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Opioid safety topic of Roseburg VA town hall 

Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center officials told local veterans Tuesday they’re making progress on reducing opioid overuse and abuse. The comments were made at a town hall meeting on the Roseburg VA campus Tuesday evening. Source: Opioid safety topic of Roseburg VA town hall | Veterans | nrtoday.com

CMS releases guidance to states on using Medicaid to address opioid crisis

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Monday released guidance aimed at helping states leverage Medicaid to combat the opioid epidemic. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Monday released guidance aimed at helping states leverage Medicaid to combat the opioid epidemic. Specifically, the guidance focused on information related to covering […]
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Clatsop County’s presence in national lawsuit a ‘good first step’ in opioid fight

Local professionals weigh in on county’s entrance into lawsuit. It’s not yet clear how a national lawsuit against pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors will affect Clatsop County, but locals involved with the issue say the fight to curb opioid addiction will extend well beyond the courtroom. Clatsop County joined a handful of Oregon counties in a […]
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Walden-backed opioid package headed for floor debate

Congress attempts to rein in three-headed monster. One of Rep. Greg Walden’s favorite subjects these days is the opioid epidemic and what lawmakers can do to stop it. “This is just cutting across the fabric of our state and country,” Walden said Thursday by phone. “You lose more Oregonians to overdose deaths than in car […]
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Opioids Responsible for 1 in 5 Young Adult Deaths in 2016 | Time

And one in 65 deaths overall. In 2016, one in 65 deaths in the United States involved opioids — and among younger adults, that number skyrocketed to one in five, according to a new study. Data has shown for years that deaths involving both prescribed and illicit opioids are rising sharply. They’ve nearly doubled since […]
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Oregon opioid prescriptions drop 25 percent

Oregon Medical Association says doctors are fighting back against health care crisis. The number of pain pill prescriptions written by Oregon doctors has dropped a quarter over the last five years, according to a new report. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregon opioid prescriptions drop 25 percent

Librarians emerge as unlikely players in battle against opioid epidemic

Donna Cain was doing her rounds in the Belmont Public Library one night in early April when she found a man who had overdosed. Her quick action saved his life. Source: Librarians emerge as unlikely players in battle against opioid epidemic

Narcan becoming common tool for paramedics

EMTs tell of bringing patients back from brink, many on several occasions. As opioid abuse becomes a more common problem in Umatilla County, emergency responders have become adept at treating overdoses. Umatilla County Fire District 1 paramedics have been using Narcan, a full opioid receptor antagonist, for several years to treat overdoses. But they’re finding […]
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Origins of an Epidemic: Purdue Pharma Knew Its Opioids Were Widely Abused

A confidential Justice Department report found the company was aware early on that OxyContin was being crushed and snorted for its powerful narcotic, but continued to promote it as less addictive.  

Traces Of Opioids Found In Seattle-Area Mussels

Researchers said the discovery of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in local harbors is not uncommon, but the agency noted that this is the first time that oxycodone has been found in shellfish. Bay mussels in Washington’s Puget Sound have tested positive for trace amounts of oxycodone, providing more evidence that the opioid prescription medication is […]
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