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The Strange Case Of Susie Strangfield, Part 2: The Database

The official reasons Susie Strangfield was forced out as the first female chief information officer at the Oregon Department of Education cover two areas: her interactions with co-workers and her management of a few specific projects. Strangfield believes the root cause of her ouster had less to do with what appeared in her official 12-page […]
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Oregonians Can Weigh In On New Proposed Smoke Management Rules

Oregonians will have the chance to weigh in on proposed new smoke management rules that could ease the way for more controlled burns aimed at reducing the threat of major wildfires. State regulators will hold public hearings in five cities often affected by smoke from wildfires. Source: Oregonians Can Weigh In On New Proposed Smoke […]
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Smoke And Business – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Wildfire smoke in southern Oregon has forced the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to relocate — and even cancel — a number of performances. The festival, whose outdoor season runs until mid-October, has already canceled or relocated more shows than it did in all of 2017. Alison Carey, a member of the festival’s executive team and Hazel […]
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Oregon Transportation Officials Seek Federal Approval For Tolling Plan

The Oregon Transportation Commission on Friday unanimously agreed to ask the federal government for permission to impose tolls on sections of interstates 5 and 205 in the Portland area. The commission also called for a broader study of tolling throughout the area’s freeway network, saying that it could be a powerful tool for attacking growing […]
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Fixing The Willamette’s Toxic Algae Problem Could Start At Ross Island

Toxic algal blooms have plagued the lower Willamette in recent years. Most of them started in one place: the lagoon at Ross Island, near downtown Portland. It’s not unusual for toxic algal blooms to close a lake or pond. And in recent years, these algae have been contaminating another type of swimming spot: the Willamette […]
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The Strange Case Of Susie Strangfield, Part 1: The Investigation

Former Chief Information Officer Susie Strangfield is out of a job and likely to sue the Oregon Department of Education. And her ouster raises questions about the agency’s process for disciplining staff. Source: The Strange Case Of Susie Strangfield, Part 1: The Investigation

Federal Officials Outline New Plan To Lower Wildfire Risk

Federal officials have announced a new plan that’s meant to help lower the risks of mega-fires. Northwest lawmakers are helping roll out the strategy to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., called the plan a “real game plan for reducing the 80 million acres of hazardous fuels that constitutes the backlog […]
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Mental Health Advocates Hope For More From CCOs – OPB’s Think Out Loud

We hear from the mother of a Portland man who recently had a mental health crisis, and talk with the executive director of the Oregon chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Chris Bouneff and Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran about how that story illustrates problems with the mental health system at large. Source: Mental […]
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Portland Water Bureau Has Location, Technology In Mind For New Filtration Plant

The Portland Water Bureau is advancing a plan to filter Portland’s drinking water for the first time since the system came on line in 1895. Source: Portland Water Bureau Has Location, Technology In Mind For New Filtration Plant

Behind The Politics: Oregon Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Knute Buehler – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Before the political season really heats up, “Think Out Loud” sat down with the two most prominent candidates for Oregon governor for intimate one-on-one conversations about their lives. We didn’t talk much about politics, but instead focused on their families, their backgrounds, and their motivations. Source: Behind The Politics: Oregon Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Knute Buehler . Radio | […]
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