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Deschutes County had highest net migration out of all Oregon counties in 2018

Unsurprisingly, many people are moving to Deschutes County from around the West Coast. But unlike other major Oregon counties, not many residents are leaving. Deschutes County had a higher net migration — the number of new residents minus the number of former residents who left — than any other Oregon county, according to tax filings […]
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Summit focuses on managing labor unrest

If agricultural employers feel like they have a target on their backs, Tim Bernasek can sympathize. Farms and ranches are subject to wide scrutiny when it comes labor, said Bernasek, an attorney who focuses on agriculture and natural resources law at the Portland firm Dunn Carney. Source: Summit focuses on managing labor unrest

St. Charles Health Systems closes year at 3.1% operating margin

Despite pressure from higher wages, lower reimbursement rates and the completion of a patient tower, St. Charles Health System’s financial health is stable. Source: St. Charles Health Systems closes year at 3.1% operating margin | Business |

Wage Disparity by Race and Ethnicity

Over the last decade, the wage disparity by race and ethnicity in Oregon has remained consistent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD), Asian and non-Hispanic white workers have the highest wages. In 2018, wages for black, American Indian, mixed-race, and Hispanic or Latino workers of any race ranged between $39,000 and […]
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BLUECHIP: Workforce training in higher ed increasingly aligns with local industry needs

Pathways to employment and advancement. The state’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission embeds in its mission the promise of “ensuring an accessible, affordable, equitable, and coordinated network of college and career training programs” for all Oregonians. So the vision for workforce training in Oregon starts at the top. Source: BLUECHIP: Workforce training in higher ed increasingly aligns with […]
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Oregon Employment Outlook: 2020 Will Be ‘Slow And Stable’

Oregon’s unemployment rate starts the new year at historic lows . But some analysts think the state’s economy won’t continue to grow at the same robust Source: Oregon Employment Outlook: 2020 Will Be ‘Slow And Stable’ | KLCC

Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: Wage Inequality in Oregon: A Wide Gap

Over the past 28 years, the distribution of wage income in Oregon has continued to become more unequal. In 2018, employees who worked all four quarters of the year earned a total of nearly $89.3 billion in covered wages, an inflation-adjusted increase of more than $47 billion since 1990. Source: Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: […]
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Oregon Insight: Income inequality keeps growing

Oregon is enjoying a long, broad economic expansion that may be without precedent in the state’s history. Unemployment is at a record low, 3.9%, and incomes are soaring. The good times, though, are much, much better for some than for others. Source: Oregon Insight: Income inequality keeps growing –

Oregon job growth to slow in 2020 after ‘bad economic decade’

Slowing hiring is more impacted by labor constraints than economic weakness. Oregon job growth is expected to slow this year, likely only adding about the same amount of jobs as in 2019, the state employment department said. Source: Oregon job growth to slow in 2020 after ‘bad economic decade’ – News – The Register-Guard – […]
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Guest View: Refugees can drive Lane County’s economy

Perhaps you’ve heard that the United States has capped the annual number of refugees it will accept at the lowest level ever. This comes at a time when there are more refugees worldwide than at any time in history. Source: Guest View: Refugees can drive Lane County’s economy – Opinion – The Register-Guard – Eugene, […]
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