Family buys Oregon town, parcel by parcel, over 3 decades

Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, the Caswell family pieced together land as it went up for sale in a declining southern Oregon timber town. Without a grand plan and over three decades, they came to own tiny Tiller, a remote, unknown and mostly unoccupied pinpoint on the map. Source: Family buys Oregon town, parcel by […]
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Oregon Water Coalition addresses shrinking supply at annual meeting

The reborn Oregon Water Coalition held its annual membership meeting Thursday morning at the Hermiston Conference Center, with presentations focused on water projects, laws and regulations that may impact local irrigators in the coming years. Most questions were saved to the end, when Justin Iverson with the Oregon Water Resources Department discussed new rules for […]
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Without the security of a house, there is no home (Guest opinion)

As a veteran of the Oregon Air National Guard, I have been trained to manage dangerous and challenging situations without fear. As a mother of three successful children, I also know how to care for my family and my home. As a former aide to Oregon State Senator Rod Monroe, I developed the skills to […]
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Steve Duin: The war hero and the whip woman

Forgotten? Willard Nanegos? Not quite. But all traces of the guy were fading, vanishing from the world he once helped to save. Source: Steve Duin: The war hero and the whip woman |

Farmers know the benefits of trade — Guest Opinion

This realignment will help me, as agriculture secretary, to be an unapologetic advocate for American products. My message for farmers is simple: “You grow it and we’ll sell it.” Since I was a boy — born into a farming family in Bonaire, Ga. — I’ve had agriculture running through my veins. The goal of any […]
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Public agencies shouldn’t hide behind feel-good words (Guest opinion)

There’s a disturbing pattern in Oregon of public agencies trying to avoid an anti-government mood by hiding behind squishy feel-good branding. Source: Public agencies shouldn’t hide behind feel-good words (Guest opinion) |

Washington’s double standard on rail — Guest Opinion

Vilifying rail because the commodity it carries — under requirement of federal law — has no place in the permitting process. Perceptions of railroads appear to be relative to where you live these days. If you live in the big city, trains that whisk you from one urban center to the next are “state-of-the-art,” but […]
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Impeachment bill deserves a public vote: Editorial q

Oregon didn’t need an impeachment process to oust former Gov. John Kitzhaber in 2015. Amid mounting influence-peddling allegations against him and his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, Kitzhaber resigned, having lost the support of key allies in the Legislature. Source: Impeachment bill deserves a public vote: Editorial |

Labor pains: Finding enough workers worries growers, packers

Some growers have enough workers or think they will. Others are short and a shortage in California is already resulting in cherries not picked. It’s three weeks before the start of harvest and the Chelan Fruit Cooperative is short hundreds of workers needed to pack this year’s cherry crop. General Manager Reggie Collins worries about […]
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Sheep research station on USDA chopping block, again

The beleaguered research station, the only USDA-ARS research facility dedicated to the sheep industry, is being threatened with closure for the third time since 2014. The U.S. Sheep Experiment Station at Dubois, Idaho, is one of 17 ARS laboratories slated for closure under President Trump’s Department of Agriculture FY 2018 budget proposal. Source: Sheep research […]
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