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Editorial: Any new carbon bill should return money to Oregonians

The 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature was a doozy. With supermajorities in each house, Democrats didn’t have to worry about passing most tax bills, which they did with abandon. Republicans stewed until those in the Senate found a way to force their Democratic counterparts to the bargaining table. They picked up their papers and […]
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New study predicts the number of dangerously hot days in Oregon to skyrocket

The number of dangerously hot days in Oregon will increase from an average of four per year now to 20 by the middle of the century, and 44 by 2100, if carbon emissions aren’t curbed. Source: New study predicts the number of dangerously hot days in Oregon to skyrocket

It’s time for ‘de-growth’

As an environmentalist, I see the now-failed House Bill 2020 as a false solution. Yes, it would have established higher taxes on the most pollution-heavy industries in Oregon. But the revenue raised by this tax will be used to invest in … restoring forests? Source: It’s time for ‘de-growth’

Leading the way to green streets

The roads and streets of Lane County are turning greener. But there still is a long way to go.The Eugene School District has replaced its remaining old diesel buses with 13 new “clean diesel” buses. They are part of a state program to reduce harmful diesel emissions by replacing or retrofitting at least 450 “dirty […]
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Editorial: Oregon politics needs a reset after high-drama session

The final weeks of the 2019 legislative session made for some ugly politics. In between Senate Republicans’ walkout and Democrats’ hobbling of Oregonians’ ballot-initiative power, partisan conflict metastasized – both in and out of the Salem. Sine die, it seemed, marked the opportunity for legislators and Oregonians as a whole to break from the drama […]
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Don Kahle: Sherman could show us the way – Opinion

How will Gov. Kate Brown and her Democratic allies in the Oregon legislature react to the hard line taken by Republicans against a statewide response to climate change? The visceral response would be to teach them a lesson. “Let me be clear, I am not backing down,” Brown announced after the legislative session ended. Source: […]
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Best way to fight climate change? Plant a trillion trees

The most effective way to fight global warming is to plant lots of trees, a study says. A trillion of them, maybe more. And there’s enough room, Swiss scientists say. Even with existing cities and farmland, there’s enough space for new trees to cover 3.5 million square miles (9 million square kilometers), they reported in […]
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Editorial: Wildfire smoke settles in across the West

If you traveled to Southern Oregon last summer, you might have caught a glimpse of what the new normal will look like across the U.S. West: In Ashland, where smoke from wildfires forced the cancellation of more than two dozen performances at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, it was common to see people on the street […]
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Oregon Senate votes to bury climate change bill

Top Democrats in the Oregon Senate took the first step Saturday morning to confirm a controversial climate change bill is indeed dead, as they claimed earlier this week. Minutes after the Senate convened, Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, made a motion to send the carbon capping plan — which was on the agenda for a […]
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How Oregon’s climate-change bill ran out of gas

The failure of Democrats’ high priority climate policy last week was a gut punch that left supporters disbelieving and bitter, loudly denouncing Oregon’s runaway Republican senators for sabotaging “the Oregon Way” and the arrival of Trumpian, anything-goes politics in Salem. The reaction was hardly surprising, given backers’ decade-long, Sisyphean struggle to push this policy up […]
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