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Guest Column: Four questions control session’s fate

Four questions will determine the fate of the 2020 Oregon Legislature. Several days of legislative committee meetings this week will provide the first clues to the answers. Source: Guest Column: Four questions control session’s fate | Columns |

Guest Column: Broader perspective needed on river treaty

Last May, the U.S. and Canada began negotiations to modernize the Columbia River Treaty — a 1964 agreement that defines the way both countries share the Northwest’s greatest waterway. Source: Guest Column: Broader perspective needed on river treaty | Columns |

Port invests in airport grants

Airport supports nearly 400 jobs. The Astoria Regional Airport barely pays for itself operationally. But the airfield supports nearly 400 jobs, primarily from the U.S. Coast Guard air station, and brings in the lion’s share of federal grants to the Port of Astoria. Source: Port invests in airport grants | Local News |

Guest Column: Some New Year’s ideas on education

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions or annual predictions. Instead, in the interest of stirring the political pot, I offer five possibly provocative proposals for education in Oregon. Source: Guest Column: Some New Year’s ideas on education | Columns |

Our View: Small inconvenience, big improvement

It is heartbreaking to see photos of wildlife and sea species that have died from swallowing or becoming tangled in plastic bags. It is more than annoying to be driving and have plastic bags littering the side of the road or empty ones blowing up into your windshield. The new Oregon law banning single-use plastic […]
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Guest Column: Fishermen and farmers need solutions

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s draft report on the lower Snake River dams raises important questions about the future of our region’s salmon runs, energy and infrastructure. But one of the most important considerations in the report is the future of our rural economies — from here on the Pacific coast to the inland Northwest. Commercial […]
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County code limiting RVs draws criticism

Some people are living in vehicles. A Clatsop County ordinance has drawn criticism over concerns that it exacerbates the housing crisis. The code limits people to living in their campers, trailers and other recreational vehicles no more than 30 days out of a 90-day period. A similar code exists in counties throughout the state. But […]
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King tides offer a taste of sea level rise

Tracking changes along the coast. King tides will once again hit the Oregon Coast this weekend, giving residents a taste of what life could be like in the near future. Researchers say the tides are a preview of the rising sea levels caused by climate change that, under current projections, could eventually submerge much of […]
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Investigators knock Warrenton fire readiness

The city faces $10,800 in fines from the state for safety violations at the Warrenton Fire Department. Source: Investigators knock Warrenton fire readiness | Local News |

Guest Column: What the timber lawsuit really mean

After a monthlong trial, after hearing more than 100 hours of testimony and reviewing hundreds of exhibits, some going back to the early 1900s, the Linn County jury deliberated for only a few hours before returning with a verdict. The jury determined that the state had indeed breached a long-standing contract with the forest trust […]
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