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Voters could decide future of Oregon’s forestry practices

6 conflicting ballot measures could restrict or solidify practices on state and private lands. A political fight over how Oregon manages its forests and timber activity could be resolved by voters in the fall. Two sets of ballot initiatives with contrary views of forestry in Oregon have been filed with the state Elections Division. One […]
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Editorial: Share the fix on student records

Oregon’s Department of Education has work to do if student records and other information kept by the department is to be secure from outside attack. That’s the takeaway from an audit of cybersecurity at the department released Wednesday by Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno. Cybersecurity is critical at the office, which oversees education for […]
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Timber interests propose three pro-logging ballot measures

A group of retired foresters backed by the timber industry filed three initiative petitions this week looking to counter what they say are “radical anti-forestry ballot initiatives being pursued by environmental extremists.” Source: Timber interests propose three pro-logging ballot measures –

A Change in a Mushroom Petition Revives Tensions Amongst Psilocybin Advocates

The psilocybin initiative petition that was gathering signatures to make it to the 2020 Oregon ballot was withdrawn by its chief petitioners on Nov. 6, according to the state’s Elections Division. Psilocybin is the psychoactive component in hallucinogenic mushrooms. It’s classified on the federal level as a Schedule I drug. Source: A Change in a Mushroom […]
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Moonlighting doesn’t look good

Oregon’s deputy secretary of state has a choice to make. Richard Vial, a former Republican state representative, was hired in April as the No. 2 official under Secretary of State Bev Clarno. Vial also happens to be a land-use attorney, which is where the choice comes in. Source: Moonlighting doesn’t look good | Mail Tribune

Secretary of State’s office says profanity in recall ballots OK

Though some residents expressed shock over a profanity laden complaint that showed up in a recall petition against the City of Huntington’s mayor and subsequent ballot title, no state election laws were broken in the phrasing of the reason for the recall, according to the Oregon Secretary of State. According to an email from Deputy […]
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Audit: State education agency should do more to secure data

Bureaucratic reshuffling blamed for some issues, but Department of Education needs tighter control on software, security. The state agency that holds the education records of more than half a million Oregon students can tighten its control of that information, state auditors say. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Audit: State education agency should do more to […]
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A Proposed Donation Cap Deal Falters Among Democratic Candidates for Oregon Secretary of State

Rep. Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) says she’ll go her own way. Source: A Proposed Donation Cap Deal Falters Among Democratic Candidates for Oregon Secretary of State

Work still needed to protect student information against hackers, Oregon audit finds

Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s audit team on Wednesday released its latest assessment of cybersecurity issues, this time at the Oregon Department of Education. Auditors say some practices need to change to to safeguard agency information. Source: Work still needed to protect student information against hackers, Oregon audit finds | Salem Reporter | News about […]
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Climate Change Warning | Mayor Of NE Portland | Ghost Towns – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A new exhibit at the Oregon State Archives in Salem shines light on the history of 20 Oregon ghost towns. “Rust, Rot and Ruin” shows how gold mines, logging companies and even man-made jetties caused populations of towns like Sumpter and Bayocean to swell, then scatter. We hear from one of the curators of the exhibit. […]
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