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Both sides on gillnet issue dig in

A crucial vote concerning the Columbia River Reforms regarding gillnets will be taken by the full Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission at a meeting on June 6-7 in Salem It will determine whether the alterations suggested by the joint-state task force will be adopted. Source: Both sides on gillnet issue dig in | The Columbian

Spring and Kazuri are this hunter’s early warning system for waterfowl

State Library Ed. Note: Scroll down for content regarding gill-netting, sea lions and ODFW workshops. My hearing aids each have their own ears and even eyes … as complete a hunting system as possible for waterfowl…. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission last week abandoned hard-won salmon harvest reforms on the lower Columbia River, potentially […]
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Oregon, Washington debate Columbia River salmon policies

Oregon and Washington state are still figuring out what to do with gillnets on the Columbia River. A committee that includes fish and wildlife commissioners from both states met for the first time Thursday with staff in Salem to go over areas where the states maintain different policies for the river. Source: Oregon, Washington debate […]
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Oregon’s wolf management plan moves forward despite opposition

After years of contentious meetings, the hiring of an outside facilitator to find common ground among stakeholders and a last minute withdrawal by conservation groups, Oregon’s revised wolf management plan will finally get a vote, nearly five years after it was due. Source: Oregon’s wolf management plan moves forward despite opposition |

Oregon Trapping Ban Considered For Imperiled Marten

The Humboldt marten is in line to get new protections in Oregon as the state considers a trapping ban. State fish and wildlife officials signed a court settlement Wednesday that calls for new rule-making to ban trapping of this imperiled, mink-like mammal. Source: Oregon Trapping Ban Considered For Imperiled Marten . News | OPB

Deer catch-and-release not a viable option

Q:I just read your article about potential for killing deer in cities like Ashland as a solution to the problem. It says trapping and releasing the deer elsewhere outside of town isn’t an option. But what’s the reasoning? Cost? A: The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted recently in favor of a pilot program giving […]
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Pilot Program Allows Oregon Cities To Kill Deer

Urban deer are rampant in many Oregon cities. They eat people’s gardens, chase people with dogs, and weave through traffic. But starting in January, some cities will have a chance to get deer kill permits from the state. Source: Pilot Program Allows Oregon Cities To Kill Deer

Open rockfish waters may expand

Oregon’s recreational bottomfishing fleet would be allowed to fish deeper water for a longer period under proposed bottomfishing rules up for a vote Friday by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. An increase in the catch-and-release impacts on protected yelloweye rockfish has allowed the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to recommend fishing out to […]
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City deer in the crosshairs

Cities such as Ashland and Jacksonville would be allowed for the first time to kill nuisance deer under a proposed statewide pilot program to help cities cull their sometimes overwhelming urban deer herds. But Ashland Mayor John Stromberg said he doesn’t see that applying to his town, and he believes there are more options to […]
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Curry: State is wrong to deny protection to rare marten

In the tangled understory of two coastal national forests, the last of Oregon’s Humboldt martens cling to survival. Just don’t ask state wildlife managers to lend these cute but fierce little creatures a hand. Fewer than 200 total martens survive in two populations in the Siskiyou and Siuslaw national forests. However, the Oregon Fish and […]
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