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Changing times on local gasoline scene; More stations offering self-service

More stations offering self-service. Union County residents are receiving an increasing number of opportunities to pump their own gas, and many motorists appear to be embracing it. At least eight gas stations throughout the county are now providing motorists with the option of pumping their own fuel rather than having an attendant do it for […]
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The Right to Choose: An Oregon bill could allow you to pump your own gas

After about seven decades, Oregonians might be able to pump their own gas around the state. You know the drill. Open your window, tell the attendant how much gas you need and you’re on your way. But some Oregon lawmakers are working to create more options at the pump. Source: The Right to Choose: An […]
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Editorial: House bill offers gasoline compromise

So this is how Oregon residents get the opportunity to pump their own gas: One crack in the wall at a time. For decades, Oregon and New Jersey have been the only states in the nation that don’t allow gas stations to offer self-service pumps. In Oregon, it’s become one of the odd quirks that […]
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Editorial: Pumped up reasons for Oregonians not pumping their own gas

In almost every other place in the country, people have the freedom to pump their own gas. In Oregon, not so much. A bill in the Legislature, House Bill 3194, would loosen Oregon’s rules. It would allow self-service at gas stations, as long as it is not at more than 25 percent of the pumps. […]
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Self-serve gas: It’s time to let it happen

Don’t look now, but one of those quirky things that makes Oregon unique is being debated again in Salem, and could become a thing of the past. No, not the income tax “kicker” — that would be too much to hope for, and in any case would require a constitutional amendment. We’re talking about self-serve […]
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Want to pump your own gas? Oregon bill would make it legal statewide

Oregonians itching to pump their own gas could soon be in luck. A bill introduced in the state House would authorize Oregon gas stations to designate up to a quarter of their pumps for self-service use, meaning travelers could pump gas in Portland, fill up in Florence or top their tanks in Troutdale. Source: Want […]
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Fill ‘er up? Rural lawmakers want to see changes at the pump

  A bill introduced in the House would allow more gas stations to offer self-service pumps.   Source: Pamplin Media Group – Fill ‘er up? Rural lawmakers want to see changes at the pump

Fines under Oregon’s self-serve law are rare

It’s still illegal to pump your own gas in Umatilla County. The rules used to be simple: Don’t pump your own gas in Oregon. Then in 2016, fueling stations in low-population rural counties were allowed to offer self-service at night. The rules changed again in January, when counties with populations of less than 40,000 were […]
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New law makes Oregon a joke

Self-serve gas met with a mix of emotions from Oregonians. While those in Eastern Oregon may not stare blankly when they find themselves without an attendant to pump their gas, apparently that’s not the case on the other side of the state. Source: New law makes Oregon a joke; Self-serve gas met with a mix […]
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Self-serve a no-show in TD

The typical reaction in The Dalles in the wake of news that gas stations in smaller Oregon counties can now allow people to pump their own gas has been: Do we have to? The answer at local gas stations — at least so far — is no. Source: Self-serve a no-show in TD | The […]
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