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Starved of timber in a sea of trees

Citing a lack of federal timber, the Swanson Group recently announced the permanent closure of its sawmill in Glendale, which had operated since 1951. This is yet another economic sacrifice in Douglas County as federal forest management policies fail to deliver their ecological and economic goals. To put this in perspective, the Swanson mill consumed […]
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BLM approves sage grouse plan amendments 

The Bureau of Land Management on Friday finalized amendments to Obama-era management plans for sage grouse habitat in the West to better align federal plans with state plans to conserve the species. In announcing the move, Acting Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt said the decision was the result of months of collaboration with state governments […]
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US eases land restrictions meant to protect bird in West

State Library Ed. Note: Story contains quote from Gov. Kate Brown. The Trump administration on Friday finalized changes to sweeping federal land use plans for the West, easing restrictions on energy companies and other industries in a way officials said would still protect a struggling bird species. The changes by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management will […]
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Another 300 trees will be removed from Fishermen’s Bend campground due to mass die off

The campground west of Mill City will be closed until April 15 while the dead trees are removed. Source: Another 300 trees will be removed from Fishermen’s Bend campground due to mass die off

Wanted: More pastures for West’s overpopulated wild horses

If you ever wished to gaze at a stomping, snorting, neighing panorama of Western heritage from your living-room window, now could be your chance. A classic image of the American West — wild horses stampeding across the landscape — not only has endured through the years but has multiplied past the point of range damage. […]
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As Herds Grow, BLM Boards Wild Horses On Private Land

The Bureau of Land Management has too many horses, too little grass, and grazing contracts ready for outsourcing. Too many grazers, too little range. That’s the bottom line from the Bureau of Land Management about wild horses and burros. On Monday, the BLM put out a call for contractors to provide pasture for thousands of […]
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Groups file lawsuit to stop timber harvest near Springfield

Two local environmental groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday to stop logging on federal land planned as a future recreation area east of Springfield, alleging the timber harvest violates federal law and would increase the risk of wildfire. Source: Groups file lawsuit to stop timber harvest near Springfield

Oregon Ranchers Who Led To Wildlife Refuge Takeover Can Graze On Public Lands Again

As one of his last acts in office, ousted Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed off on returning grazing rights to the ranchers whose prison sentence led to a 2016 standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife refuge. Source: Oregon Ranchers Who Led To Wildlife Refuge Takeover Can Graze On Public Lands Again

No fire boss, no controlled burns 

The lingering federal government shutdown is threatening short- and long-term plans for controlled burning on federal forestlands in need of treatments to reduce the likelihood and intensities of future wildfires and the debilitating smoke they create. The lack of fire-management staff on hand to sign off on prescribed burns means no such treatments on Forest […]
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Government shutdown leaves parks unsupervised

The government shut down has stretched on for a week and employees in Douglas County have felt its effects as they either stay home or work unpaid. At the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Visitor Center in Reedsport, a sign can be found at the door that reads, “The U.S. Department of Agriculture office is […]
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