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Oregon carbon reduction greenhouse gas most important climate bill

House Bill 2020, the Oregon Climate Action Plan currently moving through the State Capitol, establishes a carbon reduction program tailor-made for our state’s families and businesses. As a volunteer board member representing Salem with the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board (CUB), which was created by voters to advocate for residential utility customers, I especially support HB […]
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Oregon legislators abandon bill removing non-medical vaccine exemption

As an organization invested in the health of every person in our communities, we were extremely disappointed to that the Oregon Legislature abandoned HB 3063, a bill that would have eliminated parents’ ability to opt out of vaccinating their children prior to school attendance without a medical exemption. Source: Oregon legislators abandon bill removing non-medical […]
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Salem twins’ ‘life’ sentences in limbo, could go to U.S. Supreme Court

The rejected “life” prison sentences of Salem twin brothers convicted of murder in 1993 are in limbo after Oregon’s attorney general asked the courts to hold off on resentencing the men while the state takes the case to the U.S. Supreme Court for review. In a motion filed Wednesday, the Oregon Department of Justice asked for a stay on the […]
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Oregon Senate Republicans still absent, no clear path forward

Oregon Senate Republicans continued their walkout from Senate floor sessions for the second day on Friday, avoiding Oregon State Police and thwarting Democrats who want to pass an economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions cap-and-trade bill. Republicans want to change House Bill 2020, saying they have been alternatively cut out of the process or their suggestions have been dismissed by […]
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Keizer soldier killed in Iraq gets highway memorial on Interstate 5

A stretch of Interstate 5 will bear the memory of a Keizer soldier who died serving in Iraq. Army Pfc. Ryan Hill died in action in Iraq on Jan. 20, 2007. A sign will go up along the freeway near his hometown, serving as a reminder of his sacrifice. Source: Keizer soldier killed in Iraq gets […]
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Oregon Legislature repeals tsunami zone building law

The Oregon Legislature has repealed a nearly 25-year-old law prohibiting new schools, hospitals, jails, and police and fire stations from being built in the state’s tsunami inundation zone. Coastal legislators, who pushed the bill, say the risks of a natural disaster must be weighed against an actual economic disaster already unfolding because of the statute. Source: […]
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Oregon Senate gavels in, gavels out Sunday as protesters gather

The Oregon Senate was unable to reach a quorum during their brief floor session Sunday morning as Republican senators continued their unexcused absence from the Capitol. Democratic senators said Republicans have not returned their calls and even top lawmakers don’t know where negotiations stand to bring Republicans back into the building. Source: Oregon Senate gavels in, […]
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Bill to allow easier access to cold medicines fails 4th year in a row

Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, has tried four times to bring back over-the-counter purchases of pseudoephedrine in Oregon, but each year the legislation has died. This year it made it through the House, the best showing so far. But not good enough. Source: Bill to allow easier access to cold medicines fails 4th year in a row

Saturday Senate session canceled after militia protest violence threat

A threat from militia groups identified by Oregon State Police derailed the Oregon Senate’s plans to meet Saturday, and Senate floor session could again be canceled Sunday if legislative leaders are advised to by the police. Police officials also recommended that Gov. Kate Brown not be in Salem on Saturday. Source: Saturday Senate session canceled after militia protest violence threat

Bill taking issue of non-unanimous jury law to voters passes in House

The House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 10, bringing momentum to an effort to bring the state’s lone non-unanimous jury system to voters. Source: Bill taking issue of non-unanimous jury law to voters passes in House