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Nuts for hazelnuts: growers can’t keep up with demand

Dylan Bruck slid onto the seat of his ATV. His border collie, Zoey, leapt in after him and crawled between his legs. Bruck straightened his baseball cap and squinted at his orchards of hazelnut trees, gold-dusted by the morning sun. Source: Nuts for hazelnuts: growers can’t keep up with demand

PNW cherry growers wrap up a good season

Pacific Northwest cherry growers are wrapping up one of their better seasons in years with good fruit, good demand and good pricing, industry leaders say. As of Aug. 13, the industry had shipped 23.5 million, 20-pound boxes — the third largest crop behind 25.3 million boxes in 2018 and the record 26.4 million in 2017. […]
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Ag dismisses ‘flawed’ study of breaching Snake River dams

Agriculture representatives say a recent study that calls for removing four dams from the Lower Snake River relies on outdated and flawed data. “They start with flawed information and a flawed premise,” said Kristin Meira, director of the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association. Source: Ag dismisses ‘flawed’ study of breaching Snake River dams | Grains and […]
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Hemp explosion

The explosive growth in popularity of hemp oil products could lead to literal explosions in the Rogue Valley. A hemp extract called cannabidiol, or CBD, is popping up in everything from lotions to smoothies across the nation. CBD doesn’t produce a high like the THC found in marijuana. Although more research is needed, studies show […]
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Farmers ditching soybeans for hemp

Some American farmers suffering under the weight of the U.S.-China trade war are trying to mitigate losses by turning to the latest craze in cash crops: hemp. That’s according to John Boyd Jr., a soybean grower in Virginia who’s also founder of the National Black Farmers Association. Source: Farmers ditching soybeans for hemp;

To Slow Global Warming, U.N. Warns Agriculture Must Change 

The way we produce food and manage land must change radically if humans hope to avoid catastrophic global temperature rise, according to a new report by the United Nations panel on climate change. Humans must drastically alter food production in order to prevent the most catastrophic effects of global warming, according to a new report […]
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Oregon Business – On The Rails

Truck-to-rail intermodal facilities in Nyssa and Millersburg seek to boost Oregon agriculture. Eastern Oregon and Idaho are often lumped together when it comes to onion production, due to regional similarites. Combined, the area comprises more than 22,800 acres of onion farms, and is the second-largest onion-producing region in the U.S. Source: Oregon Business – On […]
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Drinking In The History Of Oregon Wine

It’s only in the last few decades that a lot of the region’s agriculture has shifted from fruit orchards to grape vineyards.  But the region’s experience with growing wine grapes is long and deep. And Scott Stursa plunges into the stories of the industry with his book Oregon Wine: A Deep-Rooted History.  His previous book […]
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As Climate Changes, Taxpayers Will Shoulder Larger U.S. Payouts To Farmers

That’s good for farmers but bad for taxpayers, who subsidize government-backed crop insurance. The fate of research that forecasts these costs is in doubt as economists and scientists leave the USDA. Robert Henry is driving along the top of a Mississippi River levee, giving me a tour of land where he’d love to be planting […]
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Cream of the crops

Hemp has exploded into an agricultural colossus in Jackson County in just the past year, with more acres planted in this cousin of cannabis than pears and grapes combined. “There hasn’t been such a changed use in agriculture in Jackson County in recent memory,” said Gordon Jones, assistant professor for Oregon State University Extension Service. […]
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