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Oregon considers new rules for crab

Tracing path from catch to consumer. As closures related to harmful marine toxins continue to plague Oregon’s lucrative commercial Dungeness crab fishery, new rules are under consideration that will help state fishery managers trace crab after it is caught and respond with more flexibility. In April, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will consider making […]
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Bill protects public health and safe fisheries

The Oregon Senate passed a bill on Monday that establishes a sea-to-sale tracking program to protect public health without shutting down entire segments of the seafood industry. Senate Bill 1550 – which passed with a 27-0 vote on the Senate floor on Feb. 19 – authorizes the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to adopt record-keeping […]
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Turn in Poachers fund pays record $24,200 in rewards

The Oregon Hunters Association’s Turn In Poachers reward program paid $24,200 to informants in poaching cases last year — a record amount in the program’s 32 years. The rewards were paid in 50 separate fish and wildlife violation cases reported to Oregon State Police Offices throughout the state, including six in Douglas County, according to […]
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Marbled murrelet officially listed as endangered species in Oregon

The Marbled murrelet, a threatened seabird that nests in old-growth forests throughout the Pacific Northwest, is officially an endangered species in Oregon. The state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission voted Friday to reclassify the seabird as endangered after a marathon daylong meeting in a ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel near Portland International Airport. Source: Marbled murrelet […]
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Marbled murrelets protected as endangered

A 4-2 vote by a state commission. Marbled murrelets nest in state-owned forestland in Clatsop County, but it isn’t clear yet how an uplisting from threatened to endangered in Oregon could affect logging operations. Source: Marbled murrelets protected as endangered – Local News – The Daily Astorian

An Oregon Seabird Called the Marbled Murrelet Is Now Listed as Endangered

Ensuring protections for the bird may mean saving old-growth forests from logging. Never heard of the marbled murrelet? Perhaps that’s because the species has been in decline for the past two decades. In fact, the seabirds are so imperiled that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission just voted to up-list the species from […]
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Oregon increases protections for marbled murrelet and the timber industry is not pleased

Oregon environmental officials have increased protections for the marbled murrelet, a rare diving seabird known as the “enigma of the Pacific” because it lives and hunts in the ocean but nests far inland in the high canopy of mossy, old-growth forests. The 4-2 vote Friday by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to boost the […]
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Oregon upgrades marbled murrelet to ‘endangered’

The change to endangered status will likely result in stricter logging limits on state forestland. Oregon’s wildlife regulators have “uplisted” the marbled murrelet from a threatened to an endangered species, which will likely result in stricter logging limits on state forestland. Source: Oregon upgrades marbled murrelet to ‘endangered’

Tooting Oregon’s bighorns

Jim Bittle’s participation last week in one of Oregon’s greatest wildlife success stories came strictly from behind. The Central Point man parlayed his position on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission into a key role during the capture of 20 California bighorn sheep from the Deschutes River Canyon and their release in Oregon’s John Day […]
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Wolf kills calf on Jackson County ranch, first known attack in 2018

Wolves howled the night of Jan. 3, and Ted Birdseye hopped on his all-terrain vehicle to check on the 200 cattle on the family’s ranch south of Prospect. His wife, Ariel, also heard what sounded like cattle under attack. After about an hour of searching, the Birdseyes didn’t see much except for some spooked cows […]
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