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Editorial: State right to hand out life-saving drug overdose kits

Oregon, like many other states, has an opioid problem. It’s taking a broad approach to improving the situation, with everything from a prescription drug monitoring program to increasing treatment options. Its latest effort is Reverse Overdose Oregon, a project that aims to teach Oregonians how to respond if they believe someone is suffering an overdose. […]
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Editorial: State veterinary board needs to step up oversight

The latest audit from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office looked at the way the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board monitors the controlled substances veterinarians both use in their practices and prescribe for their animal patients. To put it gently, the audit found serious problems with the current state of affairs. That said, the board […]
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Oregon to urge workplace readiness for opioid overdoses

It’s another front in the state’s battle with the opioid epidemic. Source: Oregon to urge workplace readiness for opioid overdoses – oregonlive.com

Audit: Opioid Controls Lax Among Oregon Veterinarians

In a recently released audit, Secretary of State Bev Clarno concluded that Oregon veterinarians have not shown due diligence in monitoring their prescription drugs, including opioids.    623 veterinary practices were surveyed, and according to the data, “23 percent of respondents have seen an increase in the number of customers exhibiting doctor shopping behaviors in the last […]
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Oregon launches initiative to help equip workplaces with overdose drug

The Oregon Health Authority on Monday announced the launch of Reverse Overdose Oregon, which connects employers to training and tools to recognize when someone is overdosing on opioids and to administer naloxone, an overdose reversal medication. “Most workplaces are already equipped with fire extinguishers and AEDs,” said OHA Chief Medical Director Dr. Dana Hargunani. “We hope this pilot project will inspire […]
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Oregon encourages businesses to train their employees how to use OD antidote

The state announced a new effort Monday to get more overdose antidote medication into Oregon workplaces. An opioid overdose can happen to anyone, whether it’s a co-worker or a customer, according to the Oregon Health Authority. “We know that many opioid overdoses happen in public spaces and at workplaces, and employers have a powerful role […]
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State audit: Veterinary board must improve drug security

Background checks and more stringent inspections and participation in drug monitoring program should be implemented, auditors found. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board hasn’t properly inspected facilities across the state for compliance with Drug Enforcement Agency regulation and or done required background checks on licensees, a state audit found. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State […]
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Oregon veterinary clinics vulnerable to opioid theft, illegal use, audit finds

State auditors slammed Oregon’s veterinary profession on Thursday for not doing enough to prevent drugs intended for animals from getting into the hands of addicts or drug dealers. Source: Oregon veterinary clinics vulnerable to opioid theft, illegal use, audit finds – oregonlive.com

Prescription Drug Monitoring At Oregon’s Veterinarian Offices Needs Strengthening

A new audit by the Oregon secretary of state has found the system for monitoring controlled substances in veterinarian offices needs strengthening. Source: Prescription Drug Monitoring At Oregon’s Veterinarian Offices Needs Strengthening . News | OPB

Oregon audit flags issues with opioid prescribing among veterinarians

A new audit concludes that Oregon veterinarians’ opioid prescribing must be more closely monitored to reduce the risk of pill diversion and protect both animals and public health. Source: Oregon audit flags issues with opioid prescribing among veterinarians – Portland Business Journal