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Don’t wait for campaign finance reform

Gov. Kate Brown says there’s no hurry to pass campaign finance limits during the 2020 legislative session, preferring to wait for voters to decide in November whether to amend the Oregon Constitution to allow it. In remarks to reporters during a session preview last week, Brown said she has “really strong thoughts” about the issue […]
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Oregon Governor Kate Brown is encouraging full participation in the 2020 Census. Source: GOVERNOR ENCOURAGES FULL PARTICIPATION IN 2020 CENSUS – KQEN News Radio

Editorial: State fire plan’s a good first step

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown wants the state to get serious about dealing with and preventing wildfire, and what she has in mind is a first step down a long road. Lawmakers will take up her proposed legislation when the short, even-year session begins Feb. 3. It’s a good beginning. Source: Editorial: State fire plan’s a […]
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Governor appoints Albany attorney to Linn Circuit Court

Gov. Kate Brown has appointed Albany attorney Brendan Kane to succeed Linn County Circuit Court Judge DeAnn Novotny, who retired at the end of October. Source: Governor appoints Albany attorney to Linn Circuit Court | News |

Kate Brown names judge to Oregon Court of Appeals seat she previously awarded her own lawyer without any competition

Gov. Kate Brown has named an experienced writer and litigator to the Oregon Court of Appeals seat that she previously awarded to her own lawyer without considering any other candidates. When controversy erupted, Brown’s general counsel, Misha Isaak, declined the appointment. Source: Kate Brown names judge to Oregon Court of Appeals seat she previously awarded […]
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Campaign donation limits? Not this year, Oregon governor says

Oregon lawmakers should not pass campaign contribution limits this year, Gov. Kate Brown said during a Friday briefing on the upcoming short legislative session. As a result, voters will likely have to decide in November on a state constitutional amendment that would allow political donation limits without knowing what those money limits might be. Source: […]
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Lawmakers lay out priorities, potential pitfalls ahead of session

While a greenhouse gas emissions cap-and-trade bill remains the top policy agenda item for Democrats during the 2020 legislative session, lawmakers also will consider other special interest bills and budget requests upwards of half a billion dollars. Lawmakers told reporters Friday that the Legislature will have nearly $1 billion in ending fund balance available, half of which Gov. Kate Brown and senior […]
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Straight Talk: Oregon Governor Kate Brown on cap and trade

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has big plans for the upcoming 2020 legislative session that begins Feb. 3. Although it’s a short session lasting only 35 days, the governor has high hopes lawmakers will pass issues she says are critical to the state’s future. That includes a cap and trade bill that failed in the last […]
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Editorial: Money sure to be an issue

Like most such things, the “Governor’s Task Force on the Outdoors: 2020 Framework for Action” is full of goals, ranging from attracting a more diverse group of Oregonians to the outdoors to empowering state and local action. Accomplishing all the report envisions, however, may be a stretch. Source: Editorial: Money sure to be an issue […]
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AGENDA: Governor’s task force on outdoor recreation to hold final meeting in Salem

Inclusion and economic development has been part of the task force’s work as it prepares to make its final report. A task force charged with coming up with a long-term strategy for outdoor recreation in Oregon will hold its final meeting on Thursday, Jan. 23, in Salem. Source: AGENDA: Governor’s task force on outdoor recreation […]
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