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Opinion: We have a duty to protect natural resources for future generations

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury and Lane County Chair Pete Sorenson write in support of plaintiffs suing the state over its failure to take adequate steps to protect natural resources and the atmosphere from climate change. Source: Opinion: We have a duty to protect natural resources for future generations –

Oregon among world’s fastest tree growing areas

Oregon is one of the world’s great tree-growing areas. The state’s soils and climate provide ideal conditions to grow such commercially viable species as Douglas fir and ponderosa pine. Forests cover more than 30 million of Oregon’s 62 million acres – almost half of the state’s landmass. Source: Natural Resource Report

Veteran stories are crucial part of our nation’s history

I love to study our nation’s history through the lens of our military veterans. Who could fail to be inspired by the brash courage of the United States Marines during the Battle of Belleau Wood in World War I? Or by the words of Marine Captain Lloyd W. Williams, who, after being repeatedly urged to […]
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Oregon Insight: housing starts rising – but new arrivals coming faster

Oregon housing construction nearly ground to a halt in the aftermath of the Great Recession, with the number of new homes under construction falling by nearly 80%. The economic slowdown didn’t stop new residents from moving here, though, and the resulting squeeze was one of the main reasons why house and apartment prices soared at […]
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Oregon OSHA fines owners of hemp operation $825K for egregious living and working conditions

State labor regulators have fined the owners of a hemp processing operation in southern Oregon $825,000 for housing and employing two dozen workers in a death trap building on a farm in Murphy, a community in unincorporated Josephine County. Source: Oregon OSHA fines owners of hemp operation $825K for egregious living and working conditions – […]
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Homeless with HIV: A lack of housing makes a preventable disease deadly in Oregon

Every month, Tim Menza receives reports about new HIV diagnoses and compares them to previous years. As a doctor and data analyst for the Oregon Health Authority’s sexually transmitted disease and HIV program, he’s familiar with how the HIV epidemic has waxed and waned. Source: Homeless with HIV: A lack of housing makes a preventable […]
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Oregon Insight: The state’s veterans are high earners

Oregon’s veterans are generally better off financially than residents who haven’t served in the military, according to a new analysis by Oregon Employment Department economist Sarah Cunningham. Veterans’ median income in the state was just over $40,000 last year, Cunningham found, nearly a third higher than nonvets. And just 7.2% of Oregon veterans live below […]
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New Seasons recalls ground beef over E. Coli contamination, 3 Oregon illnesses

Portland supermarket chain New Seasons issued a recall notice Saturday for ground beef purchased at its stores last month, warning it may be contaminated with E. coli. The Oregon Health Authority has linked the contamination has been linked to three illnesses in Oregon. Source: New Seasons recalls ground beef over E. Coli contamination, 3 Oregon […]
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CCO that claimed Portland hospitals conspired against it is barred from metro-area market

Sweet victory has quickly soured for Trillium Community Health Plan as the state continues to reorganize its Medicaid health plans. State regulators late last week notified Eugene-based Trillium that they had rescinded their decision to allow the company to expand from its Lane County base into the Portland area. Source: CCO that claimed Portland hospitals […]
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PSU study finds microplastics in majority of razor clams and oysters collected on Oregon coast

The synthetic fibers that make up much of our modern clothing are making their way into the stomachs of the animals we eat, according to a new study from researchers at Portland State University. The vast majority of razor clams and oysters that were collected along the Oregon coast tested positive for microplastics, the researchers […]
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