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Editorial: Parallels between Washington and Oregon on climate change

Disappointed by legislative inaction on climate change, the governor used executive authority to attempt to regulate carbon emissions. That could be said of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown in 2020 and also of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee in 2015. It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. So we can tell you right now that what happened in Washington […]
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Kate Brown’s executive order on greenhouse gases impacts businesses

Now that Gov. Kate Brown has given state agencies a mandate to cut greenhouse gas emissions, business interests are calculating their next move, including a potential lawsuit. Brown took executive action Tuesday to enact a strict and declining cap on greenhouse emissions. Source: Kate Brown’s executive order on greenhouse gases impacts businesses

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Orders State Action On Climate Change

Oregon Republicans killed cap and trade this year. Now, they’ll have to contend with cap and reduce. Closing a loop on a pledge she made last year, Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order Tuesday that aims to sharply curb greenhouse gas emissions with a full-court press by government agencies. Source: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Orders State […]
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Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order on climate change has similar goals as an unsuccessful bill. But its effects are uncertain

Gov. Kate Brown directed state agencies on Tuesday to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions through more stringent standards for fuels, new buildings and consumer appliances, imposing by order what she couldn’t get from the Legislature. Source: Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order on climate change has similar goals as an unsuccessful bill. But its effects are […]
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Oregon Governor Promises Executive Action On Climate. It Might Look Like This

With Democrats calling an early end to the 2020 legislative session Thursday, Oregon’s climate change battle is about to shift gears. For the second year in a row, Democrats’ signature bill for instituting a cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was stymied by a Republican walkout. Now, the focus falls on Gov. Kate Brown. Source: Oregon Gov. […]
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Editorial: What climate action Gov. Brown might take

“In the coming days, I will be taking executive action to lower our greenhouse gas emissions,” Gov. Kate Brown has said. What does she have in mind? We don’t know for sure, but look at what her staff was sharing with some groups before the 2020 legislative session. Source: Editorial: What climate action Gov. Brown […]
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Brown vows ‘aggressive action’ on climate legislation

It’s unclear how much the governor can do though an executive order to implement provisions of the stalled cap and trade bill. Gov. Kate Brown is preparing to use her own authority, through an executive order, to cut the state’s climate impacts, after state legislators again failed to approve such a plan. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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Guest View: Action needed on climate front – Opinion

Over the last two months, indications have grown that a serious response to climate change is in the works. We’ve seen the chief executive of the world’s largest investment firm with $7 trillion in assets announce his assessment that “we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance …. The evidence on climate […]
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Oregon Democrats advance ‘more aggressive’ potential paths to regulate carbon emissions

At House Speaker Tina Kotek’s direction this week, Democrats advanced three new pieces of legislation that largely mirror initiatives that environmentalists are working to get on the November ballot. Source: Oregon Democrats advance ‘more aggressive’ potential paths to regulate carbon emissions

Network of small farmers voices support for cap and trade in Oregon

More than 270 small farmers, ranchers and forestland owners have signed on in support of Oregon’s controversial cap and trade proposal to curb greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects. As Oregon lawmakers clash over a controversial bill to curb the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, Mimi Casteel says climate change is already posing a major […]
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