horned Lark, a ground-nesting grassland bird found in the Willamette Valley. […]
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