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Sprenger bill targets masked rioters

State Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, R-Scio, plans to introduce a bill in the upcoming legislative short session that would increase penalties for protesters found to have an intent to start a riot or commit a crime. Under Oregon law, rioting means acting “with five or more other persons … in tumultuous and violent conduct and thereby […]
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Legislators prepping to tackle guns, wildfires, homelessness in upcoming session

Legislators will roll up their sleeves for some speedy politicking in February, tackling some of Oregon’s thorniest problems. When they gather for the monthlong legislative session, legislators want to improve the state’s care for people with mental illness and its ability to fight increasingly destructive wildfires. State Library Ed. Note:  Oregon Capital Bureau story also […]
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Oregon public records council focuses on plan to ensure independence

League of Oregon Cities’ amendments could curtail some of the council’s and public records advocates’ authority to seek legislation. Oregon’s Public Records Advisory Council met Wednesday to discuss a legislative proposal to carve out its place as an independent agency and office under the governor. A lobbyist for the League of Oregon Cities has proposed […]
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Don’t wait for campaign finance reform

Gov. Kate Brown says there’s no hurry to pass campaign finance limits during the 2020 legislative session, preferring to wait for voters to decide in November whether to amend the Oregon Constitution to allow it. In remarks to reporters during a session preview last week, Brown said she has “really strong thoughts” about the issue […]
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Rioting Protesters Wearing Masks Could Face up to 10 Years in Prison Under New Oregon House Bill

The bill proposes to double the number of years a rioter could face in prison and increases potential fines to $250,000. Oregon state Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (R-Scio) introduced a draft bill on Wednesday which would double the criminal penalties for protesters wearing masks during the commission of “riot crimes.” Source: Rioting Protesters Wearing Masks Could Face up […]
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Big Out-Of-State Donations Have Oregon Lawmakers Mulling ‘Pay-To-Play’ Law

Legislators say they’ll investigate cracking down on gifts from possible state contractors. Reporting from OPB showed law firms vying for state business have become major political donors. Source: Big Out-Of-State Donations Have Oregon Lawmakers Mulling ‘Pay-To-Play’ Law . News | OPB

Editorial: Homeless focus overlooks important piece of the puzzle

Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek hopes to persuade the state Legislature to commit at least $40 million to help finance new shelters for the homeless this year. If she’s successful, the money will be a good step in efforts to provide relief for Oregon’s least fortunate residents, though it’s a long way from […]
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California’s Vaccine Exemption Ban Shows Results

Oregon’s legislature spent part of last year working on a bill that would end non-medical exemptions from vaccines for children. In the end, the House passed the bill, but it was withdrawn in the Senate, part of the deal to bring the Republicans back from a walkout. Source: California’s Vaccine Exemption Ban Shows Results | […]
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Legislative Session Will Be Short But Not All Sweet

The Oregon Legislature will hold a short session this year, with fewer bills on the table than last year. But some — on vaping, prior authorizations and Medicaid reporting — could stir controversy. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Legislative Session Will Be Short But Not All Sweet | The Lund Report

Oregon House Speaker Calls for Homelessness State of Emergency

Speaker of the Oregon House Tina Kotek has introduced a sweeping bill to address the state’s homelessness crisis.   The bill’s key feature is the declaration of a statewide “homelessness state of emergency,” similar to the one currently in place in Portland, which would remove zoning restrictions for the purposes of constructing homeless shelters.   Source: Oregon […]
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