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Affordable Housing – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The National Low Income Housing Coalition just released its annual “Out of Reach” report, which shows there is no state in the country where a minimum wage worker can afford a two-bedroom apartment. Coalition president and CEO Diane Yentel discusses this year’s findings. Source: Affordable Housing | Young Podcasters | Single Mom With Cancer . Radio […]
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Family Separation | CBD | Beaverton’s Camping Ban – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A non-psychoactive component of cannabis — known as CBD — can be found in everything from tinctures and creams to hot chocolate. People say it helps with a whole host of ailments, but there’s still a lot that’s unknown. We talk with an industry expert, a lawyer and a CBD retailer to find out more […]
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Black families were pushed out of Portland. Can this program help more return?

In Portland, Oregon, a program called Right to Return aims to atone for the repeated displacement of thousands of African-American families from the city. Amna Nawaz and producer Mike Fritz explore how it’s all playing out, as part of our series Chasing the Dream. Source: Black families were pushed out of Portland. Can this program […]
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Portland Housing Project – OPB’s Think Out Loud

More than 250,000 people are expected to move to Portland in the next 20 years. To accommodate all that growth, the city’s plan is to allow more duplexes and triplexes to be built in close-in neighborhoods. But some people say the new regulations will make building new housing financially impossible. And others say it will change the character […]
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As Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise, Major Crops Are Losing Nutrients

As the level of carbon dioxide in the air rises because of climate change, scientists are trying to pin down how plants are impacted. There’s evidence that it’s changing many important plants we eat. Plants need carbon dioxide to live. But its effects on them are complicated. Source: As Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise, Major Crops Are […]
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A 1-Bedroom Apartment In Oregon Is Now Unaffordable For The Average Worker

A new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition gives a stark illustration of the rise in housing costs across Oregon: The average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment is now beyond the means of the average full-time Oregon worker. The report looks at the average wage of renters and compares that to what a typical apartment […]
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Oregon’s Potential Ballot Fight Over Abortion

Of all the ballot fights Oregonians could expect later this year, abortion may be the most surprising. Hyper blue Oregon has repeatedly shot down new restrictions on abortion over the years. But now, a conservative group is hoping to call the question again. Source: Oregon’s Potential Ballot Fight Over Abortion . News | OPB

‘This Is Not Normal.’ Eastern Oregon Ranchers Struggle With Deepening Drought

In the shadow of remote Dry Mountain, branding is the only way to guarantee a fair sorting of cattle between ranchers in the fall. Animals’ ear tags can rub off in the rough, sage-studded country. So each year, before cattle are let out to graze on summer range, the young are branded, castrated and vaccinated. […]
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Oregon on the road to freeway tolling – KOIN

The Oregon Transportation Commission will ask the federal government’s permission by year-end to impose tolls on some or all of I-5 and I-205 in the Portland area. State Library Ed. Note: Click on video for content. Source: Oregon on the road to freeway tolling – KOIN

Algae Blooms in Southern Oregon?

Algae Blooms in Southern Oregon? State Library Ed. Note: See video for story content. Source: Algae Blooms in Southern Oregon?