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Bi-state committee tasked with reviving Interstate Bridge project meets next Friday

The Oregon and Washington lawmakers tasked with reviving moribund talks to replace the Interstate Bridge will meet for the first-time next Friday. Members from Oregon’s eight-person bipartisan committee comprised of House and Senate politicians, are scheduled to meet in Vancouver with their Washington counterparts. Source: Bi-state committee tasked with reviving Interstate Bridge project meets next […]
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Oregon’s Daylight Saving Legislation Is Law, But Is It Living On Borrowed Time?

November 3rd is when Oregonians move the clock back an hour. But what’s that? Didn’t the legislature and governor nix Daylight Saving Time this year? As KLCC’s Brian Bull explains, yes…and no. Senate Bill 320 was signed into law this year.  It keeps most of Oregon in year-round Daylight Saving Time, meaning no switching hours. […]
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Oregon Passed a Permanent Daylight Savings Bill, But We’ll Still Be Falling Back This Year

Despite the passage of Oregon Senate Bill 320, which is intended to put Oregon on daylight saving time permanently, clocks will still be “falling back” an hour in November.  The bill itself was passed and signed into law this June, and will come into effect January 2020. However, its implementation is a bit more complicated. […]
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Cap-and-trade bill was a missed opportunity

During Oregon’s last legislative session we had a climate bill that was good for our rural citizens: HB 2020. This was a cap, trade and invest bill. The cap is necessary to limit the amount of pollution. The trade is to create markets that provide incentives for reduction, and the investment is to create structure […]
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Oregon hunting, fishing licenses will lighten wallets

Oregon resident fishing licenses will increase $3 and resident hunting licenses will go up $1 in 2020 to help fuel fish and wildlife management in Oregon. The fee increase is the third and final one since 2016 under a law passed in 2015 by the Oregon Legislature to incrementally add to the Oregon Department of […]
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Effort made to restore funding

Nancy Gromen of La Grande, executive director of the Eastern Oregon Mediation Center, felt optimistic about her agency’s budget for the 2019-21 biennium as the Legislature’s session neared its conclusion in mid-July. Then the unexpected happened: The budget for the Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution, which funds the Eastern Oregon Mediation Center, was cut […]
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Oregon GOP senator accuses Dems of hostile work environment

An investigation into formal complaints submitted by a Republican lawmaker in the Oregon Senate against multiple Democratic lawmakers has found no basis for allegations of a hostile work environment in the wake of another Republican lawmaker making threats against state troopers. Source: Oregon GOP senator accuses Dems of hostile work environment

Oregon Republican Accuses Democrats Of Creating Hostile Work Environment In Formal Complaints

A Republican in the Oregon Senate lodged a handful of formal complaints against his Democratic colleagues for creating a hostile workplace, in the wake of threats another Republican, State Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, made against Oregon state troopers. Source: Oregon Republican Accuses Democrats Of Creating Hostile Work Environment In Formal Complaints . News | OPB

Editorial: Hass right on records advocate

The Oregon Legislature created the office of Public Records Advocate and the Public Records Advisory Council in 2017. Now, in the wake of the resignation of the first advocate, Ginger McCall, state Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, hopes to persuade lawmakers to give the council the right to appoint McCall’s successor. Gov. Kate Brown agrees. There’s […]
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Stress-related disability claims filed by Portland police, firefighters expected to increase under new state law

Portland’s public safety disability fund expects to receive 10 new claims a year from police or firefighters seeking benefits for post traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder under a new state law that went into effect late last month. The fund now approves two to three stress claims a year. Source: Stress-related disability claims […]
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