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Flash flood warning issued for Eagle Creek Fire burn area

Heavy rains in the fire-ravaged Columbia River Gorge led the National Weather Service Portland to issue a flash flood warning for the Eagle Creek burn area until 4 p.m. Wednesday. “This is a life-threatening situation,” weather officials said. Source: Flash flood warning issued for Eagle Creek Fire burn area

Rainstorms not yet enough to bring end to fire season in Western Oregon

The continued heavy rain — plus snow at higher elevations — have put a major damper on wildfires burning in Western Oregon. Still, the moisture-laden storms that have rolled in from the Pacific Ocean since Sunday night haven’t been big or prolonged enough to be a fire “season ender,” Bernie Pineda, a spokesman for the […]
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Showers wash away some fire concerns

Erosion and muddy flows in streams expected in areas affected by Eagle Creek wildfire. Rain showers sent hundreds of firefighters packing on Monday, Sept. 18, even as fire officials warned that the water heightened the risk of mud and landslides near the Eagle Creek wildfire in the Columbia River Gorge. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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What you can do under Oregon’s new distracted driving law

The revised law expands a ban on mobile electronic devices and stiffens penalties and fines. A new distracted driving law expands an existing ban on using cellphones while driving to all electronic mobile devices and stiffens fines and penalties, effective Oct. 1. Source: Pamplin Media Group – What you can do under Oregon’s new distracted […]
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My View: Health care tax would hurt middle class

While nearly everyone will be hit with the cost of these taxes, Oregon’s middle-class families will be hit the hardest. The Census Bureau reports that more than half of Oregon’s uninsured are adults between the ages of 25 and 64 who are not in poverty. These middle-class Oregonians surely want health insurance but have been […]
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‘Appalled by the position of the attorney general’: Kate Brown sounds off on Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to Oregon on Tuesday did not include a meeting with Gov. Kate Brown, despite her request to talk with him. So as Sessions denounced sanctuary policies at an event in Northwest Portland, Brown shared her thoughts instead with reporters in Salem. The governor and lawmakers are in the capital this […]
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Monuments in danger | Opinion |

Zinke dismisses public support for protection News that the Cascade-­Siskiyou National Monument in Southern Oregon is one of four being targeted for reduction by the Trump administration is bad news not just for Oregonians, but for Americans beyond the state’s borders. Source: Monuments in danger | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

Jeff Sessions to Oregon: State’s ‘sanctuary’ policies ‘endanger us all’

In a speech to federal law enforcement officers, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday urged Oregon politicians to reconsider the state’s “sanctuary” law. Sessions pointed to a slew of high-profile crimes committed by unauthorized immigrants in Oregon and nationwide as he tried to make the case that the 1987 state law makes Oregonians less […]
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New Oregon distracted driving, hands-free cellphone law begins Oct. 1

Starting Oct. 1, drivers in Oregon can be pulled over not only texting and talking on their cellphone but also for navigating, using social media and any other “hands-on” cellphone and electronics use. Repeat offenders will face steeper fines and as much as a year in jail. Source: New Oregon distracted driving, hands-free cellphone law […]
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Pollution problems continue to plague Bullseye Glass

Art glass manufacturer fouled soil, water near its Southeast Portland plant Bullseye Glass, a Portland company known for its colorful glass artwork and past toxic air emissions, also has fouled the groundwater, soil and a dry well at its Southeast Portland site. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the city of Portland want the […]
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