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Keene and DellaSala: Lane County’s forests being whittled down – Opinion

The Shotcash BLM timber sale would clear cut some 1,200 acres of ecologically healthy, still-growing, 60-80 year old timber within the heavily logged Mohawk River drainage. In a watershed checkerboarded with thousands of acres of clear cuts and almost entirely depleted of older forests, the BLM claims it needs more seedling plantations. We think this […]
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Judge temporarily halts grazing on federal public land near Burns

U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon Tuesday granted a temporary restraining order sought by three environmental groups that will bar grazing on federal public land allotments near Burns during the month of June, impacting Hammond Ranches Inc. Source: Judge temporarily halts grazing on federal public land near Burns

Federal Judge Blocks Grazing Permits To Oregon Family At Heart Of Malheur Occupation

The family whose conflict with the federal government inspired the 2016 armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Eastern Oregon lost a round in court Tuesday. U.S. Judge Michael H. Simon issued a temporary restraining order, blocking the grazing permits issued to Dwight and Steven Hammond by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke before he left the Trump […]
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Is misinformation harming public understanding of wildfire?

In a guest opinion Sunday, May 26, Luke Ruediger promoted a laundry list of assertions as to why wilderness firefighting is inappropriate, yet offered no verifiable substantiation for his views, nor any genuine solution to restore balance and trophic cascades in our forest and grassland ecosystems. Ruediger condemned the creation of ‘dozer lines’ that served […]
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Editorial: Crooked River Ranch fire treatment too slow

With another wildfire season fast approaching, we checked in with the Bureau of Land Management about any action it was taking to reduce the threat to Crooked River Ranch. The short answer is: not this year. Source: Editorial: Crooked River Ranch fire treatment too slow;

Campfire restrictions to begin on BLM-managed rivers

Annual campfire restrictions will go into effect Saturday, June 1 on portions of the Deschutes, John Day, White and Crooked rivers, as well as on BLM-administered lands along Lake Billy Chinook. Source: Campfire restrictions to begin on BLM-managed rivers – KTVZ

Eastern Oregon Bootcamp Aims To Bring More Women Into Wildland Firefighting

Cassandra Fleckenstein is the center manager at the Vale District for the Bureau of Land Management. She’s been in fire since 2006, getting started as a dispatcher right out of high school. “Being a woman in wildfire I’ve gotten a lot of help getting to the position that I’m in today and I really wanted […]
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BLM Revives Proposal To Sterilize Wild Horses

One difference under a revised plan is veterinarians would not operate on pregnant mares. Source: BLM Revives Proposal To Sterilize Wild Horses . News | OPB

BLM Revives Proposal To Sterilize Wild Horses

What to do about sexually active wild horses in Eastern Oregon is back up for debate. The Bureau of Land Management re-published plans this week for an experimental study in permanent birth control for the horses, nearly identical to those stalled by a judge last year. Source: BLM Revives Proposal To Sterilize Wild Horses . […]
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Groups sue to block grazing permits for pardoned Oregon ranchers

Three environmental groups are suing to block the renewal of a federal grazing permit for Dwight and Steven Hammond, the Eastern Oregon ranchers whose imprisonment inspired the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns. Western Watersheds Project, WildEarth Guardians and the Center for Biological Diversity filed a complaint May 13 in U.S. […]
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