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‘OPB Politics Now’: What Is ‘Home Rule’ And Why Should You Care?

Douglas County residents are considering a dramatic change in how the county is governed. This November, Douglas County voters will weigh in on a home rule charter. It would dramatically change how the county is governed. Charters are like a bit like a constitution for the county, and nine other Oregon counties already have them, including […]
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Oregon Scientist Hunts For New Species In One Man’s Backyard

You don’t have to delve into the densest rainforest or the deepest ocean trench to discover new species. Chris Marshall finds them in the most familiar places. Source: Oregon Scientist Hunts For New Species In One Man’s Backyard . TV | OPB

After More Than 45 Days, Teenage Suspect Charged As Juvenile In Eagle Creek Fire

A 15-year-old boy from Vancouver, Washington, is facing misdemeanor charges for starting the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge. Source: After More Than 45 Days, Teenage Suspect Charged As Juvenile In Eagle Creek Fire . News | OPB

Oregon’s New Air Pollution Rules Are Already Being Debated

Oregon regulators are proposing new air pollution rules that would limit the total health risk a polluter can impose on its neighbors. Source: Oregon’s New Air Pollution Rules Are Already Being Debated . News | OPB

Flash Flood Watch In Effect For Chetco Bar Fire Area

A flash flood watch is in effect Thursday for the Chetco Bar Fire area, 16 miles west of Selma, Oregon. Source: Flash Flood Watch In Effect For Chetco Bar Fire Area . News | OPB

Home Rule Charter – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Voters in Douglas County are being asked if they want to overhaul the way their county government works. Enacting a Home Rule Charter would increase the number of commissioners but slash their salaries, and create a new position: a county manager. Our guests are former Douglas County Commissioner Doug Robertson and Diana Larson with the […]
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China Wants Nothing to Do With America’s Trash

It will no longer import recycled scrap from the U.S. So what do we do with it? America is known for it’s large trade deficit with China. But the United States does have a surplus of one particularly smelly export — trash. Erica Phillips of the Wall Street Journal wrote about this unusual trading relationship […]
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Southern Oregon Megafire May Help Suppress Devastating Tree Disease

Crews working the Chetco Bar wildfire had more to consider than just the flames once it spread into a quarantine zone where a disease was devastating trees. Usually the parking lot at Brookings’ harbor is filled with boat trailers, rusty pickup trucks and tourists. But this day in late August is not a usual day. There’s […]
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Green Cannabis | ‘Viewpoint Diversity’ – OPB’s Think Out Loud

As the cannabis industry expands in Oregon, more people are paying attention to the environmental impact of its cultivation, like energy and water use. We speak with Jesce Horton, the owner of Panacea Valley Gardens and a board member for Oregon’s Resource Innovation Institute, about moves towards environmental sustainability in Oregon’s cannabis industry. Portland State University political science professor Bruce […]
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Erious Johnson Says Oregon Department Of Justice Didn’t Show ‘Loyalty’ In Civil Rights Case

About two years ago, the Oregon Department of Justice announced that the head of its civil rights division, an African-American man named Erious Johnson, had been caught up in digital surveillance by the department itself because he used the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and tweeted the well-known logo of the rap group Public Enemy. Source: Erious Johnson Says Oregon Department Of […]
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