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Capitol roundup: No state dog for Oregon

The statehouse air conditioning is off, while votes from 2019 session still raise steam. With the Legislature gone until next year, lawmakers can’t be blamed for the hot air filling the Capitol this month. Ramped-up renovation of the 80-year-old statehouse is the culprit: The air conditioning is off until July 29, and the whole place […]
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Efforts Aim To Stitch Together West Coast Hiking Trails

Long-distance hiking can be the experience of a lifetime. It also can present dicey to mundane hurdles, like having to hike stretches along busy highways or logging roads. Source: Efforts Aim To Stitch Together West Coast Hiking Trails

Editorial: Any new carbon bill should return money to Oregonians

The 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature was a doozy. With supermajorities in each house, Democrats didn’t have to worry about passing most tax bills, which they did with abandon. Republicans stewed until those in the Senate found a way to force their Democratic counterparts to the bargaining table. They picked up their papers and […]
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Rogue Valley Dems Debrief On Legislative Session

Having the Senate Republicans walk out of the Capitol–twice–took up a lot of headlines.  But there was more to this year’s session of the Oregon Legislature than that. Legislators have now had two weeks to sleep off the effects of the session, and we want to catch up with them about accomplishments and missteps.  Democrats […]
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Oregon to require schools to teach about Holocaust

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) on Monday signed into law a bill that requires the state’s public schools to teach about the Holocaust and other genocides, The Associated Press reported.  “Today more than ever, we need the learning opportunities that a bill like this will bring to our schools,” Brown said at a signing ceremony. Source: Oregon to […]
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Umpqua Watersheds to host River Appreciation Day

The call is out for Douglas County residents to join us for a day of swimming, floating, disc golfing and showing appreciation at the 33rd annual River Appreciation Day happening 8 a.m.-noon Saturday, July 20, at Whistler’s Bend Park. Source: Umpqua Watersheds to host River Appreciation Day

New law would limit Oregon’s death penalty to rare cases: Accused MAX train killer Jeremy Christian and others would face life in prison

A bill is headed to the governor’s desk that would drastically curtail cases in which a convicted murderer could be sentenced to death in Oregon. Much confusion surrounds Senate Bill 1013 and the effect it would have on defendants accused of heinous crimes. Source: New law would limit Oregon’s death penalty to rare cases: Accused […]
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One of Oregon’s biggest stocks of affordable housing — the mobile home — is in peril, despite state interventions

In the three decades that Susan Stoltenborg has lived near Eugene, she had to move five times as her rent jumped, her lease ended or poor conditions drove her out. Each move pushed her farther out from the central city. By 2018, she was ready to invest in stability. Source: One of Oregon’s biggest stocks […]
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Oregon Democrats’ $3,500 fines for Republicans who walked out generating controversy

Sen. Brian Boquist, the Dallas Republican who threw verbal flames on Republican senators’ action-halting nine-day standoff with Democrats, has paid the Senate a $3,500 fine for missing seven days of the final nine days the chamber was in session. Senate leaders say they will send invoices for that amount to each of the 10 other […]
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Democrats pile up landmark wins that will affect Oregon schools, businesses, workers, air quality, teen criminals and more

Oregon lawmakers gained international attention for what they didn’t do this year: pass a bill that would have made Oregon the second state in the nation to cap and charge fees on greenhouse gas emissions. Oregonians will likely feel the environmental and political ripples from the climate change showdown for years to come. Source: Democrats […]
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