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Former Gov. Kitzhaber ‘surprised’ over Oregon ethics commission rejection

Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber expressed surprise Monday after Oregon ethics officials rejected a proposed settlement. Source: Former Gov. Kitzhaber ‘surprised’ over Oregon ethics commission rejection

Oregon Health Authority reports $78 million in additional overpayments

Due to errors involving abortion, prison, undocumented immigrants and other factors, the state might have overpaid or owe as much as $78 million. Source: Oregon Health Authority reports $78 million in additional overpayments

ODOT paves way for safe routes to schools, will spend $10 million a year

The Oregon Department of Transportation will have $10 million per year starting next year to improve walking and biking routes near schools. Source: ODOT paves way for safe routes to schools, will spend $10 million a year

Why does Oregon need an ‘Office of Outdoor Recreation,’ and how will it work?

It would be easy to believe that Oregon’s newly-created Office of Outdoor Recreation is a needless extravagance. The state’s snow-capped volcanoes and salmon-filled rivers already fuel a $10.8 billion tourism industry, support 141,000 jobs and host a population more likely to spend time outdoors than the national average. Source: Why does Oregon need an ‘Office of Outdoor Recreation,’ […]
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ODOT director says problems at Motor Carrier Division have been fixed

Oregon Department of Transportation director Matt Garrett told a legislative committee last week that the agency has fixed problems at its Motor Carrier Division detailed in a recent internal audit, a 15-month, $180,000 Oregon Department of Justice investigation and a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit settlement. The Statesman Journal reported on the investigations earlier this month. Garrett […]
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Ethics investigation to continue as commission rejects Kitzhaber settlement

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission rejected a settlement with former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber on Friday that would have closed the book on a scandal that forced him to resign and has dragged on for years. The commission voted 7-1 with one abstention to discard the agreement Kitzhaber signed earlier this month because they wanted more […]
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How one incident caused 47 patients to die at the Oregon State Hospital

A ghastly scene unfolded during dinner 75 years ago at Oregon State Hospital. Patients began dropping like flies after eating a batch of poisoned scrambled eggs, vomiting blood and writhing on the floor in agony. Some died within minutes, others succumbed hours later, 47 people in all. Officially, there were 263 cases. Newspapers, however, reported […]
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Oregon Top 5: Best hikes at Manzanita and Oswald West State Park

The first time I heard about Manzanita, it was because a tornado had rolled in from the ocean and torn through the small coastal town. On October 14, 2016, a cyclone with wind speeds of 130 mph ripped through the city’s downtown, damaging 128 homes and causing $1 million of damage in just two minutes. Source: […]
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Oregon Dungeness crab season delayed again, could upset holiday meal plans

Oregon’s commercial Dungeness crab season will be delayed until at least Dec. 16 because the crabs are low in meat and high in domoic acid, a toxin that can cause severe illness in people. It’s the third year in a row the traditional Dec. 1 opening of the ocean season has been postponed. Source: Oregon Dungeness […]
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Oregon’s population grows at fastest rate in 20 years, fueled by new residents

Oregon’s population continued to grow at a rapid pace last year, including in the Salem area, as new residents poured into the state. Oregon’s population reached 4.1 million in 2017, growing by a total of 64,750 during the past year, according to new estimates from Portland State University’s Population Research Center. Source: Oregon’s population grows […]
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