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Opinion: Power outages, climate threats should spark Oregon action on off-grid alternatives

At the Silvies Ranch outside of Burns, 600 off-grid homes are now under construction. Because it was too expensive to run power from the utility to the ranch, each homeowner will have a microgrid made up of solar panels and energy storage that provide electricity. Source: Opinion: Power outages, climate threats should spark Oregon action […]
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Climate Change Lawsuit | Tuition Freeze Program | Labor Trafficking – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The Juliana v. United States climate change lawsuit was dismissed by an appeals court. The University of Oregon is considering a program that would allow incoming undergraduate students to lock in their tuition amount for five years. Oregon’s Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has created a new task force to address labor abuse. Source: Climate Change […]
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Climate change shaping Oregon Fish and Wildlife spending, priorities

Oregon’s changing climate and ocean conditions already are harming the state’s native fish and wildlife, officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say. That’s making it difficult for ODFW to meet its statutory mandate to manage the resources in its care. Source: Climate change shaping Oregon Fish and Wildlife spending, priorities

Oregon versus Australia wildfires: There’s no comparison

Even the state’s biggest wildfire, Biscuit Fire, isn’t even close to what Australia is facing. The images coming out of Australia have been described as apocalyptic. Source: Oregon versus Australia wildfires: There’s no comparison – News – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

Historically racist housing policies exacerbating climate change effects in low-income Portland neighborhoods

As the climate warms, heat waves are predicted to increase in both frequency and intensity. But that heat, and the threats to public health that come with it, will not be distributed evenly. In cities like Portland, some areas are referred to as “heat islands,” areas where development has exacerbated the effects of high temperatures. Now, a new […]
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Kids’ Climate Case ‘Reluctantly’ Dismissed By Appeals Court

The court said the nearly two dozen young people who were trying to force action by the government on climate change did not have standing to sue. The judges said climate change is a political issue. Source: Kids’ Climate Case ‘Reluctantly’ Dismissed By Appeals Court : NPR

Our view | New climate bill basically the same

The Oregon Senate’s Interim Committee on Environment and Natural Resources has unveiled the Legislature’s latest version of climate change legislation. Unfortunately, it’s not much different than the bill that tied the Senate in knots at the end of the 2019 session. Source: Our view | New climate bill basically the same

Sollman, Power hold climate conversation in North Plains

Reps. Janeen Sollman and Karin Power fielded questions from supporters and residents wary of emissions legislation. Source: Sollman, Power hold climate conversation in North Plains

Revised Climate Change Bill Creates New Battle Lines For 2020 Session

The latest proposal for regulating the state’s greenhouse gas emissions has won over some skeptics — but risked support in other areas. A climate change bill that promises to dominate this year’s 2020 Oregon legislative session got its first public hearing Monday — with little sign that the political and cultural disagreements that scuttled a similar proposal […]
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Oregon Democrats to try again with new climate change bill, say it’ll help rural areas

Democrats in Oregon will try again this year to pass a controversial and major piece of legislation aimed at reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Their attempt last year to pass a similar cap-and-trade program — House Bill 2020 — ended in chaos at the Capitol in Salem. Republican senators walked out in protest and […]
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