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State says that kicker refunds will be larger than first anticipated

Oregon Office of Economic Analysis says the kicker will grow to $1.6 billion this year. Oregon taxpayers will receive even more in the form of a kicker next year, a state agency announced last week. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State says that kicker refunds will be larger than first anticipated

Transparency takes a hit in Salem | Opinion

A respected, valued state employee gave notice recently because the people she reports to were not letting her do her job. How do we know that? Source: Transparency takes a hit in Salem

Push to recall Brown gains signatures at state fair

Governor’s critics find an outlet for their dissent by focusing on her environmental proposals and the urban/rural divide. Jolly old St. Nicholas doesn’t care much for the governor. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Push to recall Brown gains signatures at state fair

Narrowing the rural/urban divide

While city dwellers have different needs than those of small eastern Oregon towns, experts say the debate is more nuanced than most think. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Narrowing the rural/urban divide

State agency reports a steady unemployment rate

Oregon’s 4 percent unemployment rate for the month of July was the same as in June. Oregon’s unemployment rate for July came in at 4 percent, the same as the revised June rate. This was the state’s lowest unemployment rate dating back to 1976. It tied the 4 percent unemployment rate reached in the state […]
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Department of Revenue warns of phone scams

Malcontents are posing as Social Security agents in an attempt to attain victim’s personal information. The Oregon Department of Revenue issued a warning last week after a recent spate of phone calls to taxpayers that could be scams. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Department of Revenue warns of phone scams

State energy agency announces next cycle of grant funding

The department announces more than $1.25 million in funding for renewable energy project. The Oregon Department of Energy announced last week six recipients of Renewable Energy Development Grant funds, totaling $1.25 million in funding. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State energy agency announces next cycle of grant funding

State encourages boaters to be ‘courteous’

A recent string of accidents in the Portland area inspires reminders from a state agency. Due to recent incidents on the water in the Portland area, the Oregon Marine Board is encouraging boaters statewide to be more courteous of others. In a press release issued July 29, the board outlined various laws and guidelines associated […]
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Ombudsman training on tap in McMinnville

Newberg ombudsman Carol Hankins voices the need for more volunteers in the county. Seniors sometimes need someone to advocate for their needs and hold their living facilities accountable. That’s where an ombudsman steps in and for many in Newberg that person is Carol Hankins. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Ombudsman training on tap in McMinnville

Lawmakers call for more resources as the wildfire season begins anew

Gov. Kate Brown’s proposed 2019-2020 budget fails to include any additional funding to bolster the state’s response to wildfires. June 1 marked the official start of Oregon’s wildfire season, but without new resources the state is only incrementally more prepared to combat fire this summer than in past years. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Lawmakers […]
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