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Legislature should have advanced the puppy-mill bill | Editorial

We’re disappointed the Legislature shelved House Bill 4045, which would have required dogs sold in pet stores to come from animal shelters, humane societies, dog-control districts, or rescues. Despite widespread public support, the Oregon Legislature couldn’t schedule a committee vote by the Feb. 9 deadline, which effectively killed the bill. Source: Legislature should have advanced the […]
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Humans learning to live with elk settling in Warrenton, Oregon

While residents sat at City Hall in early February and asked their mayor what could be done about elk roaming downtown, five young bull elk nibbled grass in front of a house several blocks away. Warrenton isn’t Gearhart, where elk are the bane of a golf course, a protective mother elk once menaced beachgoers and […]
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Salem church invests $110,000 in youth incarcerated at MacLaren

The high-gloss surface of the maple hardwood is what you expect on a basketball court. At just the right angle, you can see your reflection. For those in custody at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, it’s a reflection of what they hope to become and of the support they are grateful to receive. Source: Salem church […]
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Oregon Legislature scales back whistleblower protection bill

A proposal to allow Oregon state employees to report whistleblower concerns anonymously has been scaled back. Senate Republican Leader Jackie Winters of Salem introduced Senate Bill 1559 in response to a November story in the Statesman Journal about former Oregon Department of Transportation employee Gerritt Law and several other whistleblowers. Source: Oregon Legislature scales back […]
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Domestic violence gun bill passes House, has support in Senate

The Oregon House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would expand the prohibition of gun ownership to people convicted of domestic violence against a partner to whom they are not married. The bill passed by a vote of 37-23 with three Republicans voting for and one Democrat voting against. It will now be sent to […]
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Salem family plays key role in legislation to address sexual misconduct

It’s a call that no parent wants to get. While at home in December 2015, Chad Miller’s son, Tyler, called him from an out-of-state school trip, saying he had been attacked. “I was hurt. I was scared. I was angry, and I was humiliated,” Tyler said this week while testifying before the Oregon House judiciary committee […]
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Immigrants take oath of citizenship on Oregon Senate floor

Immigrants from Canada, China, El Salvador, Mexico, Thailand and the United Kingdom were naturalized in Oregon’s Senate chambers Wednesday. Source: Immigrants take oath of citizenship on Oregon Senate floor

Ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber violated ethics laws 11 times, according to Oregon commission report

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber allegedly violated state ethics laws 11 times during his tenure as governor, according to a new report. Source: Ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber violated ethics laws 11 times, according to Oregon commission report

Senate panel won’t debate Sen. Jeff Kruse harassment allegations

There will be no public hearing next week on allegations that Sen. Jeff Kruse sexually harassed colleagues, interns and lobbyists since 2011. Source: Senate panel won’t debate Sen. Jeff Kruse harassment allegations

Salem church invests $110,000 in youth incarcerated at MacLaren

Salem Evangelical Church pays for new gym floor to be installed at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn. Source: Salem church invests $110,000 in youth incarcerated at MacLaren