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State Fish and Wildlife Commission meets in Astoria

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission meets in Astoria Thursday and Friday — the first time the commission has met in the city since former Gov. John Kitzhaber’s plan to phase commercial gillnetters off the Columbia River main stem in 2012. Source: State Fish and Wildlife Commission meets in Astoria

Warrenton schools to pursue tsunami relocation bond

Money to move out of tsunami danger. The Warrenton-Hammond School District will ask voters for $32.4 million in November to buy a master campus and build a new middle school, part of a long-term plan to move all schools out of the tsunami inundation zone. Source: Warrenton schools to pursue tsunami relocation bond – Local […]
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Elk culling an option for public safety

New pilot program offers a pathway. A new state pilot program intended to control the urban deer population could help cities like Gearhart cull the elk herds that roam the North Coast. Cities that declare deer a public nuisance can petition the state Department of Fish and Wildlife for help to reduce population levels starting […]
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Our View: Slow and steady can win the tsunami race

Science gives us a head start in adjusting to risk. Both desirable and dangerous, coastlines are a front-row seat for the splendors, rewards and hazards of the living, crashing ocean. A new analysis of tsunami risks published last week shouldn’t cause sleepless nights, but should change future calculations about how to live along the Pacific’s […]
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Cormorants on East Sand Island spared, but eggs will be taken

Agency won’t shoot fish-eating birds this year. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t plan to shoot any double-crested cormorants at a breeding colony at the mouth of the Columbia River this year, but wants to take up to 500 eggs. Source: Cormorants on East Sand Island spared, but eggs will be taken – Local […]
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Our View: Carbon committee should reflect urban and rural voices 

Read Oregon’s environment and economy are in a political battle. The saving grace may be a new legislative committee, which state House Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President Peter Courtney are forming to find a solution. Source: Our View: Carbon committee should reflect urban and rural voices – Editorials – The Daily Astorian

Guest column: Astoria needs to get to the root of homelessness

By giving Astoria’s homeless food and shelter, concerned Astorians are taking care of their immediate needs. Just like my grandparents’ generation did. And just like my great-grandparents’ generation did before them. Doing the same thing over-and-over for a hundred years, however, hasn’t ended homelessness. But I suspect all Astorians would like to see it ended. […]
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Oregon takes a new look at rocky shores

The tide pools at Indian Beach are a major attraction. People scramble over rocks that are alive with crabs and barnacles and that shake with the thud of ocean waves to peer into the pools, catching glimpses of green anemones, sea stars and other mysterious but iconic ocean creatures. Rocky shores account for roughly 41 […]
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Clatsop Community College to propose $3 tuition hike

Tuition and fee revenue has dropped with enrollment below what was expected with a new and improved Patriot Hall. The Clatsop Community College Board, facing lackluster enrollment and funding, will consider a $3-per-credit tuition hike next month. “None of us feel like increasing tuition is something that we want to do,” College President Christopher Breitmeyer […]
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Residents grumble about Clatsop County flood-control demands

Changes a result of federal insurance requirements. Clatsop County may make alterations to land use rules this year that would affect several hundred property owners in flood-prone areas, citing new federal insurance requirements. The county has participated in the National Flood Insurance Program since the 1970s. Source: Residents grumble about Clatsop County flood-control demands – […]
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