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 Oregon Adds 4,600 Jobs in October

In October, Oregon’s nonfarm payroll employment grew by 4,600 jobs, following a revised gain of 4,700 jobs in September. Monthly gains in October were widespread, with nine of the top 13 industries adding jobs, led by professional and business services(+1,500 jobs); wholesale trade (+1,000 jobs); and government (+1,000 jobs). Only two major industries cut jobs substantially in October: private educational services (-800 […]
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Chronic Absenteeism – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The rates of chronic absenteeism in Oregon schools is worse than in schools in many other states around the country. We’ll hear from two moms who have each struggled with complicated circumstances that made it hard for them to get their kids to school. Source: Chronic Absenteeism . Radio | OPB

‘OPB Politics Now:’ Learning From Washington About Gun Control And A Carbon Tax

Next year, Oregon lawmakers plan to take up gun control and climate change. And coincidentally, Washington voters just considered the same issues. In this episode of “OPB Politics Now,” OPB political reporters Dirk Vanderhart, Jeff Mapes and Lauren Dake and Northwest News Network Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins look at the Evergreen State’s recent fights over […]
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Border Cannabis | Non-Unanimous Juries | WWI In Oregon – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A small Oregon town on the border with Idaho voted to legalize recreational marijuana shops last week. Ontario will now be the closest legal cannabis to Boise, Idaho, and city planners expect the vote to have a big economic impact on the town. Town manager Adam Brown tells us what the town has been doing […]
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These Bridges And Tunnels Save Wild Animals’ Lives — And Prevent Car Wrecks, Too

If you’ve ever slammed on your brakes for a deer in the road, you know the heart-pumping feeling of a near miss. Northwest drivers are getting help navigating without putting wildlife at risk. The first time Chris Branch hit a deer, he thought, “Well, here it is.” He knew the road he was driving in […]
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Megafires More Frequent Because Of Climate Change And Forest Management

Climate change as well as the way people have managed forests in the west are leading to more big fires. And more people live in harm’s way. Strong, dry winds are expected to continue through the early part of this week in California as the state battles several wildfires. The Camp Fire in Northern California, which […]
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Celebrating The Life Of And Justice For Mulugeta Seraw

We remember Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw, who was murdered in southeast Portland 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, three white supremacist skinheads beat Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw to death on the streets of a quiet southeast Portland neighborhood. Those men pleaded guilty and were sentenced for the crime. After the criminal proceedings, a lawsuit against […]
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Pendleton, Oregon, Is A Hub For Drone Testing. Now, It Wants To Expand Capacity

A dream to make rural Pendleton, Oregon, into a drone-testing mecca is becoming very real. It’s so real, in fact, that the city-owned airport has run out of hangar space to rent to global aerospace companies. Now, the Pendleton airport is seeking millions more in public funding to help expand. Darryl Abling, the Pendleton Unmanned Aircraft Systems […]
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Oregon Winegrowers Losing Vines To Red Blotch

Winegrowers across Oregon are tearing up their grapevines because of an aggressive disease likely brought in by plant nurseries. Rogue Valley winegrower John Pratt usually harvests about 45 tons of grapes a year. But this year, he brought in just 12. “Luckily we had 2 blocks that were pretty much disease-free,” he said. “We were […]
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Oregon Sues Trump Administration Over Withheld Federal Dollars

Oregon sued the Trump administration Friday over a requirement the state work with immigration authorities if it wants to receive more than $4 million in federal grants. The U.S. Department of Justice distributes Byrne JAG grants, which are used by jurisdictions across the country to help law enforcement fund new initiatives and fight crime. Source: […]
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