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Trump Order Could Affect Hanford, Cascade-Siskiyou National Monuments

President Trump issued an executive order Wednesday that could foreshadow changes to two national monuments in Oregon and Washington. Trump’s order calls for the secretary of interior to review several monuments with an eye toward changing them “back on track to manage our federal lands in accordance with traditional multiple use,” said Interior Secretary Ryan […]
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Oregon Budget Negotiations | Environmental Justice And Carbon Pricing

OPB’s senior political reporter Jeff Mapes fills us in on the budget negotiations going on in Salem as lawmakers try to figure out how to find common ground on the best way to close a $1.6 billion budget gap. We get two perspectives on putting a price on carbon, and the broad effects of energy policy […]
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Raising The Smoking Age – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Oregon state Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, D-Portland, joins us to discuss a bill that would raise the age for tobacco use from 18 to 21. Source: Cybersecurity | Raising The Smoking Age . Radio | OPB

Innovating Emergency Medical Response: The View From Reno And Portland

Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers and Brad Lee, who directs the Reno area’s medical emergency response, tell us about innovations in 911 service. All over the country, government agencies are having to look at ways to do more with less. Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers has been on the job for about 10 months. He recently […]
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Struggling Logging Industry Gave Trump An Opening In This Deep Blue Oregon District

Donald Trump came within 600 votes of winning in Oregon’s 4th congressional district, where the fading logging industry remains important. Democrats have represented the area for over 40 years. At Seneca Sawmill Company in Eugene, Ore., a team of lumbermen stand watch as wooden boards are spit out one-by-one onto a planing platform. “We’re taking […]
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4 Things To Know As Oregon’s Tax And Budget Wars Heat Up

Earlier this week, the Oregon Legislature’s top budget writers released a list of potential cuts they say they’ll have to make if lawmakers don’t find new money to fill a $1.6-billion budget shortfall. Democratic legislative leaders say they want voters to understand what’s at stake. Republicans say it’s an attempt to scare the public into encouraging legislators to […]
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Guns And Public Health – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Oregon Health and Science University and Portland State University are hosting a community forum this Saturday about rethinking how we solve the problem of gun violence. Ryan Petteway, Alisha Moreland-Capuia, and Kimberely Dixon join us to talk about how thinking of gun violence as a public health issue offers new solutions to a difficult problem. Source: […]
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Left Lane Law – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The Oregon Senate recently approved a bill that would restrict use of the left lane of the highway for passing only. The bill now heads to the House. Sen. Ginny Burdick tells us why she is advocating for the proposal. Source: Portland’s Emergency Response | Left Lane Law | Dahlak Brathwaite . Radio | OPB

Disability Rights Lawsuit – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A class action lawsuit filed against the Oregon Department of Human Services claims the agency violated the constitutional rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities when it made some recent cuts to in-home services. We talk to two of the plaintiffs and a lawyer for Disability Rights Oregon, the advocacy group representing them in […]
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Represented: Fixing And Funding Oregon’s Roads

We hit the road — literally — to see how a pothole is filled, and find out how that kind of routine road maintenance fits into the huge transportation package lawmakers are putting together. All around Oregon, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are struggling with the potholes left behind from a particularly brutal winter. Think Out Loud […]
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