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Oregon Enrollment In Healthcare.gov Drops

More than 145,000 Oregonians signed up for health insurance through HealthCare.gov during open enrollment last month. That’s equivalent to the populations of Gresham and Redmond combined. But it’s also a drop over last year, when 148,000 people signed up. That, too, was a drop from the year before. Source: Oregon Enrollment In Healthcare.gov Drops . News | OPB

Insurance Enrollment On Marketplace Dips For Second Year

Health insurance enrollment through the national marketplace dipped slightly this year. A total of 145,264 people signed up for coverage during the 45-day period from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. That’s a 2% dip from the year before, according to a release from Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services, which regulates the insurance industry. […]
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State reports slight dip in fall health care coverage enrollment

More than 145,000 Oregonians signed up for health plans for 2020 through HealthCare.gov, officials said Friday. The figure is down a bit, but officials said that could be seen as a good sign that they have jobs and coverage through their employer. During the 45-day-long open enrollment period in November/December, people can buy health insurance […]
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Health insurance enrollment deadline extended after website glitch

People who still need to purchase health care through state program have until midnight Dec. 17 to log on and sign up. The deadline to purchase health care for 2020 through the Oregon’s Health Insurance Marketplace has been extended. People seeking insurance and subsidies through Oregon’s Affordable Care Act system have until 11:59 p.m. (PST) […]
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Oregonians have an extra 35 hours to sign up for subsidized health insurance

The sign-up period to buy insurance for 2020 has been extended, according to a press release from the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services. People who do not qualify for the Oregon health plan or get insurance through their employer now have until Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 11:59 p.m. PST to apply for a […]
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Last Minute Help for Getting Health Insurance Under The Affordable Care Act

Enrollment for health insurance coverage in 2020 through the Affordable Care Act ends Sunday at midnight. Source: Last Minute Help for Getting Health Insurance Under The Affordable Care Act

Opinion: Oregon needs a bold new health care model

Like many other business owners in Oregon, I want to do right for my employees. But when I offered raises, much to my surprise, they told me not – repeat not – to increase their take-home income. Why? Because if I pay them more, they won’t qualify for health care through the Oregon Health Plan. […]
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Oregon families hard-hit by rising health insurance costs

Oregon workers with families pay some of the highest premiums for employer-provided health insurance in the nation, according to a new national report on health insurance costs. Oregon workers saw an average of $5,913 taken from their paychecks in 2018 to pay for family health insurance, the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund found after analyzing results from […]
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Oregon aims to make healthcare more affordable with new plan

Many single Oregonians making about $19,000 a year can qualify for a basic plan costing them, after a federal subsidy, $1 a month. People qualifying for deep subsidies are among the nearly 104,000 Oregonians who are estimated to qualify for financial help with their coverage but who remain uninsured. Source: Oregon aims to make healthcare […]
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U.S. judge in Oregon bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants

A U.S. judge in Oregon on Tuesday granted a preliminary injunction blocking a Trump administration proclamation that would require immigrants to show proof of health insurance to get a visa. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon said in a written opinion that the proclamation could not take effect while a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality makes […]
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