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Freeze damage shows up in Washington, Oregon blackberries

Oregon and Washington blackberry bushes are showing the affects of a hard winter Oregon and Washington berry farmers and crop consultants say that the harm inflicted by a hard winter on blackberry bushes is becoming clear. Bushes are failing to bloom, and some farmers have cut canes to the ground, sacrificing this year’s crop in […]
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Land sales have big impact on ag economy – – Opinion

The hope is the land will remain in agriculture, supporting ranchers, farmers and the economy. There’s more to an agricultural land sale than a willing buyer and a willing seller. A farm or ranch changing hands can impact neighbors and the local economy almost as much as the parties directly involved. That’s why when ag […]
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Onion industry readies for challenging season

As packers wrap 2016, some will move As local onions packers are wrapping up sorting, packaging and shipping the 2016 crop, they are looking ahead to 2017. This year, packers will deal with a variety of challenges brought on from several sources. Source: Onion industry readies for challenging season | Local News Stories | argusobserver.com

Agriculture’s Impact on Rural Employment

The Employment Department has released a new special report: The Employment Landscape of Rural Oregon. This is the third in a series of posts about several key takeaway points from the report. Agriculture is a critical industry in rural communities. There were around 20,300 agricultural jobs in Oregon’s rural counties in 2015. That represents 36 […]
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Interests struggle for balance in Eastern Oregon

Agricultural interests support single green energy corridor in the Umatilla Basin As more wind and solar projects take shape in Eastern Oregon, the Umatilla Basin finds itself caught between interests. On the one hand, Oregon utilities must provide an increasing amount of energy from renewable sources, and green energy developers are eager to build around […]
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Editorial: Organic farm needs to control weeds

Sherman County may be Oregon’s second-smallest in population, but it’s the scene of a big neighborhood fight. Azure Farms, near Moro, grows organic crops, from wheat to vegetables and fruit. It doesn’t use conventional methods to control weeds — no Roundup or other standard herbicides — because doing so would mean the loss, for at […]
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Our View: Solar panels should not displace farming – Opinion

Oregon’s land-use planning rules are designed to concentrate growth in urban areas while protecting farmland from development. The Jackson County commissioners’ decision to approve a solar power project on Rossanley Drive runs counter to the intent of those rules, despite the attraction of an alternative energy source. Source: Our View: Solar panels should not displace […]
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Oregon dairy industry builds trade ‘pipeline’ to SE Asia

The council is trying to create an ongoing, reliable connection between Oregon dairy producers and consumers in Southeast Asia, an area with a newly burgeoning middle class and demand for protein-rich foods. Source: Capital Press

Portland’s growing Japanese beetle infestation prompts eradication effort

Japanese beetles, voracious invasive pests that feed on more than 300 plants, were found in record-breaking numbers in areas of Portland in 2016. In response to the growing infestation, the Oregon State University Extension Service developed a guide about the destructive insect. Japanese Beetles in Oregon was co-authored by Rachel Suits, an Extension entomologist, who […]
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Editorial: Oregon’s not-so-great pie debate

If Oregon must have an officially designated state pie, choosing it shouldn’t be the sort of thing that takes up hours of legislative time. Yet, House Concurrent Resolution 19, making the official pie a marionberry pie, has been the subject of a public hearing, a work session and a vote by the full Oregon House […]
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