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Climate change demands U.S. action now

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, one of nine Democrats on the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, writes about the urgency of action to ward off the worst effects of climate change. Source: Opinion: Climate change demands U.S. action now – oregonlive.com

Salem students join National Youth Climate Strike at Oregon Capitol

About 30 Salem-area high school students, with support from Renew Oregon, joined the Global Climate Strike and National Youth Climate Strike during a rally at the Oregon State Capitol on Friday afternoon. Earlier, a busload of Portland students also gathered at the Capitol for a noon demonstration in support of what they say are solutions to global warming. Source: Salem students […]
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The ocean absorbs billions of tons of carbon every year, and the process is accelerating, study shows

Newly published research analyzed more than 100,000 seawater samples worldwide and found the oceans are absorbing about 31 percent of human-caused carbon emissions. It’s “a huge service the oceans are doing,” says a co-author, in Seattle. Richard Feely has spent years of his career at sea, casting packages of plastic tubes into its void, and […]
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Time to stop debating climate action, start tackling it

Oregon’s Applegate Valley has been called “the Goldilocks of wine regions.” It’s historically dry and warm here, but not too dry and warm. We’re just a short drive from the shops and restaurants of Jacksonville, but you feel like you’re truly in the wilds of wine country. That’s why tourists flock here for wine tasting. […]
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Supreme Court next? Oregon ‘climate kids’ suit rejected

Oregon Appeals Court knocks public trust doctrine; Multnomah County seeks to file amicus curiae. The kids pushing state leaders to take action on climate change will address their pleas to the Oregon Supreme Court — after the students found the door locked at the Oregon Court of Appeals. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Supreme Court […]
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Ocean Heat Waves Are Threatening Marine Life

If you cannot access directly from the New York Times, you can access the story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access.  library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. When deadly heat waves hit on land, we hear about them. But the oceans can have heat waves, too. They are now happening far […]
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The World Is Losing Fish to Eat as Oceans Warm, Study Finds

Fish populations are declining as oceans warm, putting a key source of food and income at risk for millions of people around the world, according to new research published Thursday.

This Drone Footage of a Sinking Highway on the Oregon Coast Signals What’s to Come as Climate Change Makes Landslides More Common 

Highways along the Oregon coast could be the next casualties of climate change. Source: This Drone Footage of a Sinking Highway on the Oregon Coast Signals What’s to Come as Climate Change Makes Landslides More Common – Willamette Week

Commentary: This climate proposal would work 

A Capital Press Feb. 21 editorial correctly questions cap-and-trade legislation currently in the Oregon legislature. It states that this law would increase costs of fossil fuels used by agriculture in rural Oregon.  What isn’t mentioned is the cost of doing nothing. Source: Commentary: This climate proposal would work | Columns | capitalpress.com

Speak up on carbon limits bill

Global climate change is a real problem, and a serious problem, but Oregonians can’t solve it alone. The key word in the phrase is, of course, global. Source: Speak up on carbon limits bill;